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MasterCrackfox -
Love them or hate them, IDLES has quickly become one of the most essential bands in modern times. The group have an insanely dedicated fan base in the AF Gang and can pretty easily pack one of their raucous and chaotic live shows, but they are most certainly not without their detractors either. Whether that be listeners claiming their lyrics are too direct or ridiculous, their sound isn't versatile, or even other artists like Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods claiming the group are ... read more

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MasterCrackfox -
Yeah... I'm sorry... No.

Poppy is certainly an interesting artist. There is no doubt about that. But this is just my old Sega Genesis glitching out. There is nothing behind this. This is not ambient music. This is just static noise with no comprehension behind it. I could have made this if I held up a microphone to my computer in 2001 while Internet Explorer was trying to load.

Let me be clear. I like noise music. I like experimental albums. I like Poppy.

This ain't it, chief. I don't write ... read more
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It takes one line from Someone New, the debut record of Helena Deland, to suck you in. The song starts with a droning hum, with Deland suddenly appearing with the line "If I could have every thought" in this hypnotic tone like a siren leading you into the deep waters. The song in itself is a perfect encapsulation of what the rest of the record would sound like going forward, as Deland shifts a minute in towards something a little more bridging on indie pop, with delicate guitar ... read more
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What ended up as Alice Cooper (the bands) highest selling album, achieving the number one spot in both the US and UK, Billion Dollar Babies follows up the uber experimental School's Out with something similarly glammy and flamboyant, but a little tighter in sound. Billion Dollar Babies seems to have a better sense of its own direction and has a more centered grounding overall. Although the album did not have the mega-hit that was School's Out, it still was serviceable in terms of singles ... read more
MasterCrackfox -
If I didn't start my review with this brief story then I would be wasting your time, so let's do that. Alice Cooper apparently made some waves with this album based on title track, School's Out, which brought the group to the forefront of people's attention. The group already had some following based on their shocking and chaotic stage personas, but the music was certainly some delicious eclecticism as well. Obviously these things don't sit well with certain demographics, and so Mary Whitehouse ... read more
MasterCrackfox -
Love It to Death was Alice Cooper's breakthrough record, taking their eccentric live performances and glam/shock rock sound to greater heights than their initial two albums. Killer was the album that took the successful sound that Love It to Death brought, tightened it even further, and led to one of the groups most praised works. These early few albums once the group switched to Warner Bros. are really what solidified the group and the artist into the memories of music fans for years to come, ... read more
Oct 21, 2020
My dad is a pretty big hiphophead lol. He originally got me into Kane and hiphop as a whole
Oct 21, 2020
Most Christian bands are super family friendly but a couple of them can be pretty crazy
Oct 21, 2020
eh you can't worry about everyone else's reactions, just do your thing. I don't have any hard feelings
Oct 21, 2020
I've never actually met my dad and I know nothing about him lmao
So if there are any albums you know of that are pure silence for the run-time, I choose that one! haha x)
Oct 21, 2020
just not the biggest fan of master
Oct 21, 2020
"We are all family under the bond of Jesus!" (They're a gospel dad band btw)
Oct 21, 2020
Probably Ben Folds's Rockin' the Suburbs
Oct 21, 2020
I know right! What better way to entertain your target audience than being one of them!
Oct 21, 2020
Some Toby Keith album.
Oct 21, 2020
Hello there! That's a quirky question by the way.
My answer would be The Gaither Vocal Band - Reunited, because my dad used to listen to it all the time and that's the album cover I recognize.
Go follow my brother on here because nepotism.

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