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shut the fuck up, upset reedy and you die.
 - Glimpse of Us
This song is gorgeous and the video is fucking perfection, I love this, not much songs give me goosebumps. There has to be something really fucking extraordinary to dethrone this as my song of the year.

I always had faith in Franku, one of a kind motherfucker.

 - Nectar
I honestly don’t think anyone likes this album as much as I do. This is so so close to being a perfect 10. I love the stories that go throughout the music videos, i’ve literally watched so many video analysis's on it. The album sonically sounds great too. Joji goes in a more pop direction on this album and it’s great, Jojis vocals have also improved a lot on this album. Run is also a top 10 song ever for me. The ONLY thing that holds this album down for me is the song High ... read more
Nice track this but just felt like it was missing something, not sure what though. I really enjoyed the background vocals, reminding me a bit of X, the instrumental in its entirety was pretty good as well. I thought the purpose of the track with the emotion poured into it was nice as well. Can't wait for the next release :)
Bitter fuck BETTER.

Ok. Haven't reviewed much of anything really these past few months...just rating and numbers n' stuff. Why? Because I'm a lazy FU-

Anyways...I would like to properly review this song here for my good chum Matt. The coolest Joji stan in town 😎.

My buddy Matt and I love Joji. Hes a funny little character :) We have both rated joji and his music as HIGH QUALITY SHITE.

And in loving, listening to Gorge and enduging in Joji spoon lore. We have a good understanding of ... read more

I had the privilege to hear this song progress through its early stages. Matt has definitely improved so much in every aspect since his last release. The transition used to be abrupt, but the final version sounds absolutely gorgeous. I think the first half of the song shows Matt's versatility, but the sample choice is just okay. Overall, I think this is a great approach. Matt has so much potential, and I'm so excited to see him progress over time.
 - Photographic Memorial


probably won't do much promo for this honestly. kinda in a bad mood regarding a lot of things but hey, the tape's out, i'm proud of it, and i hope you enjoy it even half as much as i do :D. please feel free to give me any feedback you may have in the tape comment section.

 - Was it Real?
Joji 2 confirmed??????
 - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Kendrick's Most Personal Album

The 34 year old hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar Duckworth has been a mastermind ever since he touched the mic. Section.80 is inspiring, as it shows how much the author has progressed over time. Don’t get me wrong, the album has some incredible moments, and it manages to stay consistent, but there’s times where I can hear how dated some of the tracks are(No Make-Up in particular). Tracks like F**k Your Ethnicity, Hol’ Up, A.D.H.D., and Rigamortus ... read more

 - The Heart Part 5
So maybe Jack Harlow isn't that good

Kendrick Lamar is back like he never left. The Heart Part 5 is the first punch outside the ring(because it won't be on the record), and I am genuinely lost for words. I haven't gotten a feeling like this for a hip-hop record since Introvert(Little Simz), and we all saw how that album went. He didn't even mention that he won a grammy without dropping a solo track in five years, so he seems to be truly focused on the next chapter like the last ones never ... read more

 - DS2
Why does the pitchfork blurb sound like some shit you'd heard at the start of a Batman movie
 - Wunna
🅿️inning this review: I'll make another one of these when I hit 1000 🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️


As I near 500 followers, I have a huge list of people I would like to thank for my success on this site.

The first shout out goes to Gunna, whom I couldn't have done this without. Gunna was my first friend on AOTY and he helped me change my review patterns a lot.

Me ... read more

 - Ants From Up There
Some nice ol' tunes to show to a small Victorian era child
 - Ants From Up There
If "For The First Time" was already fantastic, "Ants From Up There" is even more so. This new adventure is a real music lesson, it concentrates all the humanity in 58 breathtaking minutes.

[normally I never put more than 89 for a new release, because I have to test the album against time, but I had to make an exception for this one]

First of all I would like to give my support to BCNR and to the former leader Isaac Wood who has just left the band recently, I hope that ... read more

 - Ants From Up There
edit: not a 100 anymore. but still…


Black Country, New Road blew me away with their first album. “For The First Time” was an early highlight of 2021, and despite being unfamiliar with post-punk/post-rock/whatever at the time, I immediately fell in love with it. It was concise, beautiful, and played with dynamics very well. My main issue with it was that it mainly just left me wanting more. There was fantastic groundwork laid for the future, and I ... read more

 - Dawn FM
Dawn Fm is a satisfying sequel to Afters Hours with its own particularity, without equaling it. For the occasion The Weeknd supports his achievements by transcribing it in a concept as ambitious as interesting, which confirms his status of master of the Synthpop mainstream.

Here we are, the famous introduction to announce the new year that we never get tired of. So I'll go straight to the point: happy new year to all, full of achievements and happiness. Finally, what could be better than to ... read more

 - thank u, next

On November 25th, 2020, I created my Last.fm account. I’m posting this review now because I expected it to be done by the 25th, but I’m a little early on time. I think it’s only right to review an Ariana album for an occasion like this. The full trilogy of reviews for Ariana’s past 3 albums is finally here. Back in August, I wrote a long review for my favorite album of all time, Positions. In September, I wrote an even longer review for ... read more

 - 30
"30" is beyond my expectations, it's a varied, coherent, poignant album that won't let you get bored. Adele tries new directions, without losing her heartbreaking music that makes her who she is, which is : Adele.

When I think of Adele, I think back 10 years, it's like a time capsule that makes me live thousands of thou-sands of memories. On a less personal note, I remember very well the popular impact of her album "21" and the phenomenal hype of her songs on TV, on the ... read more

 - Donda (Deluxe)
Taylor who?

I don’t like to think about Donda for the flaws. The important part for me was the listening parties. Hearing those songs back to back to back was just an experience of a lifetime. And the fact that there was three events to hear the progression of the album change so quickly is unheard of. I’ll talk a bit more on the deluxe.

Never Abandon Your Family wouldn’t be a track I would really return to, but during the listening party it was beautiful to have it work ... read more

 - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Anderson .Paak is the first artist that I’ve listened to that’s music allowed me to branch out and explore more genres. Bruno’s music has been with me my whole life branching back almost ten years now. After hearing about their collaboration album in the works, I was beyond excited to see how they would work together. After eight months of waiting, it’s finally here.

About a year after COVID started, there’s been a lot of good and bad music, but the reason ... read more


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