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MattsReviews -
Well, here we are. If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that Joji is easily my favorite artist of all time. By quality, by memories, you name it. He completely changed my life and my music taste almost revolves around his own musical style, and inspired me into my own endeavors in my life.

Out of love for the artist, I decided to rank and fully review every song in his discography. This consists of 61 songs ranging from his albums, EP’s, features, unofficials, and leaks. ... read more

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MattsReviews -
Damn that Kendrick Lamar guy should make an album, he'd pop off

Maybe only on occasion

Edit: I enjoyed this album fuck you
MattsReviews -
She may claim she is introverted, but this album shows a hell of a lot of personality.

Allow me more time to review this. This was a lot to take in.
MattsReviews -
If y'all keep bullying Drake over his merch and cover art he's gonna pull a


I live for this

I've been fucked with by nerd ass jock ****** like you my whole life

You will never recover

I promise you
MattsReviews -
Is this really the same artist who made Melodrama?

Lorde's new project, "Solar Power" only tells me one thing only, and that's that the mainstream pop artist turned folk trend needs to come to an end.

Anyways, Taylor better, Clairo better, and Youngboy better goodnight this disappointed me

Edit: I have relistened a few times from my original 3 listens and the project is only decreasing in value due to it being so boring for me. The highlights do stand out though. Anyways going ... read more
MattsReviews -
What's 9 plus 0

Track 2 sums up what the album is


Sep 16, 2021
like your bi-o
Sep 15, 2021
She may claim she is introverted, but this album shows a hell of a lot of personality.

Allow me more time to review this. This was a lot to take in.
Sep 12, 2021
Hope you're having an amazing day today! ❤
Sep 10, 2021
Is this really the same artist who made twenty one pilots?

I miss the old Matt, straight from the Go Matt
Suck my balls Matt, set on his goals Matt
I hate the new Matt, the bad reviews Matt
The always average Matt, the fart lmao Matt
I miss the sweet Matt, write reviews Matt
I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Matt
See, I invented Matt, it wasn't any Matt's
And now I look and look around and there's so many Matt's
I used to love Matt, I used to love Matt
I even had the Joji hoodie, I thought I was Matt
What if Matt made a comment about Matt
Called "I Miss The Old Matt"? Man, that'd be so Matt
That's all it was Matt, we still love Matt
And I love you like Matt loves Matt[Laughter]

People say, it's just a single! Shut the fuck up, YOU'RE single.
Sep 8, 2021
Two days.
Sep 8, 2021
Hi Matt, I’m making a list about album/s that changed AOTY users music tastes, if u have any albums that introduced u to new genres or shook up the music u listen to or something like that, i’d love to know :))
Aug 31, 2021
hey! i hate to do the whole "self-promo in shoutboxes" thing but i would like to recommend you an album ive made several months ago, its basically an extremely cursed plunderphonics/instrumental hip hop album thats just slightly over 30 minutes, and its by far my favorite piece of art ive ever made :) i would appreciate if it u gave it a listen and maybe rated it! :)
Aug 31, 2021
wooo thanks for the follow
Aug 30, 2021
sprite album > donda
Aug 29, 2021
thanks for following bro, ur a really good writer


My guy pretty like a girl

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