Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter
Apr 10, 2020
For those who appreciated and enjoyed the sounds of Weyes Blood on her last album, Titanic Rising, this album strikes a similar chord from the perspective of a brilliant female singer-songwriter who has a mystical tone about her voice. However, Song For Our Daughter strikes an entirely different tone instrumentally and aesthetically. Where Weyes Blood, took her songs and made them gigantic and outlandish, Laura Marling hones in her sound and keeps the spotlight on the concept, one of which is impactful and astoundingly relevant at any point in time. Neither of these tones are better than the other, necessarily, but Song For Our Daughter strikes an essential tone of its own even if the performance feels like one I have heard before.

That these songs are written from the perspective of a mother writing to a non-existent daughter about what it's like to be a woman in society truly should resonate with the listener. There is a great deal of sincerity behind the words of this album, and the more elaborate the instrumentation becomes across the record the more intimate the songs feel. Where a song like Only the Strong takes a more toned-down and folksy approach, the title track builds to a symphonic and illustrious place sonically The chord is struck on both ends, and Marling's voice matches both the hushed tones as well as the more elaborate ones.

This profile is quietly dedicated to singing the praises of the female singer-songwriter, and as always I am here to provide that praise. Laura Marling may not be the most fresh sounding voice in the field, but the essential words she has written here make her voice all that more crucial to be heard. Take her message to heart, and let her music wash over you as you feel yourself wiser by the end.

Favorite track: Song for Our Daughter
Apr 10, 2020
nice review but it that weyes blood comparision really just ends after 'like weyes blood, laura marling is also a woman'. you say immediately after that it doesn't sound anything like that album apart from the 'mystical tone'? 'female singer-songwriters' isn't a genre or category women need to be put in any more than 'female-fronted rock bands' is. x
Apr 10, 2020
I agree with beekeeper, this isn't like weyes blood in term of construction. Song of our daughter represents more the culmination of many works of Laura marling (particulary Semper Femina and Once I was an Eagle)
Apr 10, 2020
Thanks for the feedback, both of you. Her voice was one that just came to mind as I listened to this album, but I could see where you’re coming from.
Apr 27, 2020
Titanic rising is completely different that song for our daughter
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