Code Orange - Underneath
Mar 13, 2020
A natural continuation of their 2017 release Forever but to even greater effect, Underneath is an incredible follow-up album that sees Code Orange amp up the heaviness even further while simultaneously delving deeper into industrial noises, jittery production and the occasional melodic track provided by the standout vocals from Reba Meyers. The pairing of unique vocals, the wholly new and developed sound Code Orange bring, and the inventive realm of instrumentals give the act the hope that they could become one of the few metal icons to give resurgence to the genre in a long time.

Forever was one of the biggest moments in metal in years from my perspective, leaving Underneath as my most anticipated album within the genre and one of my most anticipated albums of the year overall. Underneath disappointed in no way, surpassing its predecessor and showing that Code Orange were capable of driving forward the experimentation they reached on that effort. Rarely has an act succeeded as vastly as Code Orange have in metal, slated for Coachella this year and providing tracks for the company WWE, giving them greater exposure and for hardcore music generally.

The whole album is a nonstop grinding, furious and haunting experience, flowing effortlessly from track to track and maintaining incredible hardcore momentum. The album is such a massive punch in the gut, even more so than Forever given that the album provided more consistent sound and delivery. Along with this, the inventive nature brings a whole new spectrum of sound to hardcore, making Code Orange an act able to recreate the scene in their own image and sound like no other group today. The group also have a shockingly marketable sound, especially when melody and structure are brought into the fold on tracks like Sulfur Surrounding and Autumn and Carbine. This gives Code Orange something to offer to die-hard metalcore fans as well as more traditional metal fans.

Guaranteed to be the metal album of the year at a nearly impossible rate, expect Code Orange to continue to blow the roof off and make a name for themselves in a genre desperately in need of standout acts. No other act deserve it more than Code Orange, and Underneath establishes that in droves.

Favorite track: Autumn and Carbine
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Mar 27, 2020
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