Album Of The Years Worst Albums - My Opinions!

I went around and asked fellow reviewers on the site what the worst album they've ever heard is and here are your picks!

I'll be updating the list if you want to be featured on it, just comment here or leave me a shout :)

My pick

Easily one of the worst rap albums of all time. Lil Xan throughout this whole album sounds like he has little to no pulse over these somewhat decent trap beats. That voice is just so irritating yet boring at the same time, how does someone manage to achieve this?
Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence
Nostalgia's pick

I never even heard of this before it was suggested to me.... and I wish I could forget this exists. This album makes little no sense at all. The production choices are just average at most but there's moments where it's just ear grating, it drags on for far too long and there's only 9 tracks. The overdone screaming on this just left me feeling confused, there's no purpose for it, it's done for the sake of it. Is this man okay? Who hurt him?
Nostalgia Critic - Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall
juhseh's pick

Ahhh Nostalgia Critic's The Wall. The trash cover/soundtrack album to the worst movie review on Youtube. The only commendable thing about this album is Rob Scallon's reinterpretation of Pink Floyd's instrumentation on The Wall, besides that this album is a nightmare. Doug Walker's egoism, awful singing, unfunny critiques and misunderstanding of The Wall is irritating to say the least. If Corey Taylor doing a cover of the Spongebob theme song is the best thing about the album, you truly reached the peak of insanity.
Cokie the Clown - You're Welcome
Plat's pick
Pipe's pick

Take Pipe's advice, stay away from this and read their review of this album because words cannot describe how sickening this album is.
Blueface & Trendd - We Over Famous
TreyLikesBands pick

I thought Find the Beat was bad, this is worse. The cover is an immediate red flag beforehand and it sums up the album perfectly, that being there was no effort or care for the music. I laughed at every track on here it's that horrendous. The production quality sounds like it came from 2012 and Trendd's autotune is just horrendous. Off-beat Blueface is pretty funny though but this has to be ironic
Various Artists - The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Toasterqueen12's pick

Truth be told I'm not the biggest fan of musicals and this was a bit of a weird one for me as this ones just out of the blue. I thought this can't be that bad, but Jesus Christ this was awful. The tracklist is not at all diverse, it's cliché, the singing isn't good and it's overproduced. My best friend from secondary school apparently loves this soundtrack and now I don't feel comfortable talking about music with him for a while
Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
thejacktackshac's pick

This is why Nu Metal didn't have a long enough lifespan. The instrumentation is actually pretty enjoyable but Jesus Christ Fred Dursts songwriting is garbage, edgy for the sake of being edgy which apparently means saying fuck 46x in a song. This was just far too long as well, an hour is long enough already but combined with the early 2000's just becomes a red flag
Corey Feldman - Angelic 2 the Core
AZIZ's pick

This album is legendary to me. I never got so much enjoyment from an album that's just so terrible. It's beyond words. It's beyond music. It's beyond life itself. Corey Feldman transcended to become the God of terrible music when he released this.
Animal Collective - Danse Manatee
AndreManfre93's pick

While I do think there are some really weird and intriguing moments on here, I found this to be a pretty mediocre experience. This album is essentially like a part 2 to Pink Floyd's Ummagumma in a way, as that album had tracks that were just random noises that had no musicality to it, Danse Manatee is pretty much the same. I've been meaning to check Animal Collective for a while now but I guess this was the wrong place to start.
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy
WhatTheFunks picks

Only commendable thing I can say about this album is that some of the guitar work is really good but other than that the vocals are horrendous and the songs are forgettable as hell
The Beach Boys - Summer in Paradise
Kengoji's pick

Well it's a Beach Boys album.......... and there's a rap song on here..........why?
Nostalgia's pick (again)

No bad album that I've ever had the displeasure of listening to has confused me as much as this. I literally have no clue what to say about this
Rucka Rucka Ali - Everything Is Racist
KingKRoolisBack's pick

All this really boils down to being is a parody album that remakes popular songs with unfunny edginess. The album is almost 2 hours long and I couldn't bother to stick around for 10 minutes. Like these "jokes" try way too hard to be offensive and their not even offensive for the reason this guy intended. It's just offensively bad
Submarine Man - NoStockingz (Deluxe)
RakkSmells pick

I heard snippets of Submarine Man before and I knew what I was getting myself into, so I made the conscious decision to listen to the whole thing which keep in mind is an hour and a half long. I got what I expected, an utter garbage masterpiece that I probably wouldn't want to listen to ever again unironically.
Eminem - Revival
DoubleZ's pick

It's cliché at this point to trash on Eminem, on Revival more specifically but let's be real here Revival deserves it. I am heavily by the opinion that this is easily Eminem's worst album and to me this is one of the worst rap albums of the 2010's. What can be said about it that hasn't been said already? The production is awful, the mix is bad, the hooks are horrendous (that hook for Framed still haunts me to this day) and Eminem's worst bars are present here.
Jeremy Messersmith - 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs For Ukulele: A Micro-Folk Record For The 21st Century And Beyond
MothaOfMotha12's pick

It's not that bad or good in any way but the title says it all
Wild Wes - Tracks For Da Ages
TheDankestMeme's pick

Eminem's son made an album and clapped back at his dads haters with a boombap epic that has the worst boombap mixing I've ever heard. The vocals are mixed horribly as well and the lyrics are what you'd expect from those kids that listen to 'real rap'
C'est La Fin! - French Bangers
TheDankestMeme's pick (again)

Yeah I tapped when I heard the first line of the slowed down version of Hot Shower
Annoying Orange - Emoji Raps
Toasterqueen12's pick (again)

No thanks
Tom Sawyer - Daddy
TheDankestMeme's pick (again)

Well it's an ironic shitpost album so of course it's not good at all.
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
JoaoSantos' pick

I fail to see how this could be the worst thing you ever listened to.
Kaiser Chiefs - Stay Together
MusicN's pick

While I don't find it to be anything offensively bad, it's really boring. The band went in a more synth-pop direction and they did nothing interesting with the the sound, a lot of these tracks are dragged on by the length of them and they lack in creativity or anything remotely interesting about them.
Apator - Masturbate in Praise of Black Satan
CLJesse's pick

S A T A N.........S A T A N........S A T A N
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Hello Kitty Suicide Club - ^-^ (yes that's the album name)
The Big Day
Kevin Federline - Playing With Fire
Apator - Masturbate In Praise of Black Satan
Kaiser Chiefs - Stay Together
Another album that's infamous on this site and should probably be here is Tom Sawyer - Daddy. For a time it was the lowest rated album on the site
I know nobody requested it but you should put Emoji Raps on this list, due to its infamous nature on this site.
Thank you for asking me to participate in this list! Other users' choices are excellent!
I'll add on Eminem that he is one of the artists that made me fall in love with hip hop/rap in its early days, and that he is also the only artist I loved and that today I can't see and hear anymore (except for all the time before Encore, that sometimes I listen again with nostalgia for what he brought)
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