Dec 26, 2020
Joji's "SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK" is far and away the artist's greatest song, and most likely will be forever. Not to say he isn't growing or making anything better now, it's just because it's absolutely special for me.

SDITD is a powerful ballad with a melancholic tone that fully displays Joji's raw talent and potential. Coming from an EP that's widely regarded as mediocre, this must've shocked quite a few people, and it did the same for me.

A few years ago, I wasn't really too involved with Joji's music. I loved his first project, "Chloe Burbank" but it seemed he was taking a new direction with his next project "In Tongues", which at the time was too much of a change of speed so I put it off for awhile. Then, this dropped. It completely reignited my interest in him, making me appreciate his older music so much more, and led me down this path to adore the music he puts out to this day. SDITD completely opened my eyes to Joji, and sold me on him immediately. I ended up streaming this song thousands of times. There was something so powerful about it that I couldn't stop listening to. There was something I just completely related with, listening to this song as a coping method for some reason. I don't know why I feel so attached to a song, and this one specifically. But I am, and it probably will never change.

Without further a do, I will now be doing a full analysis of the song. Hope you enjoy.

The beat starts off with a beautiful piano arpeggio, slow and loud. Each octave it goes up and down, the notes shift lower and lower, then the beat drops...

"I don't want a friend, I want my life in two
Waiting to get there, waiting for you"

A common trend in Joji's songs, speaking on relationships. These two lines are engrained into my brain at this point (including the rest of the song). What I feel is special about this is that it wastes no time and goes directly into the subject matter immediately. Joji says these lines in a monotone voice, almost as if he was emotionally drained. This will later change in the song, which I'll be getting to soon.

"When I'm around slow dancing in the dark,
don't follow me you'll end up in my arms
You done made up your mind
I don't need no more signs
Can you? Can you?

The instrumental is crescendoing in the bridge of the song, ready to burst at the chorus. This is supposed to reflect the emotion of Joji. He's slowly becoming more and more emotional throughout the song, and he's almost ready to burst. The lyrics itself are becoming more clear on what he wants. He wants "her" but is also pushing her away at the same time, conflicting himself.

"Give me reasons we should be complete,
you should be with him I can't compete
You looked at me like I was someone else
Oh well, can't you see?
I don't wanna slow dance..."

The beat drops, becoming more powerful, layers of beautiful harmonies fulfilling the instrumental, the piano almost being drowned out but is still heard in the distance. But Joji is overpowering everything. His vocals as powerful as ever, something we've never seen from him. He's being confident, he's voicing himself now. But he's not there yet.

" the DARK

The instrumental suddenly gets even louder, and so does Joji. Straining his voice, but showing off his most intensive vocal performance, and it still holds up today. This was honestly so impressive to hear from an artist who has always been on the quieter side, but Joji is finally done with that and is now confident enough to show himself.

"When you gotta run, just hear my voice in you
Shutting me out of you
Doing so great

He's calmed down now. The beat settles down to where it was earlier in the song. He's seemingly got all of emotions out. He feels that this mystery girl is better without him, but earlier in the song makes it seem like she wants him. Everything is conflicting with itself, and there isn't really a clear image on what he's trying to convey.

"Used to be the one,
to hold you when you fall
Yeah yeah yeah
I don't fuck with your tone
I don't wanna go home
Can it be one night?
Can you? Can you?"

These lyrics completely reveal the what is happening in this song. Joji speaking to an ex lover, who he is desperate to be with again. Even the smallest thing of just being with them for one more night will give him the satisfaction he desires. The beat is slowly crescendoing again, ready to blow up once again.

"Give me reasons we should be complete,
you should be with him I can't compete
You looked at me like I was someone else
Oh well, can't you see?
I don't wanna slow dance...
In the dark, dark
In the dark, dark"

The song ends on a high note. The second "in the dark" is arguably his best vocal performance ever. It is one of the most powerful moments I've heard in music. Wrapping it on such a great emotional moment was the perfect way to end the song.

This song is an absolute masterpiece. I have never stopped streaming this song since it's release, and I don't regret any minute of it. The song is pure perfection for me, and is one of my go-to's. I'll never be disappointed by listening to this track. I've thought long and hard about my "favorite song of all time" and based on streams, overall enjoyment, attachment, and sound, this never seemed to be a "bad choice" for me.

It's far and away my favorite song of all time, and it may never change.

Thank you Joji. For everything.

Now it's time to thank you.

700 followers. Holy! Whenever I started on this site 3 months ago, I never would've believed I would ever reach this milestone. I never thought I would meet actual friends on here. My first intentions was just to review and rate music occasionally but now I own the AOTY Community Discord with some of the nicest people I've ever met, people who I can talk to everyday with full enjoyment, creating reviews that I can actually feel proud of, and just being part of a community that never fails to make me happy. These last 3 months have been pure bliss for me, and I can't thank you enough.

I won't be thanking people specifically as I did in my BALLADS 1 review already, but just know every single person I've met and spoken to have helped me throughout this along the way of this journey.

I will keep providing reviews for you all because this site is one of the things that get me through my day. Thank you for accepting me onto this site, and I hope I will never let you down.
Dec 26, 2020
Congratulations mate. You deserve every single one of them.
Dec 26, 2020
Congrats on 700!
Dec 26, 2020
@ParthanyJobtano @Chode Thank you!
Dec 27, 2020
Dec 27, 2020
Great review though, and congratulations on 7 hunnid queen
Dec 27, 2020
Congratulations on 700 followers! Love this review! :)
Dec 27, 2020
Congrats man and great review!
Dec 27, 2020
Congrats mate
Dec 27, 2020
đŸ„łCongratulations! You have been such a kind friend and not only that, your reviews are just getting better and better (no pressure though)!
Dec 27, 2020
@TomBejoy @Cry @MikeOwen @Nightwing734 @okcomputer12127 Thank you very much!
Dec 27, 2020
Dec 27, 2020
@BGL13 Thank you!
Dec 27, 2020
congrats matt. Dope shit.
Dec 27, 2020
@Scre4meh Thanks!
Dec 27, 2020
you deserve all your followers and more, your reviews are some of the best if not the best on this site, bar none. you’re one of the coolest people i’ve met on here as well, stay awesome. ily and congrats!!
Dec 28, 2020
@SMTCubes tyvm! idk about the best on the site but you are one of the coolest ppl off here too! ly2
Dec 28, 2020
@MattsReviews tysm <333
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