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A.J. - Neptune
May 15

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Midline -
So this is not a score I throw around lightly, it's been 3 years since I've last given this out and this is only the 19th record I've given this score to, but when you have a record that has *those* moments on every track that makes you roll your eyes with pleasure and praise a God of some kind then I think it deserves it.

Not that the score for an album really means much, an arbitrary score doesn't give anything more credence. My main point here is I actually sort of loath giving out this ... read more

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Midline -
The best record of 2019 gets a brilliant rerelease along side it's stripped-back partner Whole New Mess. There's little to argue with just how grandiose All Mirrors is not only for Olsen as a musician but in the industry in general. All Mirrors will likely be Olsen's opus, but that is perfectly fine due to the fact that this opus exists brings me joy alone.

Whole New Mess was the original idea for All Mirrors and while it doesn't work as well as the final project it still pushes a number of ... read more
Midline -
I came ever so close to skimming over this project as I'm still making my way through February releases. I'm glad I didn't because this project is the definition of heat. Sadly WBG new project is really front heavy, delving into the void of generics in the back half.

Thankfully the first half of the record is easily worth the time and there's an angurement to be made that this project could have easily just been that first half. If that was the case we really could be looking at one of the ... read more
Midline -
Hey, it's serviceable and I smiled a couple times. That's all that matters with a record like this right?
Midline -
A possible soft spot for their work on the Bad Books projects (which I think is near perfect straightforward indie rock) gives me excitement for pretty much anything Manchester Orchestra puts out. Hull is such an interesting presence as a vocalist that I don't entirely understand the comparisons that get made with him and other acts that undercut his actual talent.

Manchester Orchestra's biggest selling point is their consistency. Ever since their debut, they've put out good-great records. Is ... read more
Midline -
In a year where we seem poised to get records from a slew of my favorite modern artists such as Kendrick, Noname, Lorde, and God willing D'Angelo, one of the records that caught my eye on my "hope to be overwhelmed by surprise" list was this new record from Shelly.

While I wasn't overwhelmed by surprise per say, I was treated to some really solid soul cuts and a couple of outright duds. This is a record that lacks consistency but, when it's on it's on. The first half of the record ... read more


Jan 20, 2021
hey im putting together a list for the sites favorite albums of the year 1971.

I noticed a four way tie for first place when looking over your rankings between:

Led Zeppelin 4
Who's Next
Songs of Love and Hate

if you could rank those 4 in order for me by this time next week that would be greatly appreciated! thanks! :)
Jan 19, 2021
Hey I just wanted to let you know that my list aggregating AOTY's favorite albums of the year 1970 is finally live, and that you are included in it!

This was a very big project that would not have been able to be completed without your ratings and I hope to continue this series with future installments!

If you would be so kind as to check the list out and even possibly give me any feedback at all it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Jan 16, 2021
What is your favorite album of the year 1970, and could I get a few words on your thoughts on that album!?

{I’m going to be doing a series of lists where I go through AOTYs favorite albums of every year since 1970 and this is the first part of that ultimate goal!!}
Nov 20, 2020
hello friend
Oct 29, 2020
Ayee!!! I just dropped my first single which will also be included as part of Insomnia Cafe’s Halloween Special coming Friday. It’s a halloween banger to get the vibes on deck.

Check it out, rate it, hit me up with ur feedback or whatever u decide to do with it I’ll certainly appreciate It!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/s4tPvABuhvo

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/souza-music/horrortings-feat-m27

Bandcamp: https://souza.bandcamp.com/track/horrortings

AOTY: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/293942-souza-m27-horrortings.php

Thank ya’ll, have a happy halloween & Enjoy!
Oct 25, 2020
Hey wuzup just fyi Im not spamming this on all users profiles just mostly on the few I follow. I started a youtube channel with a brotha of mine and I just finished uploading our second video. They’ll be plenty of more content In the future but I just launched the channel on friday. Subcribe If u like, leave a comment In my shoutbox with ur thoughts & opinions If u wish, I’ll greatly appreciate It :)


Have a nice day!
Jun 14, 2020
Hey! Whats your favourite hip-hop record? For a list
Mar 15, 2020
What is your favorite single of the year so far??

(For a list)
Sep 28, 2019
What's your favorite album from a genre you usually don't like? It's for another one of these dumb lists lol


Music am i right?

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