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Dec 2, 2020 (updated Dec 3, 2020)
Do you ever feel a sense of emptiness in your life? Do you ever need something to comfort you? Do you ever feel like you lack something? Is there ever a time you just want to stop trying?

These are just some questions I ask myself all the time, but listening to アダンの風 (Windswept Adan) made me forget it all.

The elegant instrumentation matched with the heavenly vocals on this new project gives me a sense of hope and safety. Everything about this just makes me feel great. Listening to this makes me imagine of a better life. It's an experience. Close your eyes while listening to this, you will just be able to picture a perfect future for yourself.

"I don't want to open my eyes. I don't want to wake up. I must listen to this beautiful album over and over again for satisfaction."

At some point, you do have to wake up, as this does end sadly. Listening to this is like experiencing a new world. Out of our cruel world. And honestly, I am not complaining, as this year hasn't been very great anyways. So you can say, listening to this is one of my favorite moments of this year.

As you listen, you can instantly notice something. The ambience. The production is so perfect, you can imagine Ichiko's mindset, you can imagine the world that she wants you to think of in your head, you can explore it in your own ways as your imagination is limitless. As simple as the production is, it gives you so much room to think about everything yourself, and that's the beauty of it. Ichiko Aoba gave you a world, and it is your job to explore it.

"I must explore this world myself! What can I find?"

The world I found myself in was isolated. No one to bother me. No one to judge me. Just me, myself, and I. On the tops of a mountain in a little cabin. Being able to keep everything to myself. Exploring the vast world by myself on the summit on the mountain. Even knowing myself having a slight fear of heights, I don't feel that in this world. It just seems that I only have positive thoughts, and nothing could stop me.

Each and every listen, you can think of different paths of your future, or different worlds that you can be in. This album benefits off multiple listens, trust me. The more and more you listen, the more structure to your world. The more love and respect you have for it. The more comfortable you feel in it.

Why am I telling you this?

I'm telling you this because this album makes you think. It makes you think about a different life, a hopeful future, or even a beautiful past. It's all for YOU to think. Am I overthinking the purpose of this album? Am I loving it for the wrong reasons? Was this what Ichiko wanted to do to her listeners? I have no idea, but the way I perceive it makes me appreciate it much more than most.

Listen to this album. You will not regret it I promise you. 2020 has been an absolute rollercoaster for everyone, and most people can agree that it was a horrible year. This album makes me think of better things, and it is something that I will cherish and appreciate for many years to come, cause I finally now feel so much better about myself after listening.

Thank you Ichiko Aoba. You just made the best album of 2020.

Favorite Tracks: Every Single One.
Least Favorite Tracks: N/A


This could become a 100 in the near future, I'm still yet to listen to this enough for that though. This in my opinion is my best serious review as well, but there's likely to be another edit with much more soon.
I need to listen to this now jesus
This is at a 91 without the bots.
Awesome review!! I love this album so muchhhhh
@nxnzn @Scre4meh @SMTCubes @Flamingooooo ty for the support <3
@MattsReviews of course man!! c:
This is exactly how I feel about this album. Love this review!
@CLJesse took me a solid 10 minutes to realize who you were
Great review Matt, hopefully soon you'll submit to the 100
@patricia4221 Thank you!
@Chode Thank you as well, I'm listening to it still and it just keeps getting better, so the 100 isn't very farfetched for me
@MattsReviews lmao
Actually great review
@ConcreteCastles Thank you!
Fucking amazing g go tell em
Thank you @eliiscool5! How's JojiKong doing btw?
jesus christ matt i went from 21 savage to phoebe bridger but you ent from clippng to ichiko aoba
@MattsReviews you tell me :(
Love this review, I need to take a listen to this now! :)
@MattsReviews songwriting moment
@KVNT3SS4 Uhhh what?
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