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Jun 16

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Thank you guys SO MUCH for 50 followers, that’s INSANE!

I thought that to celebrate the occasion, I would take an in depth look at one of my personal favourite albums and one that changed my perspective on what makes ‘good music’.

‘And the king saves the day, but the king dies today’

‘King’s Mouth’ by The Flaming Lips is an album that evolved from an art installation in their ‘Womb Gallery’ in Oklahoma City. It most notably ... read more

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Memar -
Best remix album I've ever heard.

I heard their album last year and found the unique purely vocal textures both incredibly intriguing and engaging. The way they reimagined voice as an instrument was very well done. Initially, I couldn't stop coming back to it but found it to be more of an artistic experiment that I could appreciate than something I would listen to more casually. Obviously that changed over time and after listening more... I was curious to see what they would do next as I LOVED ... read more
Memar -
GREAT crunchy sound. I love the well thought out atmosphere and engaging industrial beats. It's very energising and adrenaline inducing whilst staying deeply distorted, hazy, and apocalyptic. The project has an OUTSTANDING flow. It gives it a truly epic feel. I will absolutely come back to this. What a great full album experience.
Memar -
This has a more ambient feel than their previous project which featured unique industrial textures that I enjoyed. I feel as though this creates a completely different atmosphere. It's like I'm submerged in the music. I found this to be an oddly soothing listen. Overall, nothing really stood out to me individually, but I feel like that's the point. It makes this more of a cohesive full experience and places emphasis on its transportive soundscape. I definitely picked the right month to listen ... read more
Memar -
Coloratura almost had me fooled...

Coldplay embraces more mediocre radio friendly parent pleasing pop that's destined to soundtrack adverts (I can already see the 'People Of The Proud' car advert). No thanks. I preferred it when they were a diluted bad version of Radiohead. The spacey theme and atmosphere they're going for through production and some lyrical themes just doesn't pan out and ends up feeling absurdly fake, tacky, unoriginal, and obnoxious. At least it's satisfyingly cohesive and ... read more
Memar -
God damn these beats are SO cool! I love how dark and atmospheric they are. They have a nice edge of experimentation and grit. It evokes a slightly uneasy feeling as if something is off. Also, the production is BRILLIANT. Unfortunately the lyrics let this down... they are VERY hit and miss. It really distracts from my enjoyment of the project. There is A LOT of potential here though. If they spend more time on lyrics whilst maintaining this style, they could have something special on their ... read more


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