Taylor Swift - evermore
Dec 11, 2020
Evermore is not only a great followup to Folklore, but also a pretty nice ending to the year.

Taylor Swift proved this year with "folklore" that she isn't just the average pop-star, and with "evermore" she solidifies that statement. Evermore has some of her best material ever, but there are also some low points that have to be spoken on.

The first few tracks and the last few tracks were all strong songs. Tight production, simple but calming vocals, good lyrics, and overall just sounded absolutely great. But a lot of the other material here struggled to keep itself afloat. The production feeling more basic and basic the more you go with the album. Some of the songs just seem like "folklore" rejects. I know that this is the sister album to it but it seems like filler to this album. But one thing I can give Taylor is that vocally, she is very consistently. None of her vocal performances are bad, which is great. I think this year she's soundest her best ever. But there are some tracks where it sounds so boring because not just her vocal performance but also the production not being intriguing to keep a listener interested.

Those are all of the flaws I could find. Not very many but it did effect the album quite a bit.

Looking at my 76 score you can tell that I did like this album, and why's that? I think it is a beautiful album! The album starts off with a strong opener and stays consistent with that and then comes back into your face with the last few tracks being some of Taylor's best material yet! A lot of the songs here can be deemed as better than the songs on "folklore". If this project kept the consistency that it had in the beginning and end, I feel it would've been more enjoyable. Now the middle tracks aren't offensively bad, or even bad at all, they're just not exactly that special. Each of those songs are still slightly enjoyable for me. There's not one BAD track.

There are some high highs, but not very low lows. Her new album "evermore" impressed more than disappointed. Folklore brought a lot to the table, and Evermore just added even more. I'm honestly just so glad Taylor took this direction as her Pop direction was getting stale and I believe her voice, lyrics, and style overall fits the folk pop genre. Even though it's not as good as folklore, there is still a lot to give this album. I won't set her at that standard as I believe this just impressive how it's barely been half a year since her previous album dropped. Like this is quality! But I feel if she spent a little more time on this, maybe a 2021 drop, this could've benefited quite a bit.

But even with that, this is still a great album to play at the end of 2020.

Favorite Tracks: willow, champagne problems, gold rush, dorothea, marjorie, closure, evermore
Least Favorite Tracks: happiness


Love this review! :)
Thank you! @Cry
Great review matt
Tyvm @Tristan
@aldwinishere Thank you!
Completely agreed! To me, folklore was more of an immersive listening experience with cleaner production and more ethereal-sounding vocals. On evermore, however, the production felt clunky at times (e.g. 'tis the damn season) and the melodies on certain songs (e.g. tolerate it) weren't memorable and at times, somewhat derivative. It didn't captivate me as much as folklore but nevertheless, the storytelling is impeccable and Taylor sounds great
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