-  Honestly, Nevermind
Dear Drake,

Please, for the love of god, make better music. I'm sick and tired of these INCREDIBLY wealthy artists who waste their time with awful music when they could easily put their time and money towards a better project with better production, songwriting, lyricism, etc. I believe Drake does have a bit of talent that simply hasn't been tapped into yet due to the lack of passion for the art. Maybe this is what Drake wants to achieve, who knows, but from an outsider? Everything this man ... read more

 - Glimpse of Us
The music video kinda like the average day in Detroit

Joji's most beautiful song to date.

It's almost just a known fact at this point that I like Joji, but for the people who don't know, Joji is easily my favorite artist of all time by a long shot. A release from him has been due for 2 years at this point, but I kept my patience, yet was starving for a new release. When I needed it most, he arrives, and oh he arrives hard.

"Glimpse of Us" is a beautiful display of Joji's vocal ... read more

 - Down
Simply one of the greatest pieces of work I've ever listened to. R&B is simply an oversaturated and overpopulated genre of music, with very little to really make me interested in it. Artists like Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars, Sampha, Joji, and much more, aren't really artists that can peak my interest with their music, as there really isn't anything much of value with their music. For the last 13 years, we haven't exactly reached the once pinnacle of R&B that is Jay Sean's magnum opus, ... read more
It's been exactly 1 year since I last released any sort of music. Although being discouraged by the situation that happened to me within my first release, I am back! I hope that you all see progression in my music, and that you will enjoy it. Thank you for everyone that helped me along the way, and thank you all for listening (if you do of course!)

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgjtocHW1i0
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/matt_07/what-about-us


 - Harry's House
Twitter made you rate it a 100, but Harry is not your savior

DERIVATIVE. BLAND. UNINTERESTING. Harry Styles has lost all style in this album. Beforehand, Harry made very solid pop music for the masses that I seriously thought had quality and potential. Singer-songwriter cuts like 'Sign of the Times', showed real promise. But with 'Harry's House', I feel like all of the promise that was once shown has kinda faded away. Everything I found interesting about Harry's solo debut, seemingly is ... read more

 - The Heart Part 5
This one's for Shawn Cee

I'll change my score whenever he calls me out for not getting pussy again

 - mainstream sellout
Yeah I'm EMO who fucking cares
 - Donda 2
Ye da 🐐 no 🧒

I dickride Kanye more than Prodbyzaqq fr πŸ’―

 - Ants From Up There
Enough to make a grown incel cry.

Where do I even start with a record of this magnitude? The only way I feel is right is to start at the beginning. Unknown to me prior to 2020, Black Country, New Road, the 7 person band based out of London getting ready to release their debut project, “For the first time”. Leading up to this release, I was blindsided to what was about to come next, my plan was only to listen to the album and rate it, and I thought I would be done. I had no idea ... read more

 - 30
If Adele had a million fans, I am one of them. If Adele had one fan, that fan is me. If Adele had no fans, I would no longer be on Earth. If the world is against Adele, I am against the world πŸŒŽπŸ’šπŸ·
 - Red (Taylor's Version)
Yo Kanye imma let you finish but Taylor Swift had one of the best albums of all time. OF ALL TIME

After taking time to listen to the 2 hour project, I’ve come to a general consensus that Taylor does improve the original project of Red on all fronts with her new version. With adding her new set style, Red’s ideas seemingly flourish with this refreshing look at it. The recreation of her older albums is an idea I can commend as she is using her resources wisely by bringing new ... read more

 - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Bruno and Anderson just made a victory lap album as their first album... They knew their impact and skated away with it.

Silk Sonic! The duo collaboration of pop superstar, Bruno Mars, and R&B/Neo-soul mastermind, Anderson .Paak easily makes up one of the more interesting mainstream acts of 2021. To end off a massively successful year of the duo, they drop their debut album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic”. This album was incredibly hyped up through singles like “Leave the ... read more

 - From Me To You (Deluxe)
Welcome back to the alps of Mount Everest, where we look down onto the lush world upon us. What’s left of us is only a downward spiral, as we’ve already reached our peak. A new height may be ahead of us, but do we have what it takes to keep ourselves in this any longer? These ideologies are taken on by Quadeca’s new 6 track continuation of the “From Me To You” saga with the reissued deluxe edition. Providing backstory if you have not seen my previous review on that ... read more
 - The Melodic Blue
Damn that Kendrick Lamar guy should make an album, he'd pop off

Maybe only on occasion

Edit: I enjoyed this album fuck you

 - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
She may claim she is introverted, but this album shows a hell of a lot of personality.

Maybe another day.

 - Certified Lover Boy
If y'all keep bullying Drake over his merch and cover art he's gonna pull a


I live for this

I've been fucked with by nerd ass jock ****** like you my whole life

You will never recover

I promise you

 - Solar Power
Is this really the same artist who made Melodrama?

Lorde's new project, "Solar Power" only tells me one thing only, and that's that the mainstream pop artist turned folk trend needs to come to an end.

Anyways, Taylor better, Clairo better, and Youngboy better goodnight this disappointed me

Edit: I have relistened a few times from my original 3 listens and the project is only decreasing in value due to it being so boring for me. The highlights do stand out though. Anyways going ... read more

 - Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase
What's 9 plus 0

Track 2 sums up what the album is

 - Happier Than Ever
A young artist that may be underestimated finally emerging into herself as a musician, curating a new and improved style for herself. Ridiculed online for a disappointing era in her newfound spotty discography, against all odds, ‘Happier Than Ever’ delivers on Eilish’s best project yet and shows even more promise than her debut.

Coming off of a melodramatic electropop, alternative R&B debut, Billie Eilish is now back with her sophomore release, “Happier Than ... read more

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