Loathe - I Let It in and It Took Everything
Oct 10, 2020 (updated Dec 1, 2020)
The more that I listen to Loathes 'I Let It in and It Took Everything', the more I fall in love with it.

Loathes sophomore album is an incredible body of work that I didn't expect to grow attached to with more listens. This album is filled to brim with tracks that are unrelenting in its visceral metalcore roots but also comforting and dreamy with its shoegaze inspired atmospheres, there's clearly a Deftones influence there but I feel like Loathe manage to stray far enough away from that comparison with their metalcore twist to this sound.

The instrumentation on this album is immaculate, the harsher side of things get the blood bumping with its meaty riffs that have a Djenty sound to them, pummelling drums and overall a real punch to the face, alongside this the melodies are absorbing me into a trance like state where vocalist Kadeem France is just sounding incredible with the dreamy atmosphere, it's almost nostalgic to me in a weird way and I cant get enough of it.

The tracklist flows incredibly well and it doesn't leave you with a single moment of dullness or boredom, it's just filled to the brim with incredible material that both gives me an adrenaline rush and moments of catharsis. I love pretty much every track on this thing and I wouldn't say there was a track that I felt underwhelmed by, even the interludes fit this album imo. If I had to complain about something it would have to be that a couple of songs have similar structures but that's really it, I just love this album and I'm very excited to see what Loathe do in the future.

Best Tracks: Two-Way Mirror, New Faces in the Dark, Is It Really You?, Gored, Heavy Is the Head That Falls With the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts, A Sad Cartoon and I Let It in and It Took Everything

Worst Tracks: None

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