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Nov 22

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MattsReviews -
Well, here we are. If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that Joji is easily my favorite artist of all time. By quality, by memories, you name it. He completely changed my life and my music taste almost revolves around his own musical style, and inspired me into my own endeavors in my life.

Out of love for the artist, I decided to rank and fully review every song in his discography. This consists of 61 songs ranging from his albums, EP’s, features, unofficials, and leaks. ... read more

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MattsReviews -
If Adele had a million fans, I am one of them. If Adele had one fan, that fan is me. If Adele had no fans, I would no longer be on Earth. If the world is against Adele, I am against the world 🌎💚🍷
MattsReviews -
Yo Kanye imma let you finish but Taylor Swift had one of the best albums of all time. OF ALL TIME

After taking time to listen to the 2 hour project, I’ve come to a general consensus that Taylor does improve the original project of Red on all fronts with her new version. With adding her new set style, Red’s ideas seemingly flourish with this refreshing look at it. The recreation of her older albums is an idea I can commend as she is using her resources wisely by bringing new ... read more
MattsReviews -
Bruno and Anderson just made a victory lap album as their first album... They knew their impact and skated away with it.

Silk Sonic! The duo collaboration of pop superstar, Bruno Mars, and R&B/Neo-soul mastermind, Anderson .Paak easily makes up one of the more interesting mainstream acts of 2021. To end off a massively successful year of the duo, they drop their debut album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic”. This album was incredibly hyped up through singles like “Leave the ... read more
MattsReviews -
Welcome back to the alps of Mount Everest, where we look down onto the lush world upon us. What’s left of us is only a downward spiral, as we’ve already reached our peak. A new height may be ahead of us, but do we have what it takes to keep ourselves in this any longer? These ideologies are taken on by Quadeca’s new 6 track continuation of the “From Me To You” saga with the reissued deluxe edition. Providing backstory if you have not seen my previous review on that ... read more
MattsReviews -
Damn that Kendrick Lamar guy should make an album, he'd pop off

Maybe only on occasion

Edit: I enjoyed this album fuck you


Dec 2, 2021
Hi there! Im doing my third annual Rio Awards, I would greatly appreciate if you vote!>
Dec 1, 2021
n0000 mr j o j e man i lowve you :-), bitter fuck master peeece;)
Nov 30, 2021
old yeller is fAvoratte son g bi JoarJe plaes agree or unliek, subbscribbbe abd folow!!!!111!!
Nov 23, 2021
December 5th, 1:46 AM, lock the windows in your room.
Nov 22, 2021
Hi there! I'm Concrete— a user of this site, who also makes music. I just released an ambient album, called the Densest Fog, consisting of looping pianos. If that sounds like something that interests you, please take some time out of your day to check it out. Feel free to be as honest as you want. If you don't want any messages like this again, please let me know. Thanks so much!

It's out on bandcamp and all streaming platforms!
Nov 19, 2021
If Adele had a million fans, I am one of them. If Adele had one fan, that fan is me. If Adele had no fans, I would no longer be on Earth. If the world is against Adele, I am against the world 🌎💚🍷
Nov 16, 2021
Ew by Joji (my reaction to clicking on your page)
Nov 16, 2021
either way it’s underrated
Nov 16, 2021
ur like the only person ever to agree that EW is like top 5 joji song



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