Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Aug 18, 2020
Jazz. A genre that I often gravitated towards and appreciated, but a genre that I knew very little about in terms of it's greatest minds and it's greatest bodies of work, I want to change that and I start that change with arguably the most iconic of them all, Miles Davis and his most iconic work Kind of Blue.

I found about about Miles Davis when I was skulking through various websites searching for what people often considered the greatest artists of all time, the greatest albums of all time and the greatest composers of all time, Miles Davis was always a name mentioned in these conversations, not to mention the plethora of artists that would go on to mention Miles Davis as their influences or their inspirations and it was clear these influences were apparent in these artists music. I haven't given him a chance up until now because I was mostly preoccupied with other things but today I had an incentive to do so as it was the 61st anniversary of Kind of Blue yesterday and it's also an incentive to start going through a list of classic albums from 1958 onward, so yeah why the hell not.

Kind of Blue comes off to me as the album that immediately pops into your head when you think of the word "jazz", it's pretty much what you would expect a "jazz" record to sound like, but what makes it stand out for me is how carefully constructed this entire thing is, everything I hear is in it's right place intentionally and when it's these small details that I took notice of, the more I grew to understand the care that was put into this record, sure it may come off simplistic in it's approach but I feel like if you give it the attention necessary, you'll get it. Kind of Blue is possibly one of the most relaxing records that I've heard ever, the sound is so melancholic, laid back and relaxing, yet somehow it doesn't feel lost in just being a relaxing record, it sounds so vibrant, full of life and uplifting to me, it thrives in it's soundscapes that just leaves me in a sense of bliss. I can't help but feel drawn and connected to this album, it's a special record in that sense and I'm excited to give this album more listens and of course check out some of Miles Davis' other works. This is possibly gonna be my gateway into exploring these kinds of records and I'm excited to do so.

Happy 61st to Kind of Blue

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