Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
Jun 17, 2022
'HONESTLY, NEVERMIND' is the surprise 7th album from Drake and if there's anything major that could be taken away from it, it's how impressive that he just gets worse and worse with every album he drops. Drake hasn't dropped anything that wasn't boring filler for years now, some of the lowest points of that filler being the utterly mediocre 'Scorpion' and 'Certified Lover Boy', after all that shit I thought "surely he can't get any worse than this?", well I was wrong because 'HONESTLY, NEVERMIND' is genuinely the worst Drake album, and it's one of the worst albums of the year so far.

Sure, it's different for Drake, he straight up dropped a House record, but too bad this has got some of the worst House production I have ever heard in my life. I'm very fond of House as a genre, I grew up on it but Drake and his producers just completely bastardised the sound all over this album with production that is hollow and bitchmade. The beats on this album are complete trash, they sound bland and utterly lifeless, there is not a single thing that is memorable about the production and this shit is so fucking empty that it's grating. Whenever it isn't empty there's some grating incorporations like the tinny guitars on the end of a couple tracks or the fucking obnoxious squeaking bed sample on 'Currents', but even then Drake has to add to the monotony with some of his worst performances.

You couldn't pay Drake to sound somewhat enthused, he sounds like he's on autopilot throughout the entire thing with the same flat monotone vocals we usually get from him and whenever he tries to do a falsetto vocal he sounds terrible, like legit he sounds like he's in pain and we need it to stop. Writing... is what you expect from Drake, it's like an AI just writing Drake lyrics based off previous songs by him, it's uncanny, it's uninteresting, moving along.

The only worthwhile song is the last one but too bad you have to skim through an awful set of empty, bastardised House songs with low effort shit over it to get to that worthwhile song. Also pity points for it not being an hour and a half long and 28 tracks or some shit.

So yeah, this is ass, this drained any life that I had on this average Friday morning and honestly..... nevermind.

Best Track: Jimmy Cooks
Worst Tracks: Falling Back, Currents and Tie That Binds

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