The Acacia Strain - Slow Decay
Jul 24, 2020
Released in bits over the last year, minus two previously unreleased tracks, The Acacia Strain rarely deviate from the format they have used to bludgeon listeners with over the last two decades. On their tenth full length album the act pulsate with intensity, sludge, and fury as they always have, chugging along with pure chaos. Even though they have never received a great deal of adulation from the metal scene, it's hard to deny the onslaught the act consistently bring about with their incendiary sonic explosions.

As previously mentioned, The Acacia Strain have been releasing singles in dual packs throughout the year, labeled as the letters of the word decay, offering fans a chance to see what Slow Decay would sound like. Nothing here is out of bounds from what longtime listeners would expect, with constantly heavy and dark instrumentation and furious and violent imagery. If you liked it before, expect to like it again; the pummeling continues on.

Arguing that the group have made little progression is not entirely true, however. Early on the group sounded almost silly at times, taking the hardcore format and spewing lyrics so vile and heinous it had to be ironic. That sense of irony and satire is out the window on Slow Decay; the group are venomous as ever, but in a much denser method.

Bringing in outside vocalists on many of these songs also varies up their usual format slightly. Rarely have The Acacia Strain brought in outside voices to benefit from the exposure. As villainous veterans, The Acacia Strain bring in a crew of evil henchmen to carry out their haunting sonic expedition.

Not my favorite overall product from the group, it may be their most terrifying collection of songs yet. For those who have doubted the groups sound and quality over the last two decades, I challenge you to let the group slam you into the earth with little remorse and see if you can stand up by the end.

Favorite track: Chhinnamasta

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