Linkin Park - Living Things
Apr 21, 2021
People tend to complain that this album is a little too digital and electronic and like... that's legit my favourite part about it. It genuinely feels like a nu-metal album done through electronic and alternative rock lens, with weird industrial textures and noisy synths everywhere. A bit of dubstep influence too but in a good way.

Just listen to Lies Greed Misery and TELL ME those choppy gated synths don't sound like a modern, banging version of Points of Authority. Same goes for Victimized, it just straight up sounds like a modern and great take on the dated sound of nu-metal, with a weird punk edge too, that somehow keeps all the anger from their earlier days.

Until It Breaks was mesmerizing the first time I heard it about five or so years ago, and it still goes so hard. It's literally Linkin Park doing a wild sorta experimental hip hop song?? With industrial drums and weird effects and a lot of sonic fuckery. It's absolutely insane and reaaaally loud and harsh and distorted. Plus Mike's flow is just awesome.

Powerless, aside from honestly being my favourite Linkin Park song of all time, is yet another weird change of pace for the guys; this time around it's a literal 7/8 dubstep piano rock ballad. I know that sounds CONCERNING as a concept but the execution is just perfect. It's just a very emotional song with a wall-of-sound quality to it, which I just adore. Plus I really relate to them lyrics too, as simple as they might be.

Skin To Bone is uhhh this halloween-esque rock song with these sinister ass synthleads that sound amazing. Again, one of their weirdest songs ever. On the opposite side, Roads Untraveled is one of the more coherent and straight to the point songs in here. Kinda gives me alternative rock Coldplay vibes but in a good way; I specially love those quiet bells all over the song, it just sounds... pretty as fuck.

Honestly the only parts I'm not too big of a fan of is when it goes a little TOO mainstream. LP has always been a bit trendy (just look at Recharged or One More Light lol, even Minutes To Midnight to a certain extent) but when they go really really really poppy on this thing it's a bit yucky. I'm not too crazy for the singles really, maybe just the aforementioned Lies Greed Misery. But aside from that, I don't have that much in the way of complaints really.

I wouldn't say this album beats, say, Hybrid Theory or A Thousand Suns. But it's still pretty solid.

Favourites: Until It Breaks, Victimized, Powerless, In My Remains, Lies Greed Misery, I'll Be Gone, Roads Untraveled, Skin To Bone

Least Favourite: Burn It Down

Also, random thought, but A Thousand Suns and this one have to be connected in some way right? Like the last album ended with global warfare and you're gonna call this one ''LIVING THINGS'' and make it all mutated and weird? Mmhh. I always thought there had to be something there. Or maybe I'm just making shit up.
Apr 22, 2021
Shinoda clarified Living Things is a brighter, more optimistic ATS, so you're definitely onto something there. Apart from that, nice review. Always glad to see LP gettin some love.
Apr 22, 2021
i kneeeew it!!
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