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Yung Lean - STARZ
May 15, 2020
Jonatan Leandoer a.k.a Yung Lean has returned with his brand new full length commercial release Starz, which I have been highly anticipating the release of for a while now. Truth be told I never really had the best relationship with cloud rap, especially coming from the sadboys and drain gang side of the spectrum, but Yung Lean has always shown potential. I never liked any of his albums or mixtapes for the most part but the guy seemed to have an idea of what artistic direction that he wanted to go in and that's very admirable. I for one enjoyed the singles building up to the release of the album those being Violence, Boylife in EU and Pikachu, more specifically the first two. So I had no reason to not enjoy this album. Now that it's out I can definitely say with confidence that Starz is Yung Leans most refined, consistent and emotional work to date.

Lean's production on here, which was mostly handled by him, Yung Sherman and White Armor is amazing, it's what you would normally expect from a Yung Lean album, that being moody, dreamy and cloudy beats but this time around they feel a lot more refined and vibey as hell. There's a solid mix of melodic and banger cuts, this adds some variety to it, I feel a bit a shoegaze influence on some tracks too, especially on Boylife In EU and Low, the best beats for me would probably have to go to Boylife in EU, Starz, Dogboy, Outta My Head, Dance in the Dark and Violence. As for Lean himself he did a very solid job on his own, granted there are moments where I caught some simple and kinda corny lyrics, some mind-numbingly repetitive hooks, some unenthused deliveries and some lackluster performances but the emotion is on display, he truly makes me feel what he's feeling on a lot of these songs, especially on Outta My Head, I nearly fucking cried listening to that song and I got the same impact of emotions on the closer Put Me in a Spell. His flows are pretty good on here, his voice for the most part sounds great, his autotuned vocals improved immensely and his lyricism is just as dark and as sad as it is on his previous efforts.

As of right now this is my favourite Yung Lean album and probably my favourite album to come out of the sadboy catalogue , I'm glad to see that Yung Lean has been improving on all fronts and I'm extremely happy that I can finally have an album from Lean that I can like the whole way through.

Best Tracks: Outta My Head, Put Me in a Spell, Boylife in Eu, Starz, Violence and Dogboy

Worst Track: Yayo

@MirroredComfort I haven't heard the version with Carti on it but I just think it's an okay song overall, I felt like Lean's performance was very underwhelming and I wasn't a fan of the hook personally.
@MirroredComfort thank you!
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