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shut the fuck up, upset reedy and you die.
 - Glimpse of Us
This song is gorgeous and the video is fucking perfection, I love this, not much songs give me goosebumps. There has to be something really fucking extraordinary to dethrone this as my song of the year.

I always had faith in Franku, one of a kind motherfucker.

 - Nectar
I honestly don’t think anyone likes this album as much as I do. This is so so close to being a perfect 10. I love the stories that go throughout the music videos, i’ve literally watched so many video analysis's on it. The album sonically sounds great too. Joji goes in a more pop direction on this album and it’s great, Jojis vocals have also improved a lot on this album. Run is also a top 10 song ever for me. The ONLY thing that holds this album down for me is the song High ... read more
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In this list I'll cover those covers, either from albums, singles, EPs, compilations, I don't care. If they look good for me, it's fine. Also, there is no particular order, too much work for me.
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AOTY June Playlist