Gunna - WUNNA
May 22, 2020
Gunna continues his streak of awful album covers, seriously how is this not a shitpost.

WUNNA is the latest full length album from Atlanta rapper Gunna, who has been making big waves for the past couple years but throughout Gunnas span of success all I've ever really seen the guy as was a boring Young Thug clone. These comparisons were apparent with the Drip Harder project with Lil Baby and his Drip or Drown 2 album last year which was one of the worst releases of 2019 in my opinion. Going into this I was hoping for at least a couple tracks that I could enjoy and nothing that was completely lifeless, we got one of those things.

This is probably Gunnas best body of work as of right now and I actually took away some very good songs from here like Skybox, Gimmick, Motw, Dollaz on my head, Argentina and Dont play around. Gunnas production choice on this album is actually pretty good for the most part and his flows have improved immensely. The album takes a massive dip in quality after the first five tracks though as it goes back to Gunna picking the most run of the mill and forgettable beats, showing less of a life than a graveyard and getting bodied by the features. The album is filled to the brim with filler, 18 tracks of Gunna is not good at all, the tracks that I saw as filler are the ones that were obviously very forgettable and half assed but they are also the ones that sounded like they came straight from Thugger, Travis and Navs abortion bin.

All in all it's a mediocre album that has plenty of filler but it also has some good highs. Like I said it's Gunnas best album (which doesnt mean much) and I do see Gunna improving, hopefully in the future he makes something where he doesn't sound completely bored, but I doubt that will happen.

Best Tracks: Skybox, MOTW and Argentina

Worst Track: I'm on Some
Jan 20, 2021
this is an iconic album cover. i remember when it came out people were putting their face on it. it actually is inspired from leonardo da vinci, a man of multiple crafts just like gunna
Jan 20, 2021
maybe inspired by nav but i see no inspiration from thug even though they are friends. future maybe, but definitely not travis
Jan 20, 2021
seems like you want some more energy from his delivery, which isnt the point. it's like saying u want radiohead to start screaming cus its not the right energy
Jan 20, 2021
@pizzagrande then what is the point? To be bored to death? Gunnas music is just so vapid and forgettable, it goes in one ear and out the other, and the Thugger comparisons are the clearest to me, to be fair he's grown out of those comparisons a little bit but either way he's still incredibly boring.
Jan 20, 2021
so wunner of you to not give this a 10
Jan 20, 2021
@MickyT just because he sounds bored doesn't mean you have to. It's an actual style that is critically acclaimed (with music like Freewave 3 by Lucki and many future songs) so I understand if you just don't like that kind of trap. young.thug's voice is the most abrasive and inaccessible in the rap game. Gunna's is the opposite. They couldn't be more different, and I don't get where you're coming from. Even earlier music of his sounded more like lil baby or future than young thug
Jan 20, 2021
@pizzagrande "just because he's bored doesn't mean you have to"... what? Plus just because something is critically acclaimed doesn't automatically make it good, and exactly how is this critically acclaimed? Like most of Gunnas music gets mixed reception from critics. The Lil Baby comparison I don't get, he also sounds like a bland hybrid of Future and Thugger, I don't see the Future comparison either but he clearly borrowed ideas from Thugger in the past, he doesnt do that as much now to be fair but that's only because he lacks any fresh ideas anyway.
Jan 20, 2021
@MickyT just because he sounds bored doesn't mean you have to. I'm saying the style of laid back/bored rapping is critically acclaimed and I gave examples of lucki and future doing it. And critically acclaimed, especially with user rating sites, means many people like it, and if you don't like it, then it's not for you. So criticizing the laid back/bored style for being in that style doesn't make a lot of sense. And you keep saying he's a rip-off of thug, in what way? They're opposites in the trap sxene like I said above. I understand.if.yoi listened to future and young thug and have only listened to gunna and no one else in the current trap sxene, because then you'd probably say they're all bland copies of future and young thug. But the trap sxene today is diverse, one spectrum you have young thug and sometimes travis scott with their abrasive delivery and autotune, and at the other end you have lil baby, nav, and gunna, with smooth, buttery voices
Jan 20, 2021
@pizzagrande I can't agree, most of the trap scene is oversaturated with so many carbon copies and boring filler artists that sound exactly the same, sure there's artists that stick out from the crowd like Travis and Thugger who I enjoy and there's also artists that take heavy inspiration from these artists and puts a fresh spin on things like Roddy Ricch, but Gunna just isn't one of those people, he's bland to put it bluntly. The Thugger comparisons come to mind by the way he used his laid back vocals, the earlier stuff saw him borrow flows, borrow his more lowkey vocal styles and the way he used effects sounded practically the same as Thugger, you can disagree with that but that's how I hear it honestly. Plus have you seen the scores that Gunna gets on review sites? They are all mixed with the majority of users mostly leaving negative takes, legit nothing Gunna has done is critically acclaimed by anyone and it shows on numerous review sites.
Jan 20, 2021
@pizzagrande trap really isn't as diverse as you make it out to be, there is an overwhelming number of trap based artists who are painfully bland. Production is my main fault with a lot of the mainstream artists that fall under the trap category as a lot of the beats are really similar and a good chunk of the artists don't help the often meh production by putting in uninspired, boring performances.

Overall trap isn't an amazing genre as lots of people make it out to be. And while there is trap that I absolutely adore coming from certain artists (travis, roddy ricch, don toliver, thugger etc) but these artists are a rarity in the trap scene as there is such an abundance of plain, simply boring artists which plague the mainstream and but a bad rep on a lot of the very talented trap artists out there.
Jan 20, 2021
Jan 20, 2021
@CLJesse TheBaby
Jan 20, 2021
Jan 20, 2021
@Cry Little Baby
Jan 20, 2021
Baby Me by Lil Darkie
Jan 20, 2021
@PipePanic mid song tbh
Jan 20, 2021
@MickyT shush
Jan 20, 2021
@CLJesse no
Jan 20, 2021
Let me do baby joke on main
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