Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
Aug 9, 2019
When you listen to a Slipknot record, you know just about exactly what you're in for.

Back in my youth the Slipknot formula worked wonders on me. It's hard-hitting, brutal, nasty and punchy. The visceral lyricism, growling vocals and banging instrumentation are infectious in their bursts.

However, the issue with a Slipknot album is that the short bursts in which they are successful end up feeling a little too much after awhile. Early in the record, you feel the energy and feel riled up like few musical acts can accomplish. However, in a perfect unintentional setup, by the time you hit the track What's Next that's exactly what you're thinking. What exactly is next? Will the dynamic shift? And of course it won't, because the Slipknot formula works for those it works for, and it works for the group. It'll never be the same groundbreaking effort it was from the beginning, but it is still earth shattering for enough time that it's worth sticking to their guns and pushing forward with their sound.

It certainly doesn't help that the final few tracks are the weakest, especially Spiders and Orphan, a pretty mediocre two track matchup. At least the group were wise enough to put their best song last, leaving the listener satisfied in a bookended fashion.

I do think this album works. I could see the reviews that would cover a Slipknot album really enjoying We Are Not Your Kind. If you're already a Slipknot fan then this album will almost certainly be your favorite release from the metal outfit in years. It just doesn't land with me in the same way anymore, at least consistently.

Favorite track: Solway Firth

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