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This was bound to happen
I’m the one user with the random letter name, but I rate singles on this account. I rate in increments of 10 Main Account:
egg man her,,,,,

the shadow realm
THANK YOU ALL FOR 25 FOLLOWERS amogus 100-95: one of the greatest albums of all time 94-90: phenomenal 89-80: really good 79-70: enjoyable 69-60: its ok i guess 59-50: painfully mid 49-40: below average 39-30: pretty bad 29-20: very bad 19-10: horrible 9-1: WHY WOULD THEY RELEASE THIS 0: Views by Drake
hi, i'm oakie she/they|14 library is physical collection i follow back/follow everyone if i can -~- 100 - magnificent 90 - brilliant 80 - great 70 - good 60 - alright 50 - mediocre 40 - uninteresting 30 - bad 20 - terrible 10 - appalling 0 - intense physical pain ~-~
Pennsylvania, United States
I Like BFB And Other Shows. My Favorite Singer Is Brooke Candy. My Former Username Was Appleferguson2008. You Can Call Me Random Or Ava. I Don't Do Anything On this Site Except Add Ratings To Songs Or Add Tracklist. I love Music. I Will Be Active till June 2021 Gender: Female Birth: Aug 9th 2008 Real Name: Ava Ferguson Zodiac: Leo Age: 12 (Real Age) My Mother Died At The Age of 46. Her birthday Was Jan 8th Write Anything In The Shoutbox. Have A Nice Day :3
Listening to at least one project (LP, EP, Mixtape, etc.) a day, everyday of 2021. 100 - Masterpiece 90s - Amazing 80s - Great 70s - Good 60s - OK 50s - Meh 40s - Forgettable 30s - Bad 20s - Very Bad 10s - Awful 0s - What were you thinking??
Hi, I'm new here! Currently in the process of adding every album I've ever listened to. Letterboxd:
- 15 years old - he / xe / they - i enjoy all kinds of music but rock is what i am most interested in - my main artists are david bowie, the smiths, radiohead, car seat headrest and arctic monkeys - i love frogs, parrots and cats - i literally have no idea what im talking about with music, all i know is that it makes me happy
i am not a fan of streaming services 100: (effectively) perfect 90s: amazing 80s: great 70s: good 60s: decent 50s: meh 40s and below: bad
YouTuber with 168 subs at the time of making this, I make memes, and sometimes other shit as well.
I review the moosic. (●'◡'●)
Christchurch, NZ
All of reviews (unless stated otherwise) are my first time thoughts in a review so they'll be raw and lack the growth and hindsight that comes with repeated listens. I just thought it would be a good way to document and compare my thoughts and opinions in a later date. Thank you to everybody that takes time out of their day to read my reviews. It's ok to have your own opinion! Lover of hip-hop mainly but I am willing to delve and experiment into to different genres.
Winnipeg, Canada
(Sym Garcia) i guess this is for people to check out what music i fuck with lol
Hola me llamo Reynaldo y tengo 17 años, soy fan de la música desde hace mucho tiempo pero la cuarentena me hizo meterme aún mas a este mundo y ahora me creo crítico musical jaja. Espero compartir y debatir sobre opiniones musicales en esta comunidad y pasar un buen rato (: 100: A FUCKING MASTERPIECE 95-99: Excellent, Brilliant, Fantastic, Exceptional, Etc 90-94: Amazing, a classic 80-89: Great, So Good 70-79: Good 60-69: Not at good, but not bad, i enjoy 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Bad 1-39: Trash
Fan de la música nacional y del mate. Siempre en busca de nueva música para poder identificarme con nuevas letras. +90: amor puro 80-90: discazo 70-80: muy bueno 55-70: bueno 45-55: para un rato 20-45: deja mucho para desear -20: no se que decir
my name is not jack. I can change my rating system sometimes. 100 - Masterpiece 90-99 - Marvellous 80-89 - Great 70-79 - Good 60-69 - Acceptable 50-59 - Uhhh... 40-49 - Bad 30-39 - Very Bad 20-29 - Horrific 10-19 - Freak 0-9 - Cry PS: my reviews are very short sometimes. 😉
20. I'm obviously not a professional music critic, so my reviews will be more about how albums make me feel rather than judging the music itself, but I'll do it when I feel like it.
damn it my user name was a typo, call me typo man anyways i mainly review hip hop, but i’m trying to get out my comfort zone as of recent. can anyone recommend me some more artists? i half ass reviews and confuse them
Musicarum Meretrix
Around the world, around the world
Some random woman on the internet sharing her dumb opinions on music. You can call me "Trix" as an easier way to refer to me. If you're wondering, my profile picture is a portrait of Bea Santello by Scappo. If you're also wondering, my username is Latin for "music whore" or "whore for music". Tacky as hell, I know, but I really don't give a fuck hahaha
albums/singles rated in measurements of 5 probably being too generous with my scores
I am TheFurredPositionist! I'm a 23 years young gay Republican furry! I hate bad music щ(ಠ益ಠщ) and love DC movies (•⊙ω⊙•) I'm a very positive person (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ so my ratings will be either very high or very low!! My dream is to make emo music as a job!! "Rap music is just computerised crap. I listen to Top of the Pops and after three songs I feel like killing someone." - George Harrison
Fantano's scores out of 100 based on the strongs and decents and shit Example: if an album is 7/10, then the score out of 100 would be one of these STRONG 7 to light 8 (79) STRONG 7 (78) STRONG 7 to decent (77) DECENT 7 to strong (76) DECENT 7 (75) DECENT 7 to light (74) LIGHT 7 to decent (73) LIGHT 7 (72) strong 6 to a LIGHT 7 (71 or 70)
producer / average spotify top 10 songs playlist listener
Cole Harbour NS, Canada
100 - Kendrick Lamar or tribe 90-99 - fucking incredible 80-89 - great 70-79 - pretty good 60-69 - has some stinkers 50-59 - disappointing 20-49 - uuhhhhhhhh 11-19 - wtf were you thinking 0- 10 - nav
inna spaceship
depressed so now I review music if you ever wanna talk about life or music here's my Instagram ( just tell me you're from here) Instagram :vampjay_ 100 Perfect 90-99 Excellent 80-89 Great 70-79 Good 60-69 Decent 50-59 Average 40-49 Below average 30-39 Not good 20-29 Really bad 10-19 Don't listen to 0-9 Ear bleeding library are my vinyls
city of stars
I’m kind of a cheesy bitch that loves pop music
hi, i’m Pedro (Peter in english). i’m from Brazil and i love music, from hiphop to alternative pop, my music taste isn’t quite clear. hope you find something interesting here, even to disagree with i analyze an album by a method that sees 1) the singles average; 2) the theme of the project, the lyrical content, is it cohesive?; 3) originality of it. sounds like everyone else? it’s groundbreaking?; and then i come to a number
i must move away from this awful place
i am no longer fucking for now
I'm pretty me you know (P.S i dunno why u follow me, i mean i dont even write serious reviews but i want to thank u all)
A fragment of soul-splitting chaos and pure evil
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