Jul 5, 2019
Getting back around 4:00 AM I wanted to at least check out one new album for the week. Honestly nothing really came to mind as a must-listen, so I thought I would just try something new, the first thing that stood out, and the album cover of this new album begged for my attention.

I'm glad it grabbed it as well, as Stonechild certainly proved to be worth giving a listen.

I didn't absolutely love the songwriting/lyricism across this record one hundred percent of the time, but it ended up really not taking away from this album too heavily given how masterful the delivery of these songs was. In particular, the harmonic vocalizations give Stonechild a very rhythmic and full sound. Hoop has a brooding yet soft tone that really pull you in, and the gorgeous delivery of these vocals could sing just about any line and it would still be enthralling.

The instrumentation across this matches the fullness of the sound, having just the right amount of sound to not take away from the vocal performance and additionally not feeling too minimalistic. The vibe is always kind of old and folksy, but is diverse in its mix between delicate tracks and haunting almost ritualistic sounding tracks.

Color me impressed by this new Jesca Hoop album, one of which I look forward to returning to again, as it certainly has a rich sound that begs to be returned to for even more engagement.

Favorite track: Footfall to the Path
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