Logic - No Pressure
Jul 24, 2020
So this is end of the Logic saga huh?

I'm a bit conflicted on how I should feel about Logic's retirement and his career, on one hand I have nostalgia for Logic, he was the first artist that I feel like I discovered on my own and Under Pressure was one of the first albums that I felt like I loved listening to on repeat, it truly resonated with me and I still hold that album in high regard to this day, I still even hold The Incredible True story in high regard too, but on the other hand my love for Logic's music has just been dying since 2017, the more he dropped mixtapes and albums the more I grew distant from his music, this distance was solidified when he dropped some of the worst albums of 2019, Supermarket and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. For years he just kept hitting us with mediocrity and stuff that's just straight up bad, whether that be because the lyrics were cringe inducing or the songs structures and sounds just seem poorly conceived and sound straight up bad. No Pressure carries a lot of weight on it's shoulders, I just want this album to be a good send-off to Logic's career and all in all just not suck, after listening to it I can say that this is one of Logic's best albums and it's a decent send off but it has a lot to be desired.

I have to start off by saying that the production on this album is very good, it was executive produced by No-ID and he truly left his mark on this album. With No Pressure being a sequel to Under Pressure there's bound to be some sonic similarities and there definitely is with it's old-school sounding percussion, the great sampling and the melodies put in there. Lyrically the album is very similar to Under Pressure in that it's very introspective, it tackles Logic's life as expected and now there's more emphasis on his last 10 years as an artist, making plenty of references to his old works, the accomplishments he's made in his career, his mental state and what he looks forward to now that he's a father. There are moments though where I feel like there just isn't anything to keep me invested in what Logic is saying, as we've already heard some of the things he's talked about done better on previous albums (i.e Under Pressure) and there were moments where I cringed a little but for those tracks that I felt that way about the production carried. I prayed that there wouldn't be much fast rapping as fast rapping has just become so synonymous with rappers that are labelled corny, Logic included, it's like a party trick, you do it once and it's impressive but if you keep going with it while adding nothing then it's just stale, thankfully on here those moments are few and far in between. I took away a couple of pretty good songs from this album but there are plenty of tracks that I won't come back to, so this album is inconsistent to me.

All in all I'm not really that disappointed, I feel like this album does what it's sets out to do and Logic does it well, the production was fantastic, Logic gave it his all, not all of it resonated with me but hopefully it resonated with you. All I really want to say to end this is, it's been a wild ride following Logic's career, I have fond memories of his older material, I'm glad he's ending his career on a somewhat high note and I hope that Logic can be the best father he can possibly be.

Best Tracks: Heard Em Say, Open Mic\\Aquarius III and Soul Food II

Worst Track: DadBod

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