Radiohead - Kid A
Mar 14, 2021
Immersion, the deep mental involvement. Immersion in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of music. Something you can put on and be instantly hooked, looking for all the details, exploring the depths of the lyrical content, being able to imagine visuals for the album. It provides a whole new perspective to the album, making it a thousand times more to enjoy. Lot’s of music seems to fail with this aspect, and this idea of immersion is often overlooked. People try, people fail, or do it in a subpar way. I’m not going to say this is the only instance of immersion in the album, but what I’m trying to say is that it was done in the best way possible. “Kid A” is an immersive electronic art rock album that hooks you upon first listen.

The immersive feeling of “Kid A” is almost left unmatched and really is thought provoking. The album really gets you to think about, “How much better can it get from this?”. It’s simple, there’s not much more room for improvement, as it’s a nearly perfected album for what it’s trying to be. Being the successor to the globally acclaimed “OK Computer”, there was definitely lots of pressure on Radiohead to deliver. With “Kid A”, they really flipped the script. Being more experimental with your music after making one of the best albums of all time is a risky move no doubt, but they were able to knock it out of the park. Although I prefer the predecessor, “Kid A” is still just barely far behind the quality of it, and that’s something to appreciate.

Radiohead’s persistent effort is seen clearly throughout the whole album. At some points it’s beautifully simplistic, and at others is masterfully detailed. There’s just something so angelic to the vocals, almost hypnotizing. The vocals can also be compared to the lyrical content as well. What I find interesting about this album is the lyrical content is quite simplistic from an outsider's standpoint. A more stripped back experimental technique used by Thom Yorke to combat the writer’s block after “OK Computer”. It’s unique in a way, but also shows one other thing. The sound of the album completely makes up for the lyrics and shows that it doesn’t need it. One may call laziness, but it actually turned out great in the end.

I briefly spoke on this earlier in the review, but the sound of this album is insanely different from the rest of their discography, and arguably I’d say that stays true to this day. Known for their guitar heavy music, it’s definitely a surprise to hear that the band almost completely shied away from the instrument, almost abandoning that sound they had before. Taking a huge turn into an electronic rock album. It’s incredibly risky, how could they ever pull this off? Did this ultimately make the album worse? No, it didn’t. I think the uniqueness of Kid A and how it stands out within their discography makes this album so much more accessible and relistenable than the rest of their music. It’s something you can really take a break to from the norm of the rest of their music. The electronica/mesmerizing sound and divine vocals, this album provides is a super relaxed experience.

There was a lot of thought put into this. Only a genius can come up with the music provided within this album. Every song melds together perfectly, almost like a 47 minute prolonged experience. The thought-provoking detail given in this album really makes this almost like a movie in your head. It never seems to not amaze. The best I can describe it in a metaphor is that it's a thin outer shell, with a deep inner core. It triggers multiple senses rather than sound, you can feel it’s texture and depth, and you can feel the thoughts put into your mind. The experimental nature of 2000 remarkably holds up 21 years later, other than a few specific pinpoints, to be expected. Even after the 5 albums that came after it, “Kid A” still stands strong.

This album is a relic. An album I look back on in amazement. It truly does live up to the praise it’s been given. I don’t always come back to this album whenever I think of Radiohead, but I do think of it in positivity. Although I don’t have lots and lots of experience of listening to it, I can recognize the sheer amounts of quality it has. Much praise to Radiohead.

Favorite Tracks: Everything In Its Right Place, How To Disappear Completely, In Limbo
Least Favorite Track: Untitled


You may realize that there is a lot left to this review, and why is that? Well, 2 months ago I asked the AOTY Community Discord to come onto a Google Doc and write whatever they wanted on Kid A… or anything at all… and this is what they came up with. I apologize in advance. Welcome to… chaos.

Master Manipulator (By @Quet on AOTY):

Kid a, more like kid a! This kid A is so kid A that it makes me kid a. She BFB b get nggg tú oh gc BBC f zvv F Hm D h D sad s more like how kid a sounds. Kid a is like kpop but, like, not. It’s the anti-kpop but not abrasive. Just… airy scary fairy rary Mary. But that’s not to say the album is airy. It’s airtight watertight scaretight! It’s pretty much every single type of rock, mixed with a bit of electronic and calming drone, also known as ambient. This might be the most clear review posted for the chaos review, which is weird, because I’ve never listened to the album!

According to the main storyline that fans use for this album, Kid A extends on OK Computer’s futuristic dystopia. It involves a world where you’re sent through many cloning trips, ready for manipulation (double entendre: physical manipulation of appearance and social manipulation, i.e. brainwashing) of many stages. Ohh Thom Yorke, BOOOOY does he love his dystopias that reflect on aspects of modern society or what we are eventually going to progress into as a society, or just societal norms in general!

Personally, I think that Radiohead developed Kid A’s theme well! It’s a beautiful brainwashing spread thin, as Radiohead kicks you in the nuts metaphorically as your internal monologue screams “YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN DO THIS. BREAK FREE. BREAK FREE. BREAK FREE. B R E A K. F R E E.”. It also sounds amazingly sonically too, I absolutely cannot discount that! You can’t go wrong fusing a million rocks into a megarock! Then you fuse together that electronic, and ahhhhhhhhhhh. My favorite sounds to be liberated to. I’m sorry, did I mention the theme again? That’s my bad!

I mentioned it again because Radiohead is amazing at that. It’s their holy grail. If you don’t read between the lines, is slightly sad megarock. If you do, you start feeling strange. You’re alienated from your surroundings, doubt is cast on your screens. You question every piece of knowledge force fed to you. You wonder, “what’s the difference between society and cult?” and “are we progressing into death willingly?”

Honestly, this album's “listen” for me threw me back more than all other Radiohead albums. I had to stop midway for a few minutes in fact. I had to regain awareness. I had to force myself back into the box society gave me so that I didn’t explode.

Oh wait, do you know why “listen” was in quotes? Because I never listened. I drew you out to forget. I MANIPULATED you. That’s because of the short attention span society instills into you to make you doublethink. To make you accept contradictory pieces of information without thinking twice about it. You know how you understood the baby talk and sarcasm at the beginning? Because of knowledge force-feedings when you were super young. You aren’t new to this. You’re OLD to this. You’re OLD to this. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Accept that force-feeding for once. We bite, but society bites more. It’s the hardest thing to accept. All sides bite. But it’s best to pick what doesn’t. Of course, you’ll never be freed from the sheep state fully. That’s what the seeds were for. They planted every problem you have today into you. They sculpted you wrong, right. Your insecurities are what they use to brainwash you. Be careful.

That’s basically a load of Kid A in 26 sentences. It truly makes you doubt everything society has come to in the 20th and 21st centuries. Sure, I enjoyed my fabricated listen to it, but it’s not gonna be a frequenter, as it breaks you. But hey, I have a ton of high non-frequenters. My review fabrication score is a 100.

Masturbation (By @GeMann on AOTY):
How about, instead of jacking off in PRIVACY, you share your masturbation with the general public? Well, to do this, you need to go back to the beginning of time, fast forward a little bit and find the origin of the word “sex”. Sex is a word derived from the Latin term “Sexlol” defined as “genitalia wrestling, but only if your nature allows it.” Of course, the term has been referenced in a lot of popular media, including the holy bible. Now, gay marriage is NOT permitted under any circumstances, but since the rapidly changing political climate includes kissing your homies goodnight, we’ve made it clear that we except those who want to get a little cream in their fun hole. Going back to the dawn of masturbatory expression, we can clearly see depictions of Jesus Christ yanking his jerky stick. Fast forward 2000 years, and we see many Christians doing the same. Not only that, but if you go onto websites like Omegle, you can clearly see Indian, Muslim, and other races also pleasuring themselves through the stroking of the penis. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Delve Into Insanity (By @fucktobymaguire on AOTY) :
1 - Kid A review, fed through the lenses of fucktobymaguire:
I fucking hate kid a :glasses 😎 e😎moji: 😎 this is so fucking cool emoji fo 😎 glasses
Can people stop 😎typing on my fucking review please
I’m trying to trash on Radiohead's kid a😎
Yeah anyways k😎id a is like downloading 84 terabytes of raw fucking horse porn and then proceeding to recreate the act with your neighbours pet cat😎
Nothing against horse porn, i get off to it on a decent day. But still that’s what this album feels like.
Yeah. Yuh Aye 😎

Part II - Ruining Thom Yorke’s Career through a series of mockeries of not Kid A but also the fact his career was based on being the thing most 20-30 year olds circa 2006 beat their sullen dick furiously to. In other words I do Kid A but better and deeper because fuck you thom yorke you are about as deep as bugs bunny’s vagina.

Haha me when kid a לפתוח את מכנסי, ולתת לאותו בולי בשר להכות בקצה הקערה. הכיור תמיד היה גם גובה שתן מושלם. אין התזה. אבל אז התחלתי להיתקל בבעיות שאיימו על אורך החיים של השתן. אתה מבין, הייתי סוגר את פתח הניקוז, כדי שאוכל להסתכל על היצירה שלי. פעם אחת אפילו שתיתי דם. אבל הקערה הלבנה הלבנה מתחילה לקבל את הכתמים האלה מבפנים. לעולם לא יכולתי להסביר זאת אם הורי היו שואלים. עד היום יש כתמים, ואני חייב להודות שוויתרתי במידה רבה על הדרכים השופעות. עם זאת, אני עדיין עושה את זה בשירותים ציבוריים או אם אני בבית של מישהו אחר, אז אני מניח שלא לגמרי הפסקתי. זה הסיפור שלי.

Now that’s out of the way, to truly get in and ruin Kid A, we have to understand it. Let’s let Thom’s words speak for themselves about the story of Kid A.

“"Treefingers is important, it's the point in which our protagonist crosses the icy tundra that is how to disappear completely to reach the island of Optimistic. But seriously, kill yourself." ~ Thom Yorke

Very true, Thom, very true!
Now for an artistic interpretation of how to disappear completely

Lmao i disappeared get the joke
More like i wish i disappeared completely huh
If you get the joke feel free to comment below and also gift a tier 3 kandyland sub to MattsReviews

Ok cool now that we’ve established that Kid A is substanceless bullshit, it is time for phase 2 which is ruining Thomas Edward Yorke’s career (lmao his name is so hopelessly british he's definitely going to hell for being british).

I’m tempted to write a thom yorke x himself fanfiction. It would definitely be interesting. I’ve flirted with the idea for a little while. Like this review and I will release it i think at least some point next year. The plot is that the inspiration for Kid A was where he surgically replaced his testicles with lemons. The rest should be clear, but interpret it how you want. I’ll also be translating it into a language and back just for accuracy because thom yorke is both illiterate and a sewer rat. Also stupid. If you would like to help me write this fanfiction message me at stupidscorpi#9706. If you would not also message me on discord at stupidscorpi#9706, telling me you would not like to partake in this fanfiction, and we can make arrangements for you as a backup dancer at the next Radiohead concert.

*cutaway to peter griffin*
Peter: “Boy this is worse than the time I was in Radiohead”
*Peter Griffin Moans*
Peter: “Ok how’s that for Kid A”
*Thom Yorke bashes his fucking skull in with a 2x4 wooden plank*
Peter, bloodied: “I moaned because it’s what Thom Yorke sounds like on Kid A”
*Cut to Lois stripteasing Phillip Selway.*

@Stal on AOTY: Radiohead go beep boop. Me like. 9/10.

@eliiscool5 on AOTY: I am not part of this pls help
: I love eli too
Note by Matt: Eli wrote this whole thing.

World’s Best Haiku (By @ParthanyJobtano on AOTY): I hate myself, please kill me, thank you!

Existential Crisis (By @Nightwing734 (Raccoon) on AOTY):Kid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid BKid A? more like Kid B

H̴̭͔̣̯̪̳̥̝̍̓͑̊̕ͅá̴̡̰͕̰̲͉̫͎͎̹͋̓͂́̉͊̿͘͝ḩ̴̰͇̰̖̠̹̩̰̑̽̓͐̈́̿́̐͝ȁ̸̡͇̘̼͈̠̃̋̽͋ḫ̸͚̠̗̳̺̹͋̊̊ͅa̶̜̳̯͒̓̆̍h̶̛̖͔͔͕̳̣̗͑̓̃̎̓́̌a̴̧̳̦̬͍͍̺̠͑͑̒͊̍̾̾ (By @ConcreteCastles on AOTY):

Kid A?


Fuck Matt and Kid A (By @TomBejoy on AOTY):
Fuck Kid A stupid album for people who like A rated kid stuff (ew) and Kids themselves also the fuck is this boring ass emo sadboy album, more like MID A. i need some shit to bump in the moshpit not some dude crying over electronic instrumentals. Stream The Album by Blackpink. Matt probably likes this because he’s emo too look at his joji ratings like that man probably has a tumblr account named “pa1n” where he posts quotes like “Oh babe, you were like the rain, now you have gone down the drain, oh the pain” and a bunch of Clairo listeners might comment “wow matty oppar you so deep pls get balls deep in me”

Maybe that proves Shawn Cee’s point about him being a perpetual virgin wrong though? So it’s not a diss, just telling y’all he gets girls, albeit the emo ones from TikTok doing ahegao faces and the benadryl challenge, or the ones like Elizabeth (eliiscool5). A match made in heaven for a Georgie fan.

Then again the more you listen to Radiohead the less head you get so I’d advise him to NOT listen to their discography in complete and instead bump Bjork or Kanye cause they got some ICE on them, Kanye with his chains and Bjork quite literally because she hails from mf Iceland and that nation is probably dripping rn, not because they got diamonds, but due to climate change. Oh and there’s that kid named Murdoc on aoty who would only listen to Radiohead. Now I showed them Playboi carti and they have been liberated. So I implore you, embrace Shawn Cee core and reject MattsReviews’ progression to rock music because he was so cute as a funny dude simping on Joji.

Oh wait this is the moshpit review, does that mean old matt is coming back? Swaggers, and fuck you Penice. Keep stalking MattsReviews yall we need to get leaks from his mixtape “From Vietnam With A Dream” 🤐😯🤑😳😳👿👽 Btw I’ve been spending my morning making an alternate version to Whole Lotta Red and we should get Matt to add that to the site and review it.

@August on AOTY: oh btw Kid A 10/10
How to Kid A (By @Scre4meh on AOTY):

> Be a kid.
> Call yourself B.
> Buy Shrek movies.
> Get them to school.
> Vote for which movie to watch and Shrek 2 wins.
> Another bitch boy brings Despicable Me.
> The teacher laughs at you and throws the movies away.
> He puts Despicable Me in the DVD player.
> As the disc loads, you hear big footsteps outside.
> A smell of onion fills the room.
> Suddenly, naked Shrek bursts through the wall and looks at the menu of Despicable Me in anger.
> "Ogre m'aye dead bodeh"
> Shrek throws onions at the TV, kills the teacher and a deaf girl.
> "Dohble Keel".
> Shrek kills another kid by replacing his heart with an onion.
> "Theeple Keel".
> The kid that brang Despicable Me tries to run, but Shrek grabs him and bends him over.
> He pulls out his intestines through his butthole and ties an onion to it.
> He throws the kid 8 stories to his death.
> Shrek turns at the rest of the class.
> Entire class jumps out the windows out of fear and dies.
> Shrek turns at you.
> He looks in your eye and smiles.
> "Beeth you didn't shrekspect that".
> "Is-is it ogre?" You ask.
> "It's ogre when aye say it's ogre".
> You fall on your knees in front of his majesty.
> You are ready to please Shrek.
> He pulls out his massive eshrekt cock and lodges it in your throat
> Your eyes fill with happiness & painful tears.
> Shrek lets out a loud ogre roar as he fills your esophagus with sour cream and onion sauce.
> He pulls out the leaking cock and as you wipe your tears you notice he's gone.
> You hear a whisper "Now, you're ogre B, you are kid A"
(Give Die Lit 100, Carti too hot)

Fantano x Kendrick (Anonymous):

"Oppa I'm here already" Screamed Fantano
"Go inside. The door was not locked. I'm in my room. (*cough) lock the door when you enter I'm not expecting someone anymore."
Kendrick ended the call
Fantano enters the house and locks the door.
Fantano knock in his room
"Oppa? I will now enter"
Fantano pushed the door and dumb founded by what he saw.
"I'm glad you're here now needledrop darling" Kendrick said seductively.
Fantano’s jaw drop
He was sitting in his bed. He is wearing an MF DOOM mask... only mask alone. >____< WTF
He doesn't wear anything.
His manhood is fully erect now. He looks like a cavaret dancer in the club
"W-what is this? I thought your s-sick kenny oppar? You said your sick" Anthony stammered
Kendrick smirked and slowly walked towards Fantano. He was handling a feather. What is that for?
Kenny handle Fantano in his shoulders and whisper
"Darling It's my turn. Please be my guest"
Kendrick oppar grabbed ol’ tony tano’s shiny bald head and kiss it
He guide fantano towards the bed
Fantano felt stiff. He did not move even if he was pushing fantano’s ass a little
"It seems that my princess wants to pamper truly" Kendrick smirks again.
Oh God fantano hated that smirk. He thought to himself: “Please don't do that >___<< owo”
He lifted Fantano. John Cena style and put fantano down to the bed.
He was at the top of fantano. He smells every inch of fantano
"You smell great. I never get tired of smelling you." Kendrick sucks his neck and you're sure he left marks on fantano’s head
He kneels in front of Fantano and fantano saw his member since you are lying in the bed
"W-what is this?" stammered Fantano
"Don't ask my princess. Just enjoy it" then he bite the hem of fantano’s bright yellow flannel and undress you using the same mouth he used to rap TPAB"
Fantano is now naked
He gets something in the drawer beside the bed.
It was handcuff
Oh no!
Fantano was about to get up to protest when Kenny oppar blocked you from doing that.
Kendrick jump on the top of you blocking fantano’s little legs with his arms with his cock
"You're not going anywhere"
"B-but Oppa! What will you do?"
Fantano felt nervous. Fantano already have hint that this is something to do with what score he gave DAMN. in 2017
He effortlessly handcuffed both of anthony’s arms to the bedpost
He gets up and gets the feather again.
Kenny oppar slowly glides it towards in between his chest.
Fantano lift back in pleasure
"Ahhhhhhh~ omo! Oppa! S-stop"
Fantano was caught between pleasure and nervousness
He moans
He continued gliding the feather...
Slowly that sends sudden current in fantano whole body
All we can hear is fantano’s bitchy moans
He glide it near fantano fatano stomach and fantano twitched in pleasure
There was a knot inside fantano belly
Fantano was already wet
When he is satisfied already...
Kenny oppar let go of the feather and started to dance erotically
Fantano wanted to touch him
He was dancing "Next Level Charli" while naked (imagine Kendrick dancing w/o anything but mask!~ hihihihihi I bet his "snake" was moving freely)
Fantano rub his both legs in frustration begging for friction in between
"Oppa, remove these handcuffs now. I want to touch you" poor anthony voiced in despair
"No Baby" Kenny whispered
"Shhh...aren't you enjoying this private show?" Then he grab his member and do the sexiest dance move to Daughters album
Oh God he's killing fantano softly
He's really good in moving his hips ohhh..fantano can see his member moving too
When the music stop
He kiss fantano passionately
Kenny insert his middle finger to remove it again
"Kenny" ! Protest
Kenny smirks
He enter it again
Then remove it
Fantano wanted to kick him he seated beside fantano and started to masturbate with his right hand while his left hand was rubbing fantanos cock
You both moan
Why can't he just enter me instead of jacking off his dick?
"Oppa please enter me now" said fantano
Kendrick’s vocal expression behind those mask are priceless
It was very erotic in fantano’s sight
Without a warning he slam his dick hardly inside fantano
He fucked fantano
The pleasure is unexplainable
He keeps on thrusting
But to fantano’s dismay
He withdraw his hardness to fantano and jack off in fantano’s pizza hut logo moustache
Did he just cum in my face?! Cried Anthony!
"K-kenny oppa!"
'' wae? Don't you like my facial treatment?" He smile sheepishly
"Enter me again.NOW!"
"Why?" He act innocent
Omo! This ass whole!
"Tell me why!" He started laughing
Then Fantano realized why he masturbated first before entering you...
He wants to cum faster than you so he can punish fantano by not cumming
He laugh again
Then he remove handcuffs off fantano
Fantano rolled himself into fetus position and cried softly
He was still smiling
"Now tell me how does it feel not to cum?"
Fantano grabs the pillow and throws it to him.

Ending: To anyone, and I mean ANYONE who actually read from start to finish, I want to deeply apologize on every contributor's part. I recommend cleansing your brain by listening to this album. If it makes you feel any better, I had to read this start to finish around 5 times before release.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this… thing, I hope you guys had fun with it. Here is everyone’s @ on AOTY, you should follow them, they’re very great people :)


Anyways, I’m gonna go get a breather after all of this. Goodnight AOTY!

Also, you said @Quet is a "great person" and yet you want me to stop talking to them. What do you have to say for yourself? Huh? Huh?
Remember when Parth made haikus? Good times
@TomBejoy i'm blocking you for making me read that
Child M(attsReviews)
@SMTCubes Quet is not a good person. This review was written in January!
@eliiscool5 Remember when you made reviews? Sorry.. remember when you made GOOD reviews?
@Chode how dare you call me a child
wow matt .
w-well... if you really believed that... you would've edited the review!
my part is the best 💦
Haven’t gone back and reread my part but assuming that it’s still preserved in full I will say it’s a byproduct of kaytranada and sleep deprivation
i think this is what is referred to on the streets as a mathew moment
mathew moment
Gadzooks! I'm famous.
more like kid gay lol
I cannot believe you believe this is worse than Nectar
@Chode Die
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