KSI - All Over the Place
Jul 16, 2021
It may deliver on its promise from it’s name “All Over The Place”, but it seems that KSI barely makes any artistic growth and in some aspects takes a step back and puts himself in a strange position in the industry. The sophomore effort by KSI tried to pick too much more than it could chew and ended up lacking in most fronts.

Rather than digging into what made this album not reach out to what it looked for, I will be talking about how improvements can be made. To go into the most obvious point, advertising your album as a project that completely lacks cohesion, isn’t the smartest artistic or even business move. It may seem interesting at face value, but even thinking about it for a second, it actually makes no sense. This idea can only prosper if each genre that is attempted is at a stage that is ready for release. Now some songs are found in this category, yet barely, and the ones that aren’t close, are noticeably horrible tracks. I personally enjoy that KSI is trying to branch out into different genres but this album seems like it’s throwing “Number 2 (#2)” at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Now with the most obvious point out of the way, let’s talk about KSI’s vocal ability. The most advertised and represented idea was the improvement in KSI’s vocals. In his debut effort, “Dissimulation”, JJ went for either cold rapping or an auto tuned Travis Scott-esque vocal style, but with AOTP, he switches it up a little bit. Going for a more harmonic vibe and with more upbeat instrumentals rather than the cold trap beats. At times like with “Holiday”, they are quite pleasing and fitting for what it aimed for, but then there are also other moments where it seems to fall flat on its face. I think JJ has improved vastly on this front which is something to appreciate, he’s putting effort into his music to further himself, but with the songs presented on this album, he simply didn’t strike his mark or earned what he aimed for. Although he did improve, it’s just not enough, and could’ve used more time.

One thing that I can give JJ’s debut project is that it had quite great production moments. You can of course argue that the production on his first project was either average or nothing special and doesn’t put KSI apart from the rest of the industry, but taking it for what it was, it did the job very well and carried most points of the album. With AOTP, the production style changed massively as I simply can’t say there isn’t a “Dissimulation-esque” track on this whole album.

With all of that being said, “All Over The Place” rarely has any other substance to cover. If you thought Dissimulation brought nothing to the industry or was hollow, visit this album and it will surprise you. One other aspect that KSI does follow up on from his debut is the massive amount of features. This annoys me alot as I really do want to see JJ develop more as a solo artist rather than being carried by a feature on some of these tracks. We do get glances of this and songs like “Holiday” (once again) are great examples of artistic growth that I want to see JJ follow through with. I think AOTP doesn’t have a lot of problems but the problems it does have are the fundamentals of an album of this style, and JJ really needs to spend more time in the studio to refine a specific style to go for in his third album.

“All Over The Place” is exactly what it sounds like and is quite the predictable album even after listening to only one or two singles. KSI seems to face some of the same problems as he did before and even more now due to the ambitious nature of going for an album with absolutely zero cohesion. With more time and effort, I do believe KSI has some potential to make something solid in the future, he just needs to find what path he wants to go in the future.

But with that being said, this album missed it’s mark heavily, sadly.

Favorite Tracks: Patience, Don’t Play, Really Love, No Time
Least Favorite Tracks: The Moment, You, Madness, No Pressure

Jul 16, 2021
Honestly I think KSI does better than most of the features, but aside from that I agree with the things you've said. Nice review MattyBraps
Jul 16, 2021
@eliiscool5 i really hope he drops the autotune asapthough, its irritating
Jul 16, 2021
epic review matt
Jul 16, 2021
You is the worst track he's made in years. Even Millions was better...and that was terrible
Jul 16, 2021
@MissingFable I agree.
Jul 16, 2021
this album makes faith by pop smoke look like MBDTF
Jul 16, 2021
@TomBejoy actually fax lolll
Jul 17, 2021
Great review, just read it lol! :)
Jul 22, 2021
It's kinda ironic that my least favorite tracks are becoming some of my favorite ones lmao
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