J. Cole - The Off-Season
I think it was good idk. I don't even remember what I listened to. Shout out to the little baby.
Tyler, The Creator - IGOR
You gotta break your heart to be an a mood to listen to this
Stromae - Racine carrée
A baguette filled with cocaine or something idk I've never taken drugs
BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence
First half is decent but the second half pleases my ears and moisturizes my eyes
The underrated one
The one you show to your friends
Kanye West - Yeezus
This album makes me want to be a terrible person
Kanye West - Donda
This album makes me want to be a better person
This album is better than any drug. My #1 motivator at the moment
Tiny Meat Gang - Daddy
A laid-back summer TMG single coming off the heels of the splitting Sophia. Daddy is inciting a more positive reaction because it knows exactly what it wants to be. From the guitar to the soft hi-hats, this song incorporates a soft beat and surprisingly great vocals to get its point across. Furthermore, both Noel AND Cody sound great! They bounce off dad-puns while providing hilariously cheesy ad-libs for good measure. The feature, Quin XCII, does a greatly consistent job on the chorus! ... read more
ATEEZ - Zero: Fever Part.2
As a hardcore ATEEZ fan I gotta say this shit is dog water. A bunch of redundantly difficult tracks to get through without the spark that made them once so enjoyable. The Weeknd ripoff is good and the single is decent but as an album its near unlistenable
Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
Personally I think that on this album Playboi Ca-

i2 T6å† * yøU® ßulGi3 WuLGiE¿ *+ :000 i wåNnA 3a† *+ ¥øU® ©u∑∑l3 * WU∑∑i3S ®:N ! *+ ;)) i WåNn4 h4√3 * y0Ü4 lΩ4D D®ipπPiÑg D0wn * m¥ fåç3 uWu * + ;000 a∑ I b3iÑg å g00:D b0¥ *+ ?? åLL 1 waN† iS 2 ßuS† a fA† ÑUT !!!! *+ SLATT!!! :000

TWICE - Cry for Me
This is a little harsh but it's only because I only accepts bangers from these queens

First of all, the percussion absolutely kills the verses and with a more dynamic instrumental the verses could have had been more emotive. The chorus here does a decent job, and while it isn't amazing, it is good and is really enjoyable because its the only time the song has an ounce of energy. The bridge here is utterly predictable which isn't a crime in and of itself but some new textures around this ... read more

Kanye West - Father Stretch My Hands
pt.1 - 100
pt.2 - 50
Various Artists - Pornhub XXXmas
who tf is horny enough to listen to an Asa Akira outro
100 gecs - sympathy 4 the grinch
Santa don't give a fuck, sometimes it really do be like that

Even sants puts nice guys last smh

Great hook, lyrics are really relatable and really hits home the message that no matter how good you are life isn't fucking fair. The bright christmas instrumental has a lot of nice touches on it with jolly christmas bells and guitars. A super solid christmas song that thrives in it's energy and aggressiveness.

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