200 Best Albums of the Decade (2010-2019)

Hey, if Pitchfork can do it I can too. I'm not satisfied with only highlighting my top 100 albums of the decade, so I have decided to up the ante by an additional 100! This is more complete after utilizing a more calculated rubric so that my rating system is more objective, because I'm a massive dumb nerd. So in other words, consider this list complete unless I fall into a surprise over the years.

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Great list. How do I go about posting my own?
I hope you'll find something you like! Feel free to message me if you want more reccs.
I could completely understand that being a frustrating perspective. I'll do my best to check out at least a couple of the albums you mentioned/suggested as soon as I find the time to do so.
I mean, nobody is forced to like anything. But it kinda makes me sad, as a third world citizen, to see that even with the facilities of internet, people keep ignoring the music (and everything) made in countries that are not "the center of the world" (by the eyes of USA and UK).

Well, I think I'm overthinking here haha
I'm trying to make a list with my favorites non-english albums of the decade. Probably I'll just finish it at the end of the year, but here are some of them:

Metá Metá - MetaL MetaL (no, it's not metal haha)
Douglas Germano - Escumalha
Elza Soares - A Mulher do Fim do Mundo
Shabaka and the Ancestors - Wisdom of Elders
Saz'iso - At Least Wave Your Handkerchief at Me: The Joys and Sorrows of Southern Albanian Song
Houssam Gania - Mosawi Swiri
Ichiko Aoba - 0
Patricia Bastos - Zulusa
Mid Air Thief - Crumbling
Lisabo - Animalia Lotsatuen Putzua
A wonderful criticism of my list, honestly. My exposure to non-western music is severely limited and is one of my biggest weaknesses as a self-professed music fan. If anyone has any non-western albums that are worth me listening to, I would love to hear suggestions!
Good list, but... have you (and by "you" I mean almost everybody in this website and on the internet as a whole) ever thought about listen to some music that is not sung in english or made by american/english artists? There are so much incredible sounds around the world...
Great list but def needs Crack Up by Fleet Foxes.
I would love that! I have a massive Spotify playlist of albums I still need to check out. Happy to see if some of your picks are already on deck!
We have similar taste :) I will make you a list of albums that are not present here because some could interest you if you have not check these.
I feel like someone who comments and says "this guy watches the melon" definitely has watched a couple Needledrop videos to have an idea of why that comment would make sense. Is that an insult? Because who honestly on this site doesn't check out his videos when they get the chance.
This guy watches the melon for sure
Same here! Our lists are so different, which makes yours so interesting for me, brilliant list.
I have a couple of those still lined up to listen to this year! I've been especially excited to finally listen to Have You In My Wilderness.
Have you in my wilderness, Lemonade, Have one on me, Divers, The Archandroid
Thanks! I'm hoping the list isn't too 2018-heavy by the end of the year and that the bottom half is even stronger.
This is a great list, wow
If you run into this list, post some suggestions of albums I should listen to before the end of the year! I have about 50 hours worth of 2010-2016 music that I'm currently working through but I'm sure I'm missing some albums worth checking out.
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