Jay Sean - Down
Jun 3, 2022
Simply one of the greatest pieces of work I've ever listened to. R&B is simply an oversaturated and overpopulated genre of music, with very little to really make me interested in it. Artists like Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars, Sampha, Joji, and much more, aren't really artists that can peak my interest with their music, as there really isn't anything much of value with their music. For the last 13 years, we haven't exactly reached the once pinnacle of R&B that is Jay Sean's magnum opus, "Down".

'Down' is a piece of work that I simply cannot explain in even 10,000 words of text, as there are so many layers to the work. But after many hours of thoughts and prayers, I've finally mustered up the courage to take on the task that is Down by Jay Sean. Down by Jay Sean not only has changed my life since hearing it on 107.5FM radio for the first time, but has completely changed my philosophical reasoning and outlook on life. We first start off with the deep lyricism. The lyrics may deceive you at first with it's light-hearted message towards a lover, asking if she is "down", something I haven't exactly cracked if Jay Sean is asking if she's down as in sad, or down as in down to do what he is asking for. But I believe the feature, Little Wayne, completely changes up the song as he mentions the economy with the line "And honestly, I'm down like the economy." I believe this line is a complete critique of the political/economic state of America, as we have been crippled by capitalism for years. I believe this song is a movement towards anti-capitalist beliefs, and I am here for it. But with this, I feel like Jay Sean has conflicting feelings with Little Wayne on capitalism, as he mentions he wants to "turn this place into our PRIVATE getaway." Does this mean Jay Sean is capitalist, while Little Wayne is a Pro-Marxist? This song simply tells a story of Capitalism vs. Communism in many different ways. Hidden in the lyrics of course, as for 13 years, most people thought this was a love song, which it can double as.

Enough of the political talk, let's talk about the sonic ability of this track. Sonically, it's a synth masterclass, revolutionizing music forever. In this era of music, we were in a Pre-MBDTF/TPAB era, which leads to my next point, that this song alone has left a cultural impact enough to inspire greats like Kanye and Kendrick. Most people do not talk about how the drum patterns on 'Down' actually perfectly match Runaway if sped up. And also how Down's political debates hidden within the lyrics prettied up in mainstream appeal makeup, is actually found in all of Kendrick's topics. I personally believe Kendrick's mentioning of politics is completely parallel to Jay Sean and Little Wayne's ability.

It's truly sad that Jay Sean was not able to realize his complete potential, as the respected album 'Down' would land on, simply didn't live up to standard, as I would expect Down to just be replayed over and over again for the album, 13 times. Which if you haven't realized yet already, 'Down' is a perfect loop, to capitalize on streams. More economic genius by the legend. But straying away from the music, we have to appreciate how Jay Sean can paint a beautiful image with the cover art. In the cover art we see a flexing Jay Sean in a black tank top, looking towards the camera in a, mind me, very sexy way, with text displaying "Jay Sean", and beneath that "Down" in red. I believe this is a political statement as he is completely asserting his dominance onto me, and I am intimidated by Jay Sean. But the lack of presence of Little Wayne in the cover, is shocking, as he is the more popular artist, so why isn't he used? I believe this is because Jay Sean privately owns the song, and does not appreciate Little Wayne's message, furthering their rivalry. The fact that this isn't talked about today, baffles me as the Sean vs. Wayne debate is actually an interesting one. But with all of that, 'Down' is easily the best song of all time, and I will not take any debate, especially as it's underlying messages are too important to gloss over.

Thank you for reading my review, next week tune in for my review on 'Jumpshot' by Dawin, the Anti-Fascist masterpiece.

Can’t believe this song title predicted our current economic trends
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