Albums I've heard from 2021 - ranked

*A lot of these are just first impressions and are subject to change*


Kanye West - Donda
Please don't take it down...

What a wild ride this rollout has been. Such a crazy and stressful experience, but enjoyable nonetheless. There were so many iconic moments and images that I will look back on fondly.

This feeling is mirrored in the LP's disjointed tone. I was excited to see the JIK sound pushed forwards - this feels like a side step. But this sound REALLY works.

Main themes are dealing with your past - the acknowledgement of difficulties and loss, 'rebirth' - the idea of it never being too late, and Kanye's unconditional love for his family and religion.

This is A LOT to put in one album, it tries to be a lot of things and often gets confused, but that only makes me like it more.

I think Donda's genius and here's why - it's a reflection of Kanye's life, warts and all. Sure he goes off the rails, but that's due to both the nature of Kanye and the media's prying eyes. The LP has these 'Kanye moments'. But ultimately, he never loses sight of his roots and values and that's what shines through on this project. It's disorienting and varied just like life inevitably is. A long, consistent, and engaging experience.

It was exciting to be 'in on' his process and see that feature of the rollout become a part of the album. The livestream of the stadium studio's inclusion in the listening party was genius.

Donda is incredibly personal to him - we just throw the phrase around casually. That word is someones life. Just as this album has been kanye's life for the past few years. Him being forced to reflect on the darkest parts of his life in order to move forward. And it is a treat to hear him do this through amazing music.

I still think he should've released the LP2 version but I'll trust his judgement.

Obviously stuff is still prone to changes so I will update this if needed...

Currently the 2nd best Kanye project (KSG No 1. obviously).

This is the seventh album I've heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
Squid - Bright Green Field
Which one of y’all upset David Byrne? 😳

This is the album I was most excited for this year, and it didn’t disappoint. MY GOD THIS IS GOOD. Everything is executed to MASTERFUL perfection here. The INCREDIBLE grooves, eclectic math rock roots, and their warped interpretation of Talking Heads esque guitar sensibilities are SO effective and enjoyable. This is the Radiohead of punk rock. Sign me up. The longer songs allow for the tracks to evolve, live their full life and use all of their potential, and explore as many interesting ideas as possible, it adds to the overall atmosphere of the album. It works so well as a full LP. If this isn’t the popular choice for AOTY, then nothing is. My only complaint is that the singing occasionally gets on my nerves and that some of the tracks are just ok outside of the context of the album. I definitely need more time to further appreciate this album. I will be coming back a lot.

This is the fourth album I’ve heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
Emile Mosseri - Minari (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This is so beautiful. The well paced simplistic and concise arrangements are filled with contemplative bittersweet spaciousness that completely hypnotised me. I loved the recurring motifs. It’s incredibly moving and atmospheric. This release sent shivers down my spine and almost made me cry. I don’t need to see this film because it already played in my head. Thank you for a beautiful experience.

(I've now seen the film and it was really good. It hasn't changed my feelings towards the music.)

This is the third album I have heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3000

The boys are back!

This reminded me of why I listen to Gizz.

I'm loving this new sound SO much, its the perfect blend of electronics, psych, chill energy, FUN energy, pop, synth-pop and rock all put through a Gizz filter. This is one of those albums that fits a very specific mood incredibly well. I see myself coming back to this one A LOT. I love the flow of the album, the aesthetic, and its effectiveness as a full project. It has some truly great tracks, and I honestly feel like if I'm going to come back to it in any form, I'm going to come back to the whole LP. I think that says a lot about the success of this project. I need more time to digest this, and will no doubt be returning to it again and again to do just that.

This is a HUGE grower and will no doubt be a personal favourite album of mine to be released in 2021.

This is the fifth album I've heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises
How do you follow up one of the greatest electronic albums ever made? You make one of the most hypnotic, atmospheric free-jazz inspired epics of course. There are so many beautiful climaxes that made my jaw drop. This is such a magical experience. It transported me to another dimension. I love how it blurs genres and makes it challenging to tell what instrument is playing. I LOVED ‘movement 6’ onwards! However, I’m still not sure how I feel about the repetitive chords and odd ‘scat singing’. (Although I’m sure I’ll warm to these elements). I definitely need more time to appreciate this album. I will be coming back to this A LOT.

This is the second album I’ve heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
GOD DAMN 2021 has been a good year for music!

This important and forward thinking Hip Hop album starts off with a very 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' sound via grand strings etc. This barely prepares you for this EPIC and deceptively low key album. The lyrics on here are INCREDIBLE and allow for a very interesting and ever changing dynamic between artist and listener - they can be casual and profound just seconds apart (or both at the same time). The beats and samples are SO ENGAGING and generally BRILLIANT - it really had me feeling the music, I was awestruck at times. I LOVE THE GRAND BRASS AND STRINGS SOUNDS! They contrast so satisfyingly with their laid back flow and more spacious songs. I'm going to be replaying this A LOT to really soak in this music. There are just so many moments of pure genius on here - it's enjoyability is undeniable.

This is the eighth album I've heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
Mdou Moctar - Afrique Victime
High quality Blues Rock always hits different.


This has ENDLESS enjoyability and replay value. I love it's simple bare beauty, noting is too fancy and EVERYTHING works. It's filled with tight grooves, INCREDIBLY impressive musicianship, infectious warmth, and the perfect amount of variation across it's tracklist. The drums, guitar, singing, and bass guitar are all so complimentary. The subtle yet constant drive of the drums and bass guitar ensured I never lost interest across the whole run time. This solid foundation made for a perfect platform for the guitarist to BLOW ME AWAY which they did, constantly. And then weaving the music together was beautiful singing that matched the emotional tone of the music perfectly. It was the icing on the cake. Listening to this brought a smile to my day. It was one of those listening experiences where I was able to take a step back and get lost in the beautiful atmosphere and sounds. It reminded me a lot of another album I love called 'Ishumar' by Toumast.

ALSO, the second half of the title track is ABSURD. I still can't get over how GOOD THIS LP IS.

This is the ninth album I've heard this year that I would happily call amazing.
Midnight Sister - Painting the Roses
Funky and atmospheric art pop with clever and effective instrumentation. The album has just the right amount of quirkiness. It sounds like a lazy day. I LOVE the horns, bass, strings, pacing and production. This album celebrates the joyful side of music before taking on a darker mood in the second half. It reminds me a little bit of David Byrne and The Flaming Lips. There are some truly transcendental and beautiful songs here. My only complaint is the breathiness of the vocals. I will be coming back to this a lot.

This is the first album I've heard from 2021 that I would happily call amazing.
Demiser - Through the Gate Eternal
WHAT A DEBUT. These grooves are INCREDIBLE and the drumming is AWESOME. I love how heavy this thrash metal LP is whilst staying engagingly tuneful and accessible. This is SO energising! It continuously unfolds in the most satisfying way giving everything you want in an LP from this genre. If something is hinted at happening, it happens whilst still maintaining an element of surprise. Also, THE GUITAR SOLOS!!! This LP is an unstoppable and consistent force with a 'go crazy go stupid' atmosphere to match. It even has a slow song! I'm not kidding when I say that this is easily in my top 5 favourite metal albums I've ever heard just because I had so much fun listening to it. This LP had me smiling in disbelief whilst losing my mind to the music. I will be playing this A LOT. My only complaint is that it got a bit samey around the middle which frustratingly took me out of the atmosphere for a bit. I'm excited to see how this grows on me.

This is the sixth album I've heard this year I would happily call amazing.
RamonPang - Nature System
I was very excited for this album after hearing ‘Thin Sand’ (which I REALLY ENJOYED). I love their combination of plinky organic instruments and trap production that draws heavily from IDM. This is an INCREDIBLE combination. The final product is uniquely engaging, phenomenally textured and brilliantly produced. The highlights are amazing and are even better in the context of the album. I will no doubt be coming back to this a lot. The album is very consistent in quality and jumps seamlessly between danceable to thought provoking and atmospheric. This whole album is just so clean. It sounds like it would be too fractured and scattered to get into, but the grooves stay remarkably intact and unpredictable. The album feels like a psychedelic oversaturated magical waterfall washing over your brain and commanding you to dance. I would bet money that Four Tet is vibing to this right now. What a great listen.
Melchior Sultana - Perfect Place
Well produced INCREDIBLY effective and consistent minimal house music with very good catchy and repetitive groves that somehow never seem to grow stale. On top of these groves are meandering almost jazzy synth melodies. It’s all of these features combined that makes this album such an engaging and enjoyable listen. I love it’s icy and spacious atmosphere. It is so hypnotising. The airy drones and long notes add a lighter hazier quality to more intense melodies and rhythms. I love how the album opens up more the longer you listen to it and continuously evolves through the track list. The electronic tones are nothing spectacular or unique, but it’s the way it’s combined that makes it SO GOOD. It’s like an acclaimed chef has cooked you an amazing meal with average household ingredients. And MY GOD it’s tasty. This is like the missing accompaniment to Floating Point’s shadows EP.
CV Vision - In Time
Warm mini experimental lofi bluesy psych rock album. This is SO charming! They sound like long lost classics wandering between late Beatles and early King Gizz. I love it's transitions and completeness as a project. This whole LP has a surreal yet familiar bittersweet atmosphere that will have me returning again and again. I would have loved this to be longer, but at the same time, I don't want to take away from it's cohesion.
Lingua Ignota - Sinner Get Ready
Well... guess I died.

This is dark. Dark dark. DARK. DARK DARK.

IMMACULATE aesthetic.

The sounds on here are INCREDIBLE.

Hopeless and DARK relentless portrayal of hell that demands your attention and is genuinely TERRIFYING. It maintains a slight unpredictability that made my skin crawl. I wanted it to end while also being morbidly fascinated and unable to turn it off.

Words cannot describe the feelings this album evokes. It left me as wordlessly disturbed as albums like 'Soundtracks For The Blind' and 'A Promise'. I will need to prepare myself for when I return to this hellish experience.

My only complaint is that the music being consistently slow and 'samey' occasionally and frustratingly took me out of the album.
Otzeki - Now Is a Long Time
This well produced spacious and sparse indietronica with a minimalist approach has A LOT of PHENOMENAL moments. It feels like a less surreal and more urban version of Thom Yorke’s ‘ANIMA’. Unfortunately, it does have a very slight issue with consistency which made me more aware of the album’s length. But the moments that worked, I LOVED, they will have me coming back to individual tracks a lot. It’s beats are SO on point and the grooves are REALLY tight. The diverse range of 90’s UK electronic inspired synth tones drew me into the world of the album and helped create a unique nostalgic, reflective, and slightly sad atmospheric experience.
Merope - Salos
STUNNINGLY beautiful atmospheric mostly acoustic folk/ambient inspired music that feeds your soul. I feel like I just had a magical encounter with forest nymphs. I will be coming back to this a lot.
Attacca Quartet - Real Life
HOLY CRAP THIS IS MASSIVE! The aggressive strings, overblown beats and electronics make for addicting, hard-hitting, and energetic ear-candy. I enjoyed how it kept the already incredibly unique sound new and interesting by including a diverse range of soundscapes ranging from the club, Jonny Greenwood's soundtracks, the end of the world, and a meditative state not too dissimilar to 'Cosmogramma' (they do a GREAT cover of the opener). It's ability to put all of this into one cohesive LP speaks volumes about it's success.
Yola - Stand for Myself
DAMN. The POWER. What a warm, smooth, and comforting album. I love it's classical soul feel and that voice is to die for!!!!!! The aspects of country are VERY complementary to the sound. I love how it maintains a laid back easy going atmosphere whilst simultaneously reaching incredibly dramatic heights both lyrically and musically. This is a constant joy to listen to. This album makes me want to dance alone - not caring what I look like. This succeeds in every possible measure. It is not a 'blow me away' kind of album, but in away it kind of is as choosing to stick to it's sound plays to its authentic feel and in turn makes it more emotionally resonant. It's consistently masterful execution makes for a truly great LP that is guaranteed to be a defining one of the year. 'Starlight' is such a great track!
Bajram Bili - Detuning Euphoria
Amazing high quality, atmospheric, and glitchy IDM that’s constantly on the verge of being difficult to follow. This release is an incredibly solid well packaged selection of some of what the genre has to offer. It feels like it has a track, moment, or idea that will match my current mood no matter what it is. There is a lot to like here. I will be coming back to this a lot.
CHANCE デラソウル - CHANCE デラソウル
I’m a sucker for future funk. I love how well this flows, especially in the first half. This is SO FUN and VERY danceable. Enjoy the party!
Li Yilei - δΉ‹ / OF
This is the sort of thing that I would wake up to at 3AM if I left YouTube auto play on. This is so dreamy, hazy, sleepy, and surreal. Also, the production on this is amazing! This minimal ambient electronic/experimental album utilises birdsong and field recordings of nature's ambience to create it's own unique world. Once you enter it, you can't help but stay to explore. The longer you stay, the further you fall down the rabbit hole. It is incredibly effective as a full album as each track seems to take you to a different location. It feels like a collage of sound and it's just beautiful. This album is very good at slowing down the pace of a day.
Cory Hanson - Pale Horse Rider
This BEAUTIFUL country - folk psychedelia is so warm. I love the slidy gliding tone of the guitar it contains so much emotion. This album reminds me a lot of ‘Obscured By Clouds’ by Pink Floyd. This has some truly gorgeous ‘open’ moments like ‘Angeles’ and ‘Another Story From the Center of the Earth’ (which is INCREDIBLE) that evoke a fuzzy warm feeling that transports you to the warm summer night outside the small town hotel in a deserty American state depicted on the cover. I love the odd sounds that the album puts low in the mix for you to discover, it adds so much depth to the music. This has a very desirable chill atmosphere that I will no doubt be coming back to again and again. It gives you the feeling of not having a care in the world whilst contemplating the big questions of life and the universe. It’s strengths are apparent in the full listening experience. It accomplishes what it sets out to do, and does it in style. For example, this had two ambient tracks that would sound comparatively uninteresting outside of the album, but they almost brought me to tears in the context of the LP. This is not without its flaws however, as the second half is so similar to the first half that it starts to become slightly boring. It’s high points more than make up for it though.
Otay:onii - ε†₯ε†₯ Míng Míng
These songs are experimental, post-industrial, atmospheric, and noisy epics. I love the layering of textures here. For some reason this album makes me feel like I’m dying... There are some astonishingly beautiful and unique moments (like the switch up in ‘Child No.22’) on here that make it stand out from other releases. 'Intentions and Emotions' is an INCREDIBLY good song and easily one the best songs of the year.
WOW. What a powerful and honest rap release. It feels like an insight into this guys life. This is so smooth. I love the lyrics. The beats are PHENOMENAL. It reminds me of old Kanye. It’s honestly hard to fault this release.
Jesco - Bored Or Sad
Rocking bluesy and folky bluegrass. This really hits the spot. I especially enjoyed the percussive grooves. The aesthetic is deceptively casual (although the lyrics and themes can be pretty serious), the release is concise and engaging for the full run time, and the musicianship is of great quality. I love how some of the songs use an accordion to give it a bouncy sound inspired by klezmer music - it constantly drives the music forwards. This sidesteps a lot of the genre’s cliches and makes for a very enjoyable experience.
Nubiyan Twist - Freedom Fables
Afrobeat, R&B, and electronic production are a match made in heaven. The grooves on this are insane. I love the trumpet work.
Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder, Ofri Nehemya & Philip Dizack - Human
This is IMPRESSIVE. This release is some very effective jazz with AMAZING piano and drum work and an improvisational tone that has just the right amount of structure. This is an incredibly cohesive LP that I enjoyed a lot. I love how good it is at creating a world and creating many different moods and settings within that world by maintaining its interesting and dynamic features. This is a piece that feels very much alive. There are some INCREDIBLY beautiful moments on here that will have me coming back a lot.
For Those I Love - For Those I Love
Irish guy talks very personally about loss, life, and love over less interesting Jamiexx instrumentals. A combination with inconsistent success.

It’s high points are gorgeous and contain a James Blake esque warmth which has had me coming back a lot. It’s low points are not as good... but still have some merit. I see why this is such a divisive album.

Edit: Bonus points for making a good emotional short film / extended music video to accompany it.
Samba Touré - Binga
High quality bluesy acoustic music from Mali. Its repetitive riffs, quality guitar playing, and great percussion pairs with good singing to create an effective atmospheric sonic translation of the landscape, architecture, and soul of the country. I really liked how the songs slowly built on themselves yet maintained clean and uncluttered. It’s so easy to get lost in the mood of these simplistic songs. What a pleasant listen. I particularly enjoyed the songs with harmonica. I will definitely be coming back to this a lot.
Jusell, Prymek, Sage, Shiroishi - Yamawarau
This is so lovely. It feels even more free and serene than their previous one released this year. This one doesn’t even care if it’s an album or not. It just slowly and gently guides you on a pleasant, refreshing, and calming walk over some small hills. It’s still a little jazzy, laid back and organic - just like ‘Setsubun’. This is perfect background music and greatly relieves stress. The song structures are packed with room to breathe. There’s a lot to like.
Rojuu - Roku Roku
Quality modern fresh sounding Spanish stuff. It’s hard to describe this release, but I’ll try... this is a great eclectic mix of influences and styles (ranging from trap to electro pop, hyperpop?, and much more) that makes for a beautifully slightly dark atmosphere (the release’s strongest feature). There are some great melodies and some talented songwriting on here, it’s simplistic yet mesmerising. It works SO WELL as a full album. I love the use of vocal effects and auto tune on here it just really clicked with me for some reason. I can definitely see the sleepy Gec analogy.
Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett - Her
Arcade Fire's knack for melody and atmosphere translates beautifully into this warm and inviting simplistic score. A very pleasant and enjoyable experience. 'Morning Talk / Supersymmetry' and 'Photograph' are amazing moments on the album. (Weirdly enough, this is my favorite release I've heard from them!)
Bruno Pernadas - Private Reasons
Psych pop is fun, and so is this exceptionally bright and eclectic interpretation of the genre. I love its similarities to world music.
Toumani Diabaté & The London Symphony Orchestra - Kôrôlén
I really enjoyed this. It's breezy calm atmosphere provided by traditional 'plinky' African instruments had a unique incredibly emotive and improvisational tone. It is so easy to get lost in the album's world. I laughed at the bit in 'Cantelowes Dream', Its moments like this that adds to the music's laid back and informal aesthetic. This is a very solid release.
Feu! Chatterton - Palais d'argile
Impressive is the best way to describe this worse, brighter, and more fun version of Radiohead. All of the tracks are good, but this feels kind of clunky as an album and its aesthetic gets kind of tiring. If I’m being honest though, I can’t really fault this. It’s just about personal preference. There are some legitimately stunning moments on here, it has a great emotional range and a compelling journey through the tracks as they gradually get sadder. Definitely one of the better releases of the year so far.
Mama Longhorn - Let It Run
High quality, consistent, well paced, groovy, and well instrumented jams with VERY good bass, horn, drums, and guitar work. I REALLY enjoyed this. This is a seamless blend of a lot of things (primarily 70’s rock supergroup jam sessions, jazzy tendencies, and horn and sax features). It’s surprisingly tight and tied down for something that is able to maintain an improvisational tone. What a beautiful musical journey this was.
Christian Löffler - Parallels: Shellac Reworks By Christian Löffler
This is pure beauty and warmth. The music is incredibly emotional. It masterfully mixes ambience and electronica with elements of classical music. The best of both worlds. I love the production on this. The ending blew me away. I will be coming back to this a lot.
Animal Collective - Crestone (Original Score)
This sounds like a much needed next step in AnCo’s career. They have built on the enchanting ambience of Tangerine Reef by making it less alien and allowing Deakin and Geologist to focus on making it spacious and dream-like. It reminds me a lot of Sung Tongs and Feels. The album itself is more about the mood it puts you in and less about the individual track quality. I’m glad that AnCo are finally moving away from the very chaotic Centipede HZ / Painting With sound. Hopefully they explore this new sound more, and Avery Tare and Panda Bear are involved in the next release.
TEKE::TEKE - Shirushi
RYM core psych rock that is packed with little details for the listener to enjoy. It has a homemade sort of charm that gives the music a sense of fun and warmth (The musicians clearly have great chemistry). Incredibly diverse instrumentation also allows for uniquely engaging breakdowns and instrumental sections. I could pick out any instrument and it would have it's stand out moment. Overall, this is an incredibly satisfying well paced listen that I would highly recommend to any fans of bands like King Gizz.
Tom Jones - Surrounded By Time
Musical legend proves he's still got it and is willing to take artistic risks. What an interesting almost dystopian selection of tracks. I love its surreal aesthetic. It makes for such a great combination when paired with his rich powerful soulful voice. How am I meant to leave my hat on when I'm jamming to 'Pop Star'? Tom has lost his mind and I'm loving it.
Tobias Lilja - Little Nightmares II
This is a very high quality, effective, well produced, simplistic scary score. Nothing is too flashy, and although being comparably unique in it’s sound, unfortunately it does sometimes fall into its genre’s cliches, but somehow that doesn’t affect my enjoyment of it. It has a great use of dramatic timing. The mood setting is SO GOOD on here (it actually gave me chills). I love the dark and ominous bassy swells. It’s just a tense selection of tracks with some beautiful moments, great builds, and some enjoyable ‘plinky’ instruments that show up occasionally. I REALLY want to play this game.
νŒŒλž€λ…Έμ„ [Parannoul] - To See the Next Part of the Dream
Very high quality well paced Korean shoegaze. It has such a beautiful atmosphere that can make you cry and smile at the same time. It has PHENOMENAL drumming and contains gorgeous walls of sound that are trademark to the genre. What makes this release stand out from others is it’s simplistic bittersweet melodies. It makes it easier to enjoy. My only complaint is that it’s a bit ‘samey’.
James Yorkston And The Second Hand Orchestra - The Wide, Wide River
WOW, what a beautiful acoustic folk album. This has some stellar musicianship. It features some compelling production choices which makes this stand out from other releases in the genre. The album evokes a very specific mood in a way that only music can. The songs aren't too memorable or original but the listening experience is. This will definitely grow on me.
Balmorhea - The Wind
WOAH. This high quality, consistent, and atmospheric modern classical release has some STUNNINGLY beautiful moments and very memorable melodies. This album gives an experience similar to a contemplative walk around a calm lake with a lot of trees. The moment you discover that there is a majestic mountain in the distance, it is so overwhelmingly gorgeous that you have to sit down and take a minute. Overall, this is a really cleverly made and very visual project, I loved all of the subtle production details.
Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet
Beautiful, unique, thoughtful, and well paced electronic art pop with INSANE grooves that are reminiscent of 90’s Björk. This is pure brain food and makes for a unique almost ‘out of body’ experience. Although coming off as fairly pretentious and self-indulgent at times, I believe that is because of the complex topics the album discusses. These are - the theme of blurred lines, how difficult it is to define things, and the intertwined nature of self, music, sensuality, and being (at least that’s what I got from it - I could be wrong, and I feel like I am, yet, I also feel that it doesn’t matter - it was my experience). These thoughts are difficult to articulate, and the fact that they’ve included errors and a sense of searching for the right words makes it more human, down to earth, and relatable. This album got a hold on me without me even noticing. Before I knew it, it was too late and I was completely entranced by its hypnotic sounds. I LOVED the beats, synths, and production. It’s always a good sign when an artist can make a 15 minute song that doesn’t ‘go stale’. Needless to say, I’ll be coming back to this a lot.
Brayden Potts - starlight
The most recent high quality concise release from Brayden Potts features incredible pacing as usual. It had me engaged for the full run time. I like how this one offered a slightly wonky feel and featured more soulful samples, I hope that they continue to incorporate this into their releases going forwards. Lovely stuff. This honestly might be my personal favourite of his projects that I've heard.
Sufjan Stevens - Convocations
The sum is greater than its parts. When listening in full, this really affected me emotionally. It was apparent how discomforting it got, how hopeful it got, and how good at was at taking me on it’s intended long and windy journey. I love it’s haunting sounds. This is an experience that will stick with me. This is one of the more important albums of the year.
LICE - Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear
This unique, well textured, and chaotic post-rock release is pretty all over the place. It has some beautifully dark and 'crushing' moments, but the spacing between everything leaves you with no room to breathe or take in the quality music. Most of the tracks don't follow any logical structure. For some reason, I can’t stop coming back to this. I keep getting more and more out of each listen. It feels like a masterpiece that I don’t quite understand yet.
Brayden Potts - ache
Leagues better than ‘Chapter_4’. This more concise release puts the absolutely stellar production front and center for the listener to enjoy. This is a modern take on J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’. A very cool release that I will come back to a lot.
Sagong - Optimist
This is so wholesome. It has such a comforting folky sound it brings up images of Scotland. The chirpy repetitive melodies make for a lovely experience. The soft and human singing makes this a very personable album with a bittersweet and serene atmosphere that is very easy to get lost in. I also loved the albums emotional progression through the tracklist. I also loved the more magical tone it takes on as more layers come into the mix.
C. Tangana - El Madrileño
WOW, I was not expecting this to be this good. The mood this creates is so beautifully bittersweet. Latin rhythms and instruments mix perfectly here with modern production. I feel it would have been a better release if it was less 'poppy' and autotuned, but who am I to complain.
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