2022 Ranked

Total ranking of the whole year. I go into detail about why I place them in their rankings and I discuss what makes them the score they received. I only truly delve into the albums listed if they are 70+.

Angel Olsen - Big Time
This album is a slow-growing record depicting the hardships of balancing the death of her parents and a homosexual relationship. In a way, I coincide with this topic because I have lost many members of my family. On the first listen I had some troubles with the pacing of the track-list. Chasing the Sun and All the Flowers faded into the background, I could not remember a lot from these tracks on the first listen. However, when I took a deeper dive into the great picture of 'Big time', I was blown away by the production and the solid vocals. Angel gave me everything I needed in 2022. I started working on listening to as many albums as I could and Most, not all, of them, were terrible, just being honest. It feels fresh and lavish. It handles complex and thought out. It's not there to make hits and lots of money. It's there to connect to you and show you the depths of sadness and missing a loved one. Everybody should try it out.

Fav Tracks: All The Good Times, Big Time, Dream Thing, Ghost On, All The Flowers, Right Now, Go Home, Through The Fires, Chasing the Sun.
Beach House - Once Twice Melody
I promise I won't write such huge paragraphs about every album but damn. This album is so euphoric being filled with panned-out production and outstanding vocal productions. Every time that I start this bad boy I get a larger-than-life feeling. This dream-pop record is something I was surprised by because the track-list doesn't give you much to expect. The synths and classic drums drive home that feeling of ethereal ascension, something I look forward to every time I start it. Not only that, It's almost an hour and a half. I have an hour and a half to feel like I'm in another world. Awesome. Whenever that last track finishes with its incredible grunge/ misty soul-pop aspects all I can think of is when I'm going to listen to it next. It is a journey with great meaning and powerful song structures. Leaving me, in the end, to think. "Damn. What. Was. That."

Fav Songs: Once Twice Melody, Superstar, Pink Funeral, Through Me, Runaway, ESP, Over and over, Sunset, Only You Know, Another Go Around, Masquerade, Illusion of Forever, Finale, The Bells, Many Nights, Modern Love Stories.
Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
The creativity that persists on this record alone will be just enough to tell you how good it is. From the mix of the instruments to the bending lyricism displayed on the album, it's a clever way to riddle the listeners and make them think. After listening to this the first time, I was for sure blown away compared to their debut 'For The First Time' which I still liked. However, the presence of this album lingers longer. It is for sure a musical genius in the making, I hope they continue In the correct direction from this point on. If there is anything that I would pick apart about it, it would be the long intro on Snow Globes that I find to be obnoxiously long. It's quite boring to sit there for a staggering three minutes only to be welcomed with a boring verse line. Other than that, I have nothing against the album, it's rich and full of a lot of cool ideas. I respect this work, but 'Snow Globes' is the weakest link.

Fav Songs: Intro, Chaos Space Marine, Concorde, Bread Song, Good Will Hunting, Haldern, The Place Where He Inserted The Blade, and Basketball Shoes.

Least Favs: Snow Globes.
Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
This is the most entertaining therapy session I've ever witnessed. These tracks are separated into two parts, both being their chapters discussing the same thing in different ways. The struggle of finding a strong relationship, balancing fame, and being a father becomes a reflection of Kendrick's childhood and thus leads the album into a live discussion of emotions and authority. Of course, this is interrupted a few times only to be reconnected back to the central idea. Kendrick, I feel like, uses this to conjure a successful track-list and for the most part it works. Except for 'Savior' and 'Savior - Interlude', these ideas feel strained and less conveyed than with all of the other songs. This classic hip-hop/ experimental rap is something we have seen from Kendrick time and time again. Nonetheless, I'm not sure it's ever been this campy.

Fav Songs: United In Grief, N95, Worldwide Steppers, Die Hard, Father Time, Rich - Interlude, Rich Spirit, We Cry Together, Purple Hearts, Count Me Out, Crown, Silent Hill, Auntie Diaries, Mr. Morale, Mother I Sober, Mirror, and The Heart Part 5.

Least Fav: Savior - Interlude, Savior.
Grace Cummings - Storm Queen
I am just here to put it simply, this album may have its weaknesses, but the majority of songs on this record are strong as hell. I feel every line and the production is an experimental country, something that I wouldn't ideally consider a top genre for me. Grace pulls through and delivers an outstanding vision of modern country/ soul. With ballads and bangers alike, I can say that this is a strong competitor for album of the year. In fact, for the first two months of 2022, it was my number one pick. I recommend it to anybody that feels that they need to explore new artists. The Tenderness of her rough voice is soothing while directing your ears into a favorable masterful adventure. Though 'Up In Flames' can be a little bit on the boring side and a few of the vocal performances on this record are too campy but are nothing too difficult to handle. They seemed to grow on me.

Fav Songs: Heaven, Always New Days Always, Dreams, Freak, Raglan, Two Little Birds, This Day In May, Storm Queen, and Fly A Kite.

Least Favs: Up In Flames.
Perfume Genius - Ugly Season
This may be THEE most iconic transformation from his last project. I enjoy the big step in the Avant-Garde direction. While it is all so surprising, this change. The problems that linger become more apparent. 'Herem' is utterly boring and some of the tracks that help sustain the feeling of the album don't contribute a lot toward the record overall. Though artistry is shown, it can't be thoroughly obtained through the first listen. 'Ugly Season' sure is a beautiful disaster full of nice vocal performances and some bland synth/ bedroom pop bursts of production. I can't lie and say that this is the best album of the year, though I can confirm how its entertaining style choice and its attention to detail show imperfect perfection on full display.

Fav Songs: Just a Room, Teeth, Pop Song, Scherzo, Ugly Season, Photograph, and Hellbent.

Least Favs: Herem, Eye in the Wall.
I feel like the camp and fun style of this mixtape is what made it receive an 85. I won't be too in-depth but I will say that this project opened up a gap I've been needing to fill from FKA twigs. While Magdalene, in all its glory, wasn't necessarily known for being fun, it was adventurous. 'Caprisongs' is an entertaining record slowly broadening her scope of experimentation in her discography all while giving her fans something to listen to while she works on some of her more serious work.

Fav Songs: ride the dragon, Honda, meta angel, tears in the club, oh my love, light beamers, Papi bones, which way, jealousy, minds of men, Darjeeling, and thank you song.

Least Songs: The interludes, careless, and Pamplemousse.
Just Mustard - Heart Under
I gave it an 85 utterly because of the solid production and the great lyrics. It is a tense moment in all this bliss I've been listening to. What else can I say other than it being an above-average conceptual album?

Fav Songs: 23, I Am You, Seed, Blue Chalk, Sore, In Shade, Rivers.

Least Favs: Still, Early
Ravyn Lenae - Hypnos
I'm Just being honest, I didn't even hear of this artist before I played the album. This debut was her first full LP, her discography is full of mostly Eps such as the 'Moon Shoes EP' and the 'Crush EP'. When I first listened, it was like nothing I hadn't heard before. Nevertheless, most of the songs found their way back into my mind: Venom, M.I.A, and 3D are some just to name a few. The vocal productions on this record are very professional and the instrumentation, while being very simple, is catchy. I will agree that some of the songs do fall flat a little bit because of the basic aspects that they hold. 'Where I'm From' definitely holds the record for the blandest beat sequence and the chorus line is completely uninteresting. 'Xtasy', though, proves the point of Ravyn's place in the Neo-pop/ soul - Rnb genre. This is a promising record for her, I can't wait to see her next project!

Fav Songs: Cameo, Venom, Inside Out, M.I.A, Skin Tight, Higher, 3D, Satellites, Lullabye, Like You Do, Xtasy, and Mercury.

Least Fav Songs: Where I'm From, Deep In the World.
Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
While it may be one of the longest albums I've listened to this year, it sure does capture my attention. I love the folk/ indie rock sound, the crispness of the voice, and the abstract approach to Appalachian alt-rock. Big Thief produces an all-while-long conceptual album in the form of a 20-song track-list. On the first listen, the break between tracks 'Little Things' and 'Heavy Bend' surprised me. I didn't expect such a change, then over and over again I would become stunned by this band. The songs almost have a 90s feel to them. As the album progresses, there isn't much shifting in the work as a whole. Perhaps, though, the great melodies and the instrumentation of this project do pick up the slack on the record. A great listen and a nice adventure. 'Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You' isn't the most original project, but it certainly is a beautiful one that is refreshing and something new to listen to.

Fav Songs: Change, Time Escaping, Spud Infinity, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You, Sparrow, Heavy Bend, Flower of Blood, Blurred View, Dried Roses, No Reason, Wake Me Up To Drive, Promise Is a Pendulum, Simulation Swarm, Love Love Love, Blue Lightning.

My least fav: Certainty, Little things, 12,000 lines.
Regina Spektor - Home, before and after
Regina Spektor, damn. There are extremely high points in this album and pivotal lows. Certainly, there are more highs than lows. I can remember so much from this record. I remember it being so easy to listen to on the first go around. This album is warm and cold at the same time. 'Spacetime Fairytale' is one of the best songs of the year, along with 'Up the Mountain' and 'Loveology'. All of them are super good songs, being my absolute favorites on the album. 'Sugarman' and 'What Might Have Been'' are bad though. Really bad. Her style is tied between art pop and singer-songwriter, a mix that I absolutely adore. Again, highs and lows on this thing.

Fav Songs: Becoming All Alone, Up The Mountain, One Man's Prayer, Spacetime Fairytale, Coin, Loveology,

Least Favs: Sugarman, What Might Have Been.
Alphabet Holds Hostage - Again and So Soon
I am so sorry to say that this album was deleted and Alphabet Holds Hostage quit making music. I'm not able to listen to it anymore. it's not on any platforms. It was an adequate experience from the first few listens, but as he removed it from Spotify and YouTube, I haven't been able to catch up to it and remember what It sounded like.

Fav Tracks: Worship Disk, an obituary, Deliver to, and Skulk artist.

Least Favs: single line of dialogue, Gaia, and temporary pharmacy.
Wilderun - Epigone
This progressive metal LP is a 10-song track list full of experimental rock/ abstract deathcore. It is surprisingly strong at the base but unoriginal when It comes to the lyricism and the production. Woolgatherer is definitely the most versatile, concise piece on this record. While some other parts of the album lack where they should instead pick up, they make up for it with great melodies and great instrumentation.

Fav Songs: Woolgatherer, Passenger, Distraction II, Distraction III

Least Fav: Exhaler, Ambition, Distraction Nulla
Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter
Listen, I love her presence and the variety in the songs is fresh, but I'm just not into some of it. I will agree by saying that I have never heard anything remotely close to this. Her style is quite stylistic and drawn out, something I do appeal to. But I think some of the songs feel over-done. 'A House In Nebraska' is one of the better songs on the record, involving a tone of subtle fragility and a little bit of madness involving her relationship. Even so, her religion is involved throughout the album, creating a nice tone in most of the songs. most. not all. 'American Teenager' isn't the best song I've ever heard, far from it. I don't like the break from the message set in the intro. It feels almost like a disconnect, like it doesn't belong with most of the tracks that follow. Especially after looking at Family Tree, Strangers, and Ptolemaea, it's clear that the album does have highlights but overall falls to the detriment of its non-cohesive execution.

Fav Songs: Family Tree (intro), A House In Nebraska, Family Tree, Thoroughfare, Ptolemaea, Televangelism, Strangers.

Least Songs: American Teenager, Western Nights, Sun Bleached Flies.
Mitski - Laurel Hell
I love the tone set from the very beginning. Miski comes through with another acclaimed album 'Laurel Hell', with an art-pop/ synth dream-pop influence. The instrumentation and production on this record are outstanding but the vocals are subtle and underdone. She kills the game by providing a different approach to the classic pop structure, criminally executing a meaningful balance between music and performance. As the album progresses, there are a lot of different sounds coming to play, but overall the heights of the record leave the in-betweens with a forgettable feeling.

Fav Songs: Valentine, Texas, Working For The Knife, Stay Soft, Heat Lightning, Love Me More, I Guess

My least fav: Everyone, Should've been Me, That's Our Lamp
The Weeknd - Dawn FM
I'd say that this is his strongest album to date based on the structure of the LP and the cohesiveness. While it can be a bore to get through sometimes, it still is impressive how much he has grown.

Fav Songs: Gasoline, How Do I Make You Love Me, Sacrifice, Out of Time, Is There Someone Else?, Starry Eyes, Don't Break My Heart.

Least Fav: Best Friends, Every Angel Is Terrifying, Less Than Zero, Phantom Regret by Jim.
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