black midi - Schlagenheim
Jul 29, 2019
The first time I saw Black Midi's name was when I was seeing the bands who are coming to a portuguese music festival called Paredes de Coura, which, by the way, is probably our best festival and I wanna go really bad but I unfortunateIy can't and that pisses me off. Ugh whatever.
Then I watched their KEXP performance and I really enjoyed their sound and instantly became interested in the band, which made me feel really hyped when I heard they were going to be releasing an album (Rough Trade Records, love you). I also became obsessed with their singles, Crow's Perch and Talking Heads.
The album came out on 21st of June and, OH BOY, that was also the day of my history of the culture and of the arts exam! I couldn't stop thinking about it and about getting home to finally listen to that. I got home, I jumped into my couch and listened to Schlagenheim.
So, I honestly don't really know what to say about this but let's try, I guess.
Well, before anything else, I wanna give a big shout out to Geordie's vocal performances which are absolutely odd and insane and to the drummer, Morgan, who is simply amazing!
The soundscapes here are messy, chaotic, surreal and almost claustrophobic. It sounds just like a big confusion of weird and aggressive noises yet its mysticism is so addictive.
My favourite tracks are (at the moment) bmbmbm, which I find hilarious and really hooking, Western, which is super unique and creative, Years Ago, which has an absorbing and haunting atmosphere and 953 and Near DT, MI, which are dense, anxious and heavy. But I adore all of the songs here.
AOTY 2019!!!
ZigurFest > Paredes de Coura tho
@MusicSucks, you're goddamn right!!! How could I forget?!
Also,,,, HiStoRy AND cULturE oF aRteS
@MusicSucks,,,,,, no, no, no, you're goddamn wrong.
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