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MicahAaron -
The vocals here are the best element. Every other component, from songwriting to production, is an utter dud. A clear current of emotion runs under every second but it unfortunately does not lend to the album’s few strengths. The tiring mess of post-rock reverb and slow, tom-favoring drum builds continually dulls any sort of edge. The production mutes each climax, melting the guitars into a near indistinguishable soup.

“Open Door” is the only real highlight. The shining ... read more

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MicahAaron -
While I can't set aside that modicum of respect I have for this album's willingness to push the envelope that Europe's gabber scene so bravely set in place, this album is still a mess. Heinous jumps in volume and awful, ugly Brooklyn-dude-bro humor abounds in this one. The BPM is skyrocketed to brain-muddling heights (in a pre-Internet age, mind you) but the composition seems set to shock more than anything else. It's undeniable that a certain rhythm is achieved throughout the tracklist but it ... read more
MicahAaron -
A rowdy and eclectic post-hardcore record that only could have come out when it did but is also far ahead of its time. Years upon years down the line... it's interesting to view this album as a springboard for the careers of each of the three members. If you want to hear Dev Hynes of Blood Orange fame scream his brains out, for example, "Catch It!" is the song for you.

BEST TRACK: "Party On, Dudes (Get Hype)"
WORST TRACK: "Pull the Lever"
MicahAaron -
FULL ALBUM TITLE: "For Everything to Be Consummated, For Me to Feel Less Alone, I Had Only to Wish That There Be A Large Crowd Of Spectators The Day of My Execution And That They Greet Me With Cries of Hate" (the final sentence from Albert Camus' "The Stranger")

An apocalyptic and terrifying album that lasts only seven minutes but it manages, through pained vocals and poetic lyrics, to paint a truly morbid landscape. This is one of the most powerful screamo releases I've ... read more
MicahAaron -
Occasionally patience-testing but brilliantly written. The Jeromes Dream-style vocals and the insane layers of them (some spoken word, some howled) can detract from album’s flow but the guitar and drum work are near perfect. This is a super intense piece of work that requires attention from front to back, not a casual listen.

BEST TRACK: “Moon Get Distorted By the Cornea”
WORST TRACK: “Rusty Trace”
MicahAaron -
I'll get straight to the point. This album is about five minutes of truck horns blaring on a British motorway - sometimes in unison, sometimes not. It doesn't go on long enough to sink into any sort of rhythm but the faraway echo and incidental synchronization every few seconds does make for an interesting listen. As an American, I was unclear on the historical moment this album is capturing. In 2000, there were several protest against the United Kingdom government raised duty tax on petrol ... read more
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Aww, well Cedar is adorable! And thank you very much, I appreciate that a lot. Your reviews look to be pretty fantastic as well :)
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I love your profile picture doge
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Welcome to the site
I like pianos. I like guitars. I wish that they met in the middle more often.

I like music that challenges me but it doesn’t all have to.

While I don’t make a constant effort to find the strangest, most out-there stuff ever recorded, I’m glad when I find it.

I live in Colorado and own the Shiba Inu you see above.

I try not to keep a list of favorite bands and it’s always changing. I love what I love, I don’t what I don’t.

Feel free to leave a shout. I’m usually friendly.
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