ugly cover art 💔

btw some of these might be a little gorey and sexual and gross so get ready

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
damn, i think i'd rather have bowie with clothes and normal dogs
Weezer - Van Weezer
this literally looks low quality.. also what a way to destroy the possible purple album in the future.
Drake - Care Package
why does the car look like a wings 3D default car model. and why does the font look like it's from 1996
Corey Feldman - Angelic 2 the Core
80 year old skrillex with terrible cropping on the depths of hell
Tom MacDonald - If I Was Black
tom macdonald certified ugliest man of the world
Weezer - Hurley
it literally looks like he has a booger ;-; plus... weirdly enough he looks like my dentist, and i don't wanna think about my dentist while listening to weezer....
Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight
i like the album but I think the cover art is boring. considering that there were several other scrapped covers for this that looked better, why pick this one?
Poppy - I Disagree
the black make-up looks really awful mixed with the white face. like she has a hole on her face.
Kirin J Callinan - Bravado
this is just... ew..
Crim3s - Stay Ugly
yeah if looking ugly as hell and disgusting was your idea then you did it right
Saint Asonia - Flawed Design
i hate these super overproduced metal album covers. this cover mixed with the awful ''song explaination'' videos the band released where they just say ''it's a cool different song for us'' for like every track, makes me want to avoid the album as much as possible
Hot Chip - A Bath Full of Ecstasy
this looks like something made in like 5 minutes using some sort of cover art generator from the 2000's
Trippie Redd - !
this photo is smelly as hell. bet his hair smells like a greasy tortilla.
Falling In Reverse - Drugs
not only is this one of the worst songs of the year but it also has a cover that made me laugh like a moron for 5 minutes
Jumex - LOVER
why does he look like a 3D model. or a claymodel. this is really uncanny
Danny Brown - The Hybrid
looks a little bit too generic. it's like something that could have been on cartoon network in the 2000's
Trippie Redd - Beast Mode ++++
like Jumex, he legit looks like a claymodel. jesus christ
LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
Green Day - Father of All...
simply an ugly mess with way too much stuff going on,, ughhh
Deftones - Around the Fur
NOBODY looks good from that angle. NOBODY DOES.
Threatin - Breaking the World
another cheap claymodel man. also it looks fucking super funny
Childish Gambino - "Awaken, My Love!"
a creepy looking person surrounded by blue q-tips. like i'm sure it means something but i just can't see it
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins
of course, i'm talking about the original uncensored art. it makes me extremely fucking uncomfortable. plus the fact that they call themselves virgins... come on
jesus fucking christ
Blood On The Dance Floor - Epic
no it's not epic, blood on the dance floor is the worst band ever. music for teens and pedos
Viper The Rapper - God's Grandson (If God's Son Would Have Had A Son)
honestly all viper album covers suck but these two take the cake. the vomit cake
Mental Abortion - Abort Your Mind
what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck no please
Bladee - Working on Dying
this is a little better
Snoop Dogg - Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told
like honestly this is too overloaded and glossy and ugly. the dogs look like stock photos lol
Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season
idk, i always thought she looked off. like it's super uncanny the way she looks, her facial expression, the fake guts and the way her hands just disappear into them. jeez
DaBaby - Baby Talk 5
Charli XCX - Super Ultra
literally looks the same as van weezer. and i dont like it
Danzig - Danzig Sings Elvis
just a mess. idk why the colors pop look so saturated or why he felt the need to put ELVIS on different sizes and bright colors. also the random ass shortened tracklist down there?
Sleater-Kinney - The Center Won't Hold
this picture just confuses me
Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust?
it's literally low quality man. and that severed hand looks so badly photoshoped in
Papa Roach - Lovehatetragedy
what really is a tragedy is this cover. metal baby
Metallica - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
yeah it's a little much in my opinion. specially the blue face above. it's ugly man
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles
what the fuck is wrong with xiu xiu x1
Xiu Xiu - Always
what the fuck is wrong with xiu xiu x2
Xiu Xiu - Dear God, I Hate Myself
what the fuck is wrong with xiu xiu x3
Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey
stop putting dead people on cover art. period. it's fucking gross and disrepectful
Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh
Sematary - Rainbow Bridge
honestly do i even have to explain this one
Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation
why does the fuck does it look like luisito comunica
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Please Daddy
look i'm all up for artistic nudity in cover art, but like... can you not
The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
i like the album but i never really liked the cover!!! the 1975 has a thing for minimalism i'm not too crazy for
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noooo they ended up changing the cover. yhe original one is horrible @nberays
Are you calling Sam Smith ugly or something? fdigjfdlkjgdl It's just him lol.
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