Cordae - From a Bird's Eye View
Cordae spends the whole variety of the album with mimicking other rappers styles and half the features not full on making it sound good in the songs after words. But I gotta say he made his promise. We just had to wait and yes. We got what we wanted and based on this tracklist I can tell he wasn't gonna fail our expectations. I mean you managed to get gunna and Freddie Gibbs on an album and I still can't believe that Freddie started it, or was it some stranger. It's a tomato or tamoto thing. I really don't know. He also got to add HER and Lil Durk to do a song together I can't managed to see how that will work but I'll have to hear it first. But I will say that  all the singles that cordae released this pass year went hard and were very successful to my ears. But let's get into this tracklist.

Shiloh's Intro, cordae gives us a promising new intro. It really helps set the mood for the album, showing how much importance we have all been waiting for. I loved the lost boy and I'm sure that cordae would disappoint us.
Jean Michel, cordae has really been showing off his improvement for a long time. He's just keeps getting g better and better with every single and feature. Not only is this songs pure heat. You can tell that kendrick and j. Cole were help for cordae's inspiration.
Super, I knew this song was going to grow on me. In the beginning the beat just didn't fit in with me.. but later on it now goes hard and cordae makes it even more to the hype. He's just like the other underrated artists like J.I.D and Denzel. He gotta show more respect to them.
Momma's Hood, this song gave me Mac Miller vibes with its chorus and engaging production. He even still uses the kendrick style to help improve the songs for the album to show off his perfection in making versatile music.
Want From Me, I love the this makes me feel like I'm in a fast and furious movie. But the Boi is like a quarter way through and just copying other artist styles so far. Like j. Cole, kendrick, and now Anderson. If you wanted to steal his style you could have just added him kn the album. Hell drop and deluxe and the album will be better
Today feat. Gunna, first pushin p and now this, wow. Now I can say this does manage to sound like your typical trap song with helps gunna fit in. But I'm just not feeling the whole mood of the song. They both got the flows in, but I'm just not feeling it.
Shiloh's Interlude, not much of an Interlude but a werid 22 seconds of my life being taken away from this guy that I'm getting an unexpected call from. It's kinda like one of the fighting demons skits. Just using old footage and using it as audio for the album. That's just weak.
Coach Carter, but that transition helps it a bit. Everything starts to sound good but then you get to that second verse and holy shit your in for a ride. With the amount of wordplay and depth really make it even better. This is actually a song I can relate too.
Sinister feat. Lil Wayne, I'm just gonna say it, they both were packing on this song. Wayne is almost in his forties and still make all his songs and features a true banger. They never fail and I really hope they work together again in the near future.
Chronicles feat. HER and Lil Durk, okay so I'm starting ask questions. Like cordae and HER continue to be a great duo. But then durk comes into it and that's where it starts to get worse. His verse short and his lyrics are just bad.
Champagne Glasses feat. Freddie Gibbs & Stevie Wonder, I can also say that where's Nas. But now he confirms that he just help written for the song, he isn't a part of the features for the track. Which is a shame I would've loved to hear him feature. But he still got some great magic on this track.
Westlake High, this shit makes me gets straight up "pyramids" vibes like if this was like a 10 minute track it would blown my mind but it still has like J. Cole vibes with its great production and outstanding outro. This really was a solid sophomore album. But still isn't great like the lost boy.
Parables [Remix] feat. Eminem, these two went hard on the killer Remix but this one doesn't seem to match up with what they did in the past. Like eminem continues with going a different route in his music and instead of good story telling he just wants to roast everyone he sees.
Gifted feat. Roddy Ricch, this song came out long ago and it still slaps. Ant Clemons on the chorus is still straight up heat. If cordae was on Roddy's album it would've been a better album than what we got. I wish more artist can have good chemistry like these two.

Shiloh's Intro: 9.5 yes
Jean Michel: 8.8 he keep making heat
Super: 8.1 bro flexing in a hard way
Momma's Hood: 7.5 bro just chilling
Want From Me: 6.9 good track
Today feat. Gunna: 5.6 very unexpected, but needed
Shiloh's Interlude: 6.3 would've been better on the intro
Coach Carter: 7.9 being broke can make you try harder
Sinister feat. Lil Wayne: 8.5 this was fire
Chronicles feat. HER and Lil Durk: 5 what the hell was this
Champagne Glasses feat. Freddie Gibbs & Stevie Wonder: 7.2 no Nas feature but still good
Westlake High: 9.1 thanks cordae
Parables [Remix] feat. Eminem: 4.4 original better
Gifted feat. Roddy Ricch: 8 still banging

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