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MickyT -
Discography Diaries #7: King Crimson
Album #1: In The Court of the Crimson King
Genre: Progressive Rock, Art Rock
Date: 06/09/2020
Time: 12:00 PM

It's time for a new edition of the discography diaries series where I go over an artist or bands catalogue that I am relatively unfamiliar with, give my thoughts and opinions on each of the albums in question and vice versa. The other day on my Bowie discog diaries video I got a comment suggesting a more prog centred discography to go through and one ... read more

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MickyT -
Discography Diaries #6: NOT GOODS
Album #30: MCID by Highly Suspect
Genre: Alt Rock, Pop Rock
Date: 19/09/2020
Time: 8:10 PM

Next up in the list of albums Fantano gave NOT GOODs to we have MCID by Highly Suspect. I'm not familiar with Highly Suspects music in the slightest so I'm going into this album blind with little in the way of any expectations besides hoping it's not bad, looking down at the tracklist though is pretty interesting in terms of who is featured as this thing has not only ... read more
MickyT -
Now look, I get that this album is groundbreaking, influential and all that jazz but I don't enjoy all that much, I find the production to be way too muddy majority of the time and I feel like this thing could've turned out so much better. Believe me I want to enjoy this but I just cant enjoy it in its entirety, I will say though Sister Ray is an awesome track.
MickyT -
Discography Diaries #6: NOT GOODS
Album #29: Nostalgia Critic's The Wall by Nostalgia Critic
Genre: Comedy Rock
Date: 18/09/2020
Time: 9:45 PM

Next in the unholy list of NOT GOODS we have a very special album here, an album that I've honestly been anticipating reviewing for a while now since I have some things to say about it, that album of course is Nostalgia Critic's The Wall. The Nostalgia Critic a.k.a Doug Walker, if you didn't know already, is a movie reviewer who's had a big presence on ... read more
MickyT -
Discography Diaries #7: King Crimson
Album #13: The Power to Believe
Genre: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Date: 18/09/2020
Time: 7:30 PM

It. Is. Time........ The end of the King Crimson discography diaries is here, at the bands 13th and latest album, The Power to Believe. So as you'd expect, all I really wanted from this album is a great end to a discography filled with incredible material, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if a band as old as King Crimon were at the time of ... read more
MickyT -
After The Doors released their impressive self-titled debut album they returned with a vengeance on 'Strange Days'. This album is just as good if not better than the self-titled album which is quite impressive considering that this came out so soon after their debut and it sees the band go for a more off the wall, wild, weird and kooky approach to their established sound and that only adds more character to the overall experience. It's what you'd want a Doors album to be with impressive and ... read more
Sep 6, 2020
I mean, when you review video game box packing for 45 minutes long for a video, it’s pretty clear you need a new hobby.
Sep 3, 2020
Sep 3, 2020
User is no longer with us
Aug 10, 2020
Great pick, I would say that's up there for me to. Thanks for the input.
Aug 9, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
Aug 9, 2020
Hey! I release my new album 'now experimental'. I will be very glad if you listen to it and leave your opinion.
Jul 26, 2020
Hey! Whats a bad album from a good artist? (list)
Jul 14, 2020
I know this is basic and has been done before so many times but whats your favourite album of all time? (list)
Jul 8, 2020
Which rapper do you think would be the best president?

(It's for a list you bozo 😹👎👎)
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