Rush - Rush
Jul 14, 2020
Discography Diaries #3: Rush
Album #1: Rush
Genre: Hard Rock
Date: 14/07/2020
Time: 3:35 PM

Let's gooo! The beginning of the new edition of my Discography Diaries series and we are set on our starting point for Rush, the self-titled debut. As far as I'm aware I have never listened to a Rush album ever in my life, I'm not sure if I ever even heard a Rush song before but I'm sure I'll find out down the line. So the debut as you can see has a pretty harsh critic score and a pretty mixed user score too so that seems like a bit of red flag but after listening to the debut I can honestly say it's a decent debut but it has it's fair share of issues.

To start with the positives I feel like the band used the debut as a way to show off their technical proficiency and they do play pretty damn well, the wild guitar solos and the leads from Alex Lifeson sound really great and at times pretty creative, Geddy Lee's basslines are pretty groovy and they shine on most of these tracks, he also provides some pretty great energy with his vocals. Neil Peart wasn't a part of the band at this stage instead John Rutsey was here and he played well, I liked a lot of his stand out moments on the percussion, adding to the hard rocking and fun feel of the tracks. This album isn't the most ground-breaking or thought provoking album ever but it's a pretty fun hard rock album that delivers on it's technicality and it's fun standout tracks. The issues I have with the debut are mostly due to some of the songs on here and a bit of the sound, the tracks that are weak on here are pretty noticeable and they leave a sense of inconsistency and while I enjoy the simple hard rock sound of this album it's clear that there's a Led Zeppelin influence, I hear this influence in Geddy Lee's vocals a lot of the time as they just come off to me as trying to be a bit like Robert Plant, the wild guitars on this album too can often sound like something Jimmy Page would've came up with and even in the percussion there's hints of a John Bonham sound. This influence doesn't bother me as much but it's clear.

So this is a decent enough start to Rush's discography and I'm pretty excited to see what else they have to offer. (Nostalgia they better live up to the hype or else!)

Best Tracks: What You're Doing, Take A Friend and Working Man

Worst Track: In The Mood
Jul 14, 2020
They will, don't you worry. Geddy Lee's vocals put a lot of people off but to me they've always been perfect (not so much on this release though). When listening to some of the later albums, make sure to give the bass playing some attention because I really think Geddy is in the conversation for best bassist of all time yet I know sometimes people tend to overlook the bass playing when the guitars and drums are as immense as they are on a lot of Rush tracks. Also Alex Lifeson is one of the best guitarists of all time and his atmospheric solos on some of the later albums blow me away, hella underrated which is kinda understandable when you're in a band with Geddy Lee and Neil Peart tbf.
Jul 14, 2020
@n0stalgia I'll take all that into consideration:)
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