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U2 - The Joshua Tree
I'm gonna do a hot take here it seems: Joshua Tree and perhaps U2 as a whole is overrated. I can't get into them properly it seems. This album is loaded with praise and good stories and all that and sure, i'm not saying that it's bad at all. But its highlights are all near the start and that makes for an underwhelming listen. First two songs? Great, no denying that at all. Probably among the best songs they ever did.

But then it goes downhill. The most overrated U2 song ever hits with With Or ... read more

Athlete - Beyond the Neighborhood
I am not aware of anything Athlete have ever done apart from this album and the cover of Tourist. Like the album cover. And this album? Only found it by coincedence and played it at the store because i was bored. And don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but it's hardly overly inspiring. It feels a bit dragged out, like a band who wants to get someone else's sound, doesn't make it their own but releases it anyway.

It sounds like 2000s indie rock on the Coldplay side. You know, not the stronger ... read more

Skank - Estandarte
Skank is a Brazilian indie band and the first time i ever heard of these guys was when my aunt brought us this CD by them. It's the first and only album to date i heard by them. She lived in Brazil and my mom asked her to bring us some Brazilian music. IDK how long we've had this album now, but i liked it when i first heard it and it's only grown on me more since then.

I don't understand much of the lyrics, i should admit that. But that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. The lyrics i do know ... read more

The Monochrome Set - Eligible Bachelors
Another quirky new wave and post-punk offering from The Monochrome Set. Having heard Love Zombies the other week, i kinda expected that sound again and they go for it again here, except it's a bit more enjoyable. And since i despise people who just rank the songs or put down track by track ratings and nothing else and then claim it to be a new time weighted score or whatever scam title they come up with, let me tell you a bit more about the contents of the album itself.

The band explore the ... read more

The Monochrome Set - Love Zombies
The Monochrome Set deliver a sort of oddly silly post-punk sound here, that i'd say might be closer to new wave actually. Ah well, i'm not a genre snob, who cares, it's music time! And the music is good here! Nothing i'd say that's overly mindblowing and at points i do think 'hmmm on a re-listen i might skip this' or maybe that it's a grower song. However as a whole, Love Zombies is a pretty nice addition to my ever growing catalog and overview of 80s music.

Apocalypso was probably my ... read more


Would say I'd watch him but by the fact its in Dutch I doubt I'd get much from it given I don't speak tye language. Seems like good content though from tour description.
That’s cool to hear. I’ve personally never heard of them but fair enough. Probably good content.
I don’t watch him as much now but I used to be obsessed really. It was when the YIAYs and such became much less frequent. Mostly due to his focus shifting to his game I feel.
Oh no I just stole it from a video of fans making pfps for him. This was one of them.
Exactly mate. Or in truth incredibly terrifying version of Jacksfilms.
Yeah I just stole it not intending to keep it but just got used to it. I love how horrific it looks though.
I’ve checked your profile a few times recently so must’ve just missed it. Class though.
Idk how long you’ve had it changed for but the young ones reference in your bio pretty much has made your description great.
Thanks for following! :)
Haha shoutbox go brrrrrr


I need a better description

Edit: this isn't a better description


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