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Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
Oct 4, 2021
The New Wave of British Heavy Metal gave way to some of the most recognizable, influential and defining bands that Metal music has ever had to offer, one such band (and probably the most famous one) being the legendary Iron Maiden who's epic songcraft and virtuosic energy has amazed listeners for decades, myself included and their first amazing record in an already great classic discography is their 3rd album, 'The Number of the Beast'. The band's first two albums featured vocalist Paul Di'anno but of course the band ended up replacing him and gave the lead singer role to none other than Bruce Dickinson, who for me at least is one of the best frontmen of all time, Bruce just has such a commanding power with his vocal performances and his range was truly impressive, his voice inevitably defined itself as part of the bands sound as well as their instrumentation and of course that all began with 'The Number of the Beast' which is easily one of the bands best and most catchy albums.

Bruce Dickinson's vocals cannot go understated because his operatic vocal range and delivery only adds further to the bands sound here and definitely makes these songs all the more enthralling, memorable and anthemic, the guy sounds absolutely incredible on this album and he gives it his absolute all on here. Of course some of his absolute best vocals are on this album and a lot of the songwriting on tracks like 'Run to the Hills', 'Invaders and Hallowed Be Thy Name' is pretty damn great too. The musicianship on this album is fantastic to say the least and acts as easily some of the bands tightest, most precise and absolute killer instrumental work in their discography. The riffs are insanely memorable and catchy, the soloing is incredible, the music is some of the bands most catchy and infectious, the drumming is amazing, the bass work is amazing, the hooks are anthemic, cathartic and memorable, and it’s such a fun and energetic atmosphere to behold. I prefer other Iron Maiden records personally but 'The Number of the Beast' makes a case for itself to be held as one of their best, with classic song after classic song, infectious hook after infectious hook, and fantastic instrumental after fantastic instrumental.

Simply put, an incredible album.

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