Pop Smoke - Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon
Jul 3, 2020
Yeah I'm not feeling this at all.

The late New York rappers debut album is a mixed bag of monotony, poor song structure and all in all just a lack of anything interesting to write home about. Personally I thought Meet the Woo 2 was a bad mixtape and I wasnt really expecting to get much out of this other than the same shit we've gotten already and just another artists untimely demise being used for profit. Looking down at the tracklist is an eye roll in itself as it's 19 tracks, his biggest song Dior is included as a bonus track, the features that are a yikes too like Lil Baby, Lil Tjay, DaBaby and Quavo (Quavo is on this album 3 times....... why the most boring Migos of all people had to appear 3 times I will never know) and the main concern for me is that this was released so soon after Pop Smokes passing.

So yeah after listening to it, this is a total trainwreck. While it's not the worst thing that I've heard this year and its certainly not as bland and as one dimensional as Meet the Woo 2, it's still such an uninteresting slog. I'll give some credit, at least there's some variety, we get a mix of standard drill, some trap and some RnB (these batch of RnB tracks are horrendous btw) but they still remain so basic and so generic to the point where I was waiting for it to end essentially. The production is listenable but it's so basic, it's so by the numbers and so clean to the point where it feels hollow and extremely soulless. The features aren't all that great but I did enjoy a couple like Roddy Ricch and Swae Lee.

Yeah I'm not into this at all. I couldn't really get into Pop Smokes music in general but with all due respect he had potential but unfortunately we cant see that potential blossom into something great.

Rest in Peace Pop Smoke
Jul 3, 2020
bro the trap and rnb songs were the worst ones
Jul 3, 2020
@Kaapo they are the worst ones
Jul 3, 2020
oh i didn't read that part well nvm lol
Jul 4, 2020
One-dimensional. lol stfu.
Jul 5, 2020
@AZIZ yes MTW2 was one-dimensional, it was literally the same shitty UK drill beat with the same dull and uninteresting performances
Jul 6, 2020
bro u r a bitch
Jul 6, 2020
Hid music clearly isn't for u, dont review it, no one gives a fuck about ur opinion
Sep 19, 2020
Quavo appeared three times on the project because he and Pop Smoke have good chemistry. They have nine songs together and the day before Pop Smoke died, he said to expect a "Huncho Woo" mixtape.
Sep 19, 2020
Also MTW2 wasn't the same song over and over, he showed versatility over his drill beats. Like on Get Back his flow was different and catchy, his vocals on the Sweetheart chorus were solid, he was raising his voice more on Foreigner, Armed and Dangerous was more aggressive, and he did Travis type autotune on Christoper Walking.
Sep 21, 2020
@SLATTMan sure, but those little details are barely anything to write home about because every beat was the same formulaic drill beat, plus Pop Smokes voice wasn't very interesting to me and I hated his flows
Dec 23, 2020
@qualified666 oo you're hard
Dec 23, 2020
@qualified666 MickyT doesn't deserve death and MickyT paid respect to Pop Smoke
Dec 23, 2020
@qualified66 qualified? More like bot identified.
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