Machine Gun Kelly - mainstream sellout
Mar 29, 2022
Expecting MGK to make a project that isn't below average and basic is a bit too much to ask honestly, and it's more difficult to ask for that ever since he decided to go full blown Pop Punk and recruit Travis Barker to inspire a new wave of basic, overproduced Blink era Pop Punk knock-offs. His last album 'Tickets To My Downfall' was just that, a bad, over-compressed and basic Blink-182 knock-off and while it may have given Pop Punk a new lifeline in the mainstream, it was at the cost of an awful trend that even brought Avril Lavigne back to her Pop Punk days just for some quick and easy money. I've already talked enough about my distaste for this brand of Pop Punk before, so I'll just summarise this new MGK album that I'm sure no one had any expectations for, either that or they just didn't even bother or care about it and to that I say "good on you, you successfully avoided another disaster of an album!"

'mainstream sellout' is basically just 'Tickets To My Downfall' but worse in almost every aspect and its only redeemable quality once again is Travis Barker's drumming and the few moments where there's a catchy guitar part, outside of that this album is an unsalvageable amalgamation of MGK and modern Pop Punks worst aspects. Production-wise this album is an over-compressed hell, with the drums and guitars being so compressed that they may as well have given me tinnitus, the drumming is pretty good from Barker but it would've been nice if the drums didn't sound as awfully produced as they did on this entire album. MGK is writing some of his worst stuff on here too, the song topics range from woe-is-me bullshit, self-centred cringe fests and glorifying toxic relationships (friendly reminder that this man is in his thirties), all of which are sung with mediocre vocal performances (I swear he tried to do a Tom DeLonge impersonation at one point) and laced with often trite, generic and dumbed-down hooks. Features generally across the entire album range from average to awful, the lone skit on this album isn't uncomfortable or awful thankfully unlike what was on MGK's last album, there are some tacky string incorporations on the opening track that just sound incredibly cheap, there is often some really bad vocal processing and there is not a single song on this album that I can even call decent, most of it is either subpar or straight up awful.

Those few catchy guitar parts and Travis Barker's drumming ability are all that saves this album from a lower score, aside from that this was another cringe, terrible and unlikeable album from Machine Gun Kelly once again.

Best Track: born with horns
Worst Tracks: make up sex, emo girl and WW4

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