AOTY 2023
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He/Him Tell me what to review next!, Fav Album OAT: Ok Computer Thank You so much for 200 Followers!, 200 Follower special coming soon. I love you all and thanks for supporting me on what I love to do Andy I am taking a break I really need it, I will be back in 2/3 weeks
My main account is @nostalgia I use this account to rate singles so they don't clutter my main account. I'm a lot more generous with my song ratings than I am with my album ratings on my main account, I definitely think it's easier to nail a song than a whole album.
Thanks for 500 followers! 100= perfect 90s= amazing 80s=great 70s=good 60s= decent 50s= mediocre 40s= not good 30s= bad 20= awful 10s= really awful 0-9= crimes against music
22 year old Irish music nerd. I listen to as many albums that I can whenever they release and of course go through as many classics and discographies too. He/Him Bit of a wannabe Youtuber on the side: Micky T If your not following him already, follow the homie : @nostalgia Check out our podcast too: The Cassette Tape - The Taped Podcast Can't promise to check out everything promoted in my shoutbox
n o s t a l g i a
‣ 23-year-old Polish/Irish music nerd. ‣ He/Him ‣ Drummer ‣ YouTube channel linked below. ‣ Co-Host of the Taped Podcast along with @MickyT. ‣ BLM, ACAB, PROTECT TRANS YOUTH, FREE PALESTINE ADD ME ON DISCORD: Nostalgia#8887 JOIN MY DISCORD: LINKTREE: FOLLOW MY SINGLES ACCOUNT: @NostalgiaSingle NO SELF PROMO WITH PEACE AND LOVE ✌️


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