Moses Sumney - græ: Part 1
Feb 21, 2020
Apparently I'm handing out 90's like candy these days, but each one feels deserves, and none more than this release at this point in time.

The release of græ: Part 1 came as a bit of a surprise to me given that I originally anticipated the album to come out in full in May, but here we are receiving the first leg of the double album. Given that Aromanticism was one of my favorite albums of the entire decade, this was more than an essential listen for me and one of my most anticipated albums of the year.

Moses Sumney has one of the most beautiful and soothing voices I have heard in my entire life, and each song is complimented by his delivery. What he can accomplish from a vocal standpoint blows me away at every turn, giving me legitimate chills like no other artist ever has. It's almost impossible for me to not enjoy what he sings in his otherworldly manner.

græ: Part 1 shifts the tonal quality of Sumney's voice with an all new direction of sonic clarity. Where Aromanticism often felt subdued and allowed the voice of Sumney to shine through on tracks like Quarrel, Plastic and Doomed, this album feels on par with the grandeur of a track like Lonely World. From the light strings to the booming percussion, the synth and orchestral moments, the jazz to the soul, everything feels even deeper from a production standpoint, and that is saying an absolute lot. It's the biggest that Sumney has sounded and brings an even greater impact to the soulful textures of his musical output.

Songs like Gagrin return to a more subdued realm, with its light piano and gentle percussion, but continues to push how much sound and variation can occur, giving even the most softly tuned song a gargantuan feeling. The horns on Colouour shift to Sumney's voice over some glitchy beats that allow his voice to pop even more than the previous booming tracks. Even the shorter cuts like jill/jack and boxes bring something essential to the table here. There truly isn't a bland moment on this record, step by step building something enchanting and touching.

That this is only the first part of græ is something to behold, given just how massive this first part feels from every turn. How these songs could be followed up and packaged together will tell exactly how much impact Sumney has moving forward, but that hope and excitement will be driving me forward for the next few months. I truly could not anticipate an album more at this point in time. The spotlight is yours, Moses.

Favorite track: Neither/Nor
Feb 21, 2020
Feb 22, 2020
Excellent review !
Feb 22, 2020
Thanks so much!
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