Thom Yorke - ANIMA
Jun 27, 2019
I fear that this rating is generous as I rarely if at all give albums 90+ ratings. For something so fresh, it should be rare to just hand out such praise.

However, I am floored.

I often find that the best albums can be experienced in the dark. The only sensory input is you and the music, aside from maybe the fabric of the couch or the feeling of your skin. It can be isolating, it can be soothing, it can be unnerving, or it can be straight up boring; it entirely depends on the record. Regardless, it gives you the chance to soak in whatever you were meant to get out of the sound.

This album wasn't just something to soak in, it was something to completely wash over you, something to drown in.

Radiohead to me have always felt like they wanted to show much much can be done with a great deal of technicality and sound. This album, in comparison, attempts to do as much as it can with very little. Sometimes the synth elements change only slightly over the course of an entire song. The minimalism accomplished across this entire album allows you to isolate the notes and really experience a pattern, rather than divulging into several different directions all at once. The simplicity of the beats and tones works here, where perhaps it would not work in other places.

Yorke's vocal performance on this record is also remarkable as one would expect from one of arguably the most important frontmen in music history. There is always a sense of intimacy and ease to his delivery, one in which every feeling of anxiety and comfort can be felt for a fuller experience. Once again, I feel this was kept simple but was expansive in its simplicity.

Again, I am floored. When I heard the album was coming out I knew it was undeniably going to be an album I had to check out. What I didn't expect was to feel this album was so important that it could rank along side some of Radiohead's best work. My skin is still feeling chilly, my body still feels light. All I can do is encourage you to do is not only listen to this but really feel this album.

Favorite track: Dawn Chorus
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