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Apr 3, 2020
drake sold his soul to Tik Tok
Apr 3, 2020
This is a perfect EP, and one that means so much to me. I've bumped these 5 tracks for the last 3 years. I remember sharing these songs with my friend Evan on a long greyhound bus ride. Sharing earbuds and listening to Raingurl and Passionfruit. What a special feeling to share unique and amazing music to friends who are open and receptive.

Anyways, Drink I'm Sippin On is my favourite track here, and maybe my favourite house song ever. I don't have much to say other than I LOVE EP2. It's icey, ... read more
Apr 3, 2020
I have been waiting for Yaeji's debut full length release for 3 years. Her 2017 run of EPs was legendary. I consider EP2 to be one of the greatest house albums ever, and one of my favourite albums of the decade. Here, Yaeji shoots for something a bit different. It's a lot more layered, sonically complex and experimental. Hearing features on her songs also throws me off. She plays with psychedelic elements, and structural switch-ups. And it works. I really love this mixtape. Sonically it's the ... read more
Apr 2, 2020
(final entry in my series on Waxahatchee)

This tremendous gem sits atop Katie's discography as her greatest album- by far. After hearing her sound settle and unwind on her previous record, I couldn't help but think she lost some excitement in the process. But by now, I'm not pining for her early day aggression any longer. Saint Cloud is not angry- it is sobering (literally, Katie overcame her alcohol addiction while working on this project). This is beautiful, immaculate folk, introducing ... read more
Mar 31, 2020*
(Fourth entry in my series of Waxahatchee reviews.)

This series marks the first time I've listened to an artist's albums in chronological order. Until this point, I always began at the peer-approved, accessible entry level point. I started listening to Sun Kil Moon with Benji, Sufjan Stevens with Illinois, Kendrick with TPAB, etc. Listening to Waxahatchee's Out in the Storm was very impactful and satisfying. While it is a great record, most of my personal satisfaction came from the ... read more
Apr 3, 2020
idk if you've done weezer but that would be interesting
Mar 14, 2020
if you had to choose a live performance of a song that's better than the original studio recording, what would it be? it can either be something youve experienced yourself or something from an official live album (cough cough its for a list)
Mar 2, 2020
I'm just experimenting with different colours :) For now your the only pink Helios but we'll both always be Helios twins ;)
Jan 13, 2020
Hi I was busy sorry, I updated the list now :)
Jan 11, 2020
Hiya, I'm doing a list of peoples favourite artists and giving my opinion on them. Who is your favourite artist?
Dec 15, 2019
What’s up with the NR scores
Dec 10, 2019
Great Profile Picture , did you review Floral Shope yet?
Dec 10, 2019
What is a score that both you and Fantano agree with? (It's for a list)
Dec 10, 2019
Which one of us is gonna file the lawsuit first lol
chief keef and final fantasy.
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