Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Nov 10, 2022 (updated Nov 11, 2022)
Finding out good music is always something that makes me quite happy, but finding out that Quadeca, of all people, released music THIS good? Now that's something else. I'm honestly a little bit lost for words. I liked the singles to this project quite a lot and even got a little impressed by "born yesterday", it was a very good song from Quadeca, yes, ex-youtuber-current-rapper-that-until-last-year-was-releasing-some-very-cringy-stuff-Quadeca, but honestly, I really did not expect to be so frequently stunned and moved by this, this album was unbelievably powerful. The songs are dense and emotional, and Quadeca's lyrics hit harder than a rock. And despite this having such an emotional punch attached to it, many times, while listening, I was left with a very uneasy feeling because of the eerie atmosphere these songs have. Much like the whole concept behind this album, of Quadeca being dead and as a ghost perceiving the life of others around him, everything feels detached and hopeless, even in the most grand and epic moments, things just sounded, I don't know, lost.

Another thing that left me a bit uncomfortable is that this record can get quite spooky when it wants to, specially on the last song. I don't wanna spoil anything, but you should really listen to that one up until the very last second.

I also want to mention that, while generally the whole record is amazing, the second half is truly unbelievable, there you'll find songs that are not only one of this year's best, but also gave me one the best experiences with music I've had in 2022. From the surprising but incredible Danny Brown feature on "house settling", to the eargasmic and epic choir vocal harmonies on "fractions of infinity", it's pure sonic bliss. Which also reminds me to mention that the production on this thing is nothing short of godly, amazingly detailed beats and instrumentals with a bunch of glitchy sound effects and lo-fi appeal.

Overall I'm just very happy for Quadeca, very happy that he managed to achieve this, an amazing evolution for an artist and one that should serve as an example to anyone of how to learn from your negative reviews and past musical mistakes.

@henriqueimoveis 😔
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