Porter Robinson - Nurture
May 4, 2021 (updated May 6, 2021)
There are times where I've given albums 90+ scores just because I felt I needed to have at least one 90/100 score every year. That's not really the case this time, as I'm pretty confident with this one. It's my album of the year so far... actually scratch that, I could see this becoming one of my favourite albums ever in a couple years. And it's a feat considering I haven't heard much from Porter in the past, aside from Goodbye To a World.

Nurture is soooooo fucking beautiful. It had me crying like a stupid bitch on the second listen (specifically the stretch from Blossom to Trying To Feel Alive) and I just felt such a huge connection to EVERYTHING that was going on with the album. The production is incredible, the lyrics are emotionally painful and really personal, the atmosphere is just aaAHHHH. It sounds and feels like the cover art, just falling down on a bunch of beautiful and cute flowers. It sucks that I would probably get allergies in there though.

The mix of influences on Look at The Sky is awesome. It's like, cute EDM mixed with videogame soundtracks... and also My Neighbor Totoro. The chorus is hella sticky and it's got a lovely simple message of being able to ''do something good'' and staying alive. Just a beautiful way to start things up and get going.

Things get poppier and louder on the song Get Your Wish, which is one of the catchiest and most direct songs on the album. Again, super simple lyrics but they work really well, they're so comforting and affectionate. This song sounds like a warm hug dude. Plus there's just, something about it which makes it sound very Japanese to me for some reason? That feeling is scattered all over the album and I can't really say why that is. But it's very nice.

Wind Tempos is an awesome piano-glitch song, which flies by really quickly despite being six minutes long. There's a lot of musical layers to this track, a lot of very sad piano passages mixed in with strange choppy vocals. Also, the intro of the song really reminds me of that jittery piano intro from LCD Soundystem's All My Friends, though I'm not sure that's intentional.

Musician brings back those Japanese vibes I was talking about, it legit sounds like it was taken from a slice-of-life anime. It's a very personal track about the magic of being a musician, and the awesome feeling that comes from it, which is something I can really relate to; specially the part about getting a real job. :')))

do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do sounds like a glitchy and super bouncy remix of an Animal Crossing song or something, with a hint of Squarepusher influences. It's mostly instrumental actually, aside from some sweet high-pitched vocals that show up a couple times. dullscythe gives me similar vibes, just a bit more experimental.

When it comes to EMOTIONALLY DESTROYING songs in here, there's quite a bit of them. Mirror is probably the center-piece of the whole album, with lyrics about feeling like a burden and a disappointment to everyone around you, and a super sad but catchy melody. It's all topped off with an awesome and frankly motivational voice message at the end. You're nearly there keep going keep going keep going.

Something Comforting is a song about exactly that; begging for somebody to tell you something comforting. One of the best produced songs of the year so far, and it's one of the only tracks I would say has a standard EDM drop. Seriously, it sounds like a depressing and desperate song about really sad feelings but also an awesome rave somehow.

Blossom is a very strange but welcome change of pace, it's an acoustic ballad with intimate glitchy vocals. It's got a heart-breaking melody and again, lyrics that make you crave a hug. It's a lovely contrast in between all the punchy EDM songs all over the album, specially coming off the heels of Something Comforting.

The last two tracks are super beautiful. Unfold features Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, who adds some extra vocal charm to what could have been yet another sad banger on the album. AND I WAAAAATCHED THE WATER UNFOOOOOOLD. God it's so fucking great. It makes me happy.

And the whole thing ends with Trying To Feel Alive, which essentially sums up the album with its last few lyrics. ''Then somebody somewhere finds the warmth of summer in the songs you write. Maybe it's a gift that I couldn't recognize, trying to feel alive''. It's really the best way it could have ended and it's genuinely really moving.

Honestly if I had any complaints about the album I'd say that maybe it's a littleeee long? It's nearly an hour and I feel like a few of the tracks in the middle like Sweet Time or Mother felt a little lost because of it. Still, it does enough things to keep you interested through its 59 minutes.

I really have to go and listen to Worlds now. Who knows, maybe I'll like it even more.

Favourites: Lifelike, Look at The Sky, Get Your Wish, Wind Tempos, Musician, do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, Mirror, dullscynthe, Something Comforting, Blossom, Unfold, Trying To Feel Alive <3

Least Favourite: Sweet Time
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May 4, 2021
AMAAAZING!!!! Glad to see you enjoyed nurture so much!!!!
May 4, 2021
May 4, 2021
great review !!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
May 4, 2021
ya'll are so cute ily
May 4, 2021
yay!!!! great review and I'm so happy you liked it! sweet time underrated tho
May 4, 2021
like i said in the review, sweet time just felt loooost in between the rest of the songs, just didn't stick out as much as others

also somebody please teach me how to @ people on this website oh my god
May 5, 2021
Love this review!! :)
May 5, 2021
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