Weezer - OK Human
Jan 29, 2021
“OK Human” is the album that truly revitalized the band’s initial interest from long ago. For context, Weezer, in my opinion, has gone down quite a steep slope for these past few years, and honestly, I’ve never really been intrigued by their music style or songs in general. I never outright hated the band, it’s just that there wasn’t anything to really like about them for me. Their main flaws really went around due to how big of a mess of some of their albums were, and they never developed well or seemed to grow on me over time. But, I never lost hope for the band, as they’ve had a strong past starting with their debut and sophomore albums, and even just 4 years ago they had a good album. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a strong album from them, and “OK Human” is their first example in ages to finally bring them back out onto the spotlight.

After years of decline, they finally reached out and used their original potential and created something pretty good. There’s a lot of different things that are just naturally appealing to me with this album, it contains a lot of great aspects in music and it constantly piques my interest throughout each track of this 12 track album, with 30 minutes worth of content. I think the band does a lot of things right here, especially when comparing it to the last 3 projects that have been released under their name, which were in my opinion quite poor to average. Even with all of this being said, that doesn’t go without problems, as there are a few problems with this album that do lower personal interests on this album, which I’ll be outlining it all throughout this review.

First, I’d like to start off with what I like about this album, and stay strapped in because I’m going into unpopular opinion territory. Overproduction, by definition, it’s the recording/arrangement of a song put into such an elaborate way that the artistry of the original material is lost. Arguably, you would say the production here is overproduced, and at points, I have to agree. I can see a lot of points arising of this being a “mess” but it’s just pure bliss to me. The production melds together greatly, and actually sounds amazing when it’s done right. At some moments, there’s just a little bit too much, but the majority of the moments here are very strong. The vocal ability of the lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, is also a very phenomenal aspect of this album. I think with what was given to from the production/instrumentals, he did his job very well. Some of the tracks here are actually so good, I’d say they’re near the 80's range. The biggest standout to me is “Aloo Gobi” with its strong production and vocals, but to say that that’s the biggest standout, it’s saying that nearly the majority of the songs here are great, because the quality flows pretty well throughout the album. The lyricism on this record, and you might be confused why this is here, but it’s really fun, I have to admit. But, there’s a fine line with fun/dumb, to just straight up bad lyricism, which I’ll touch up on later in the flaws of the album. The greatness of this project isn’t exactly overbearing, but it cancels a lot of the things that I don’t necessarily like about the album by redeeming itself. The redeeming qualities alone make a pretty solid album. It’s not a masterpiece by any means, or even a straight up great album. It’s just a solid poppy rock album that does it’s job well, and gives out pure fun/great listening experience. It’s nothing to write home about in any way, but not something you take absolutely nothing away from.

Now with the flaws. With the positive score and overwhelmingly enthusiastic statements I made about this album, surely there can’t be many flaws? Well, there actually is, and they’re quite glaring. To address the elephant in the room, it’s time to talk about lyricism. I briefly went over it in the good parts of the album, saying that it was quite corny but fun, but there’s a boundary where that becomes a little bit too much to the point where you can’t take the album at least semi-seriously as an artistic statement. It’s a little bit misleading having the orchestral arrangements but simultaneously writing lines like “All my favorite songs are slow and sad”. There’s not much substance to it really, and maybe I’m looking too deep into the album as I feel it’s sole purpose is to create a fun and blissful listening experience, but I feel a larger improvement on this front would create a lot of story/background and meaning to the album, making the listener more interested in what’s going on, rather than having it as glorified background music. One of the other flaws with this album is the vocals, which is once again, something I went over in the positives of this album.. So why is it being mentioned here? Well, because there is barely any variation in performance style with Rivers’ voice on this album. I think the vocal performances are good, but there could’ve been a little bit of difference, cause with that, the production often has to make up for the mistakes of this, to even keep me interested throughout. I get how cohesion is great, keeps a mainstay focus of the album, but with this, it’s just a little bit too much of the same. I think the length of the album is perfect, 12 tracks and 30 minutes of content is a great runtime for an album like this, but with the track selection itself, it could’ve been improved greatly. But with that, I still really like this album, and will probably be my guilty pleasure of 2021.

This is a good album… by Weezer... in recent years! That hasn’t really happened in a long time. I can understand if someone doesn’t like this album, but for me, I really enjoyed it. The detailed orchestral ballads with a beautiful note of great vocals, and it’s corny and fun lyrics, sucked me in instantly, and I don’t regret it. There’s nothing blatantly offensive about this album. It’s just something to put on for fun and not to be taken super seriously, and I like that, but that can also be what’s holding it back from true greatness as well.

Oh.. and I’m guessing I’m back to AOTY now. For Weezer!

Favorite Tracks: All My Favorite Songs, Aloo Gobi, Grapes of Wrath, Numbers, Screens, La Brea Tar Pits
Least Favorite Track: Everything Happens For A Reason

Jan 29, 2021
happy to see you back, great review!!

also i would've definitely given this a much lower score if I didn't like AJR, it's given me a tolerance for overproduction and crappy lyricism LMAOOO
Jan 29, 2021
Good review Matthais welcome back
Jan 29, 2021
Glad to see you back! Great review! :)
Jan 29, 2021
good comeback matt welcum to river cum fanbase
Jan 29, 2021
Once again i cannot express my delight at a dude older than my dad sounding younger than me, and thats one of the reasons as to why i love thuis
Jan 29, 2021
@SMTCubes @Chode @Cry @TomBejoy Thank you for the kind words!
Jan 29, 2021
@SMTCubes AJR is so overhated. It's not good by any means, but not deserving the hate that it constantly gets
Jan 29, 2021
hi matt good review nice to see you again
Jan 29, 2021
@BGL13 Nice to see you again too!
Jan 29, 2021
50th like, no way!
Jan 30, 2021
@nxnzn No way?!?!
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