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SuperM - Tiger Inside
Sep 1, 2020 (updated Sep 4, 2020)
Update: Really haven't come back to this track as there were stronger singles this week. Maybe if it wasn't as basic and pulled off a few more dynamic shifts like NCT's Punch.

The song overall is pretty straightforward with your average SM grimy beat. What elevates the track though is easily the vocals. SuperM is a group with some of the best vocalists in K-Pop (beakhyun), and all of the tones were expertly used in this track. Some highlighted moments were Taeyong's verse, Baekhyun's bridge, and the crescendos during the chorus. In a way this track actually reminds me of 2016 EXO. It's heavy on melody but like Monster or Lucky One it does feature a healthy dose of rapping. The rapping fits very neatly and adds a lot to that track, and the verses live up to the chorus. Another thing I particularly enjoyed is how it doesn't waste any time. This is a very tight song with slick and short verses. It moves along at a quick pace but that allows for maximum satisfaction when it slows down in the bridge.

One final thing I'd like to say is that in the past people complained that Jopping felt too much like an NCT track due to it's verses. Personally, I feel that the verses did a better job of mixing the EXO/NCT sound. In addition it also seems like SuperM have developed their signature sound in SM. Which imo consists of bombastic anthems or downbeat high-tempo pop tracks.

Overall a very good and listenable track. It doesn't have any significant faults and really shows what happens when SM uses their idols properly. Each member was able to add something to the track and in the end this track proves that sonically SM is the best
k-pop company.

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