AOTY 2021
Imagine Dragons - Origins
Sep 11, 2020
Discography Diaries #6: NOT GOODS
Album #22: Origins by Imagine Dragons
Genre: Pop Rock
Date: 11/09/2020
Time: 1:20 PM

Let's just get right into the shit with the next album Fantano rated a NOT GOOD, the Imagine Dragons album, Origins. Imagine Dragons are a band that I've been avoiding listening to a full length project from, as I've already heard singles and their popular songs and those songs never incentivise me to go look into their work, mostly because they seemed like one of those basic, overproduced, fake deep and bland pop rock bands that gets overplayed to shit. Well the day has finally come where I have to subject myself to one of their albums and I've been dreading it, and all I can really think now is "yeah........ this was as bad as I thought it would be".

There's so many things about this album that just offends me in terms of musicality, like the hooks for example, what the hell are some of these hooks and how the hell were they allowed to be on tape? Some of them are so bad that they're sickening, especially on tracks like Natural, Boomerang, Zero and Digital, I shit you not I almost threw up when I heard the chorus for Natural. When the choruses aren't making me sick the production is, granted sometimes it's a bit listenable but the majority of this is just way too overproduced and clean, some of the instrumentals are even borderline unlistenable like on Digital, the production on that song is fucking trash, most of it is so soulless and grey that it bothers me so much. The frontman Dan Reynolds isn't an awful singer I would say, he has his bad moments dont get me wrong but majority of the time he's kinda just putting me to sleep, especially in the lyrical department where it's the most surface level and basic writing that I'd come to expect on these kinds of records. One songs lyrics stood out to me in particular, on the song Machine it's like a revolution provoking track based on classicism but what bothers me is when he says that "we're not for sale", that just comes off to me as a bit hypocritical because you literally sell your music to corporations and producers so that it can be used for movie soundtracks and commercials, like the song Zero is literally for the fucking 2nd Wreck It Ralph movie. This album was just vapid, it felt longer than it actually was and I honestly don't want to listen to anymore Imagine Dragons for a long long long long time.

Yeah the big man Melon gets the big agree again as this Imagine Dragons album is NOT GOOD.

Best: Stuck

Worst: Zero and Digital
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